Lamentations: Letter to Daddy

Lamentations: Letter to Daddy

Now those pictures in my Mind
Will always be there,
Standing firm all day,
Watching me closely,
Looking down at my heart
While its weight
Becomes my burden.
The pictures of the days
When my sorrows cried
And my joys hid,
When the smiles of my heart
Lived only a day long,
And my happy moments
Were but a dream;
When my memories suffered loss,
Losing gloss,
And its sweet moments forever lost.
Things have since not changed
And life has kept alive
With those moments always reflecting
In my heart
Like a mirror,
Following me all day
Like a shadow,
And swearing to stay with me
Till my heart stops its heartbeat.
They still are with me,
The pictures,
The sad pictures giving birth to sorrows,
Hate and pain in my heart,
Tearing it apart,
And keeping my eyes blind
From all happy sights
And all happy thoughts.
Dad, those pictures are still alive.
My memories will
Live longer than I,
And those days will always follow.
And poets will have a place to muse,
Finding lines in our kinds.
I am a product of your creation,
Like Jesus,
Moulded to be what he became.
I was your tool,
like a hammer hammering nails.
But if I ever could be so good,
The best in me was the failures in THEM.
Because my heart
Has been a prisoner to your thoughts,
And all I ever did
Was wrong in the mastership of your eyes,
And YOU ONLY were right,
And I had so less a foresight,
That doing wrong
Was my skill,
My talent and my will,
Till I knew
nothing else but all wrong,
And badness
And hurt
gnashed at me.
Dad, if I were no
Bretchian “Plum Tree,”
And I ever was for once right,
I would have been me,
the real me,
And no copy of you.
But oh those days,
When I felt whips caress my behind,
And I roared;
When I sometimes stayed alone and cried,
When my offence was
That I ever decided
On my own,
About what to be
When I grew, if I grew,
And where to be,
Oh those days,
Oh those days,
Those days break my heart.

19 thoughts on “Lamentations: Letter to Daddy” by Famous Isaacs (@doremi)

  1. I love the memories this poem contains – but I think some of the rhymes were forced.

    For example:

    “Till I knew
    nothing else but all wrong,
    And badness
    And hurt
    gnashed at me.
    Dad, if I were no
    Bretchian “Plum Tree,””

    And the last two sentences; in the one I pasted – what exactly do they mean?


  2. That ur last two lines tight

  3. Nice, but your rhymes didn’t really “rhyme” if you get what I mean

  4. It’s the melachonly I see in the lines…This is of a boy that tried to measure up to his Dad’s expectations and was always found wanting…Really Sad..and ‘Oh those your days really breaks my heart’…Well done

  5. Touching.
    Well done.

  6. The lines depict your state of mind.I may not be able to describe how you feel, but I think you captured your mood in the best possible means you can.

  7. Really touching. I think your rhymes were off too!

  8. Famous-Isaacs d'Ogadu (@)

    Growing up with dad wasn’t fun. He taught me to see the badness in me more than the good i could ever be, if i ever were to be. In the poem “The plum tree”, Bretch talks of a tree whose limitations result of people’s refusal to believe in the good in him, and thus, not being allowed to make progress the way it would desire. In making reference to that poem, i was much like the tree, in my dad’s care- not allowed to fellowship with friends (cos i an “an only”), not allowed to have fun travelling places, not allowed to enjoy my childhood years, not allowed to experiment with words, as he tried to force mathematics into my head, and to kick literature out. I particularly remember being so beaten for failing a question, that when my mum intervened, she was beaten up too. Well, i dont want to remember the years. But i wrote these lines the day he was beginning to nag again, and my heart was pounding with fear, afraid of whether the nagging would again turn into violence. About the rhymes, i didn’t intend any rhymes for any lines; and for the few lines that rhyme, it’s just an accidental rhyming. As a poet, i’m aware of the importance of rhymes- to give pleasure to a reading… But not in all poems, as a matter of style. Poems of lamentations do not have or even deserve any “pleasures”. Thanks for all your responses. I’m so glad to be here on Naija stories.

  9. Holie Crap!!..I felt somehow that this wasn’t just a ‘poem’…but Ur daddy Kai!..For one thing though I am glad, dat despite the many kicks he gave U, Ur post is being read here on NS…means he failed in kicking it all out..
    In his own way maybe he was trying 2 prepare you for life..not being allowed to go out was him tryin 2 protect..
    I ain’t trying to analyse…I’ll just say keep seeing the good in you and retain them, no one can take it from you except U..
    Welcome to Naijastories…in here you wld get Better in more ways than One…God bless..

  10. Okay now I am sure laughing out Loud…Jst read ur comment and replied..

    Then I got to reread your bio…U sure rose above it all..Writer, public speaker and an aspiring photographer…hahaha…U did well for yourself..Well done jor and Hey! more ink to your Pen..

  11. @bubbllinna, you’re soooooooooo funny. It’s nice to know that even in this troubled world, there are people like you still with a good sense of humour. More smiles to your heart. Glad tidin’s.
    And… Oh… I was once taught to, as much as i learn the art of writing and speaking, learn the art of ignoring things. Yeah, i’ve learnt to ignore the odds i’ve faced, and to See hope in the face of despair. That’s how i overcame my dad. Ignore! Ignore! Ignore! And today i’m feeling fulfilled, i dare say.

    1. Thanks a lot..and that mantra of yours is rili apt…Ignore,ignore..You are fufilled and that is all dat matters..

  12. Interesting poem
    Interesting dad…

  13. “When I grew, if I grew”

    Your poem carried real emotions, and it didn’t have to be perfect to convey the message. Very well done.

  14. The world will certainly celebrate you some day! Thank you and keep it up. For this poem…men, e too long! Nigerians do not read and if they have to…you know the rest. I give 60%!

  15. Yes, that’s always how it is when a work is being packed full with emotions; incredibly long. I don’t want you to see that man as a devil. Everyone can’t be the same. Some people would always be more understanding than others, but you’ve still got to appreciate what you have. Some wish so much to have someone to twist their ears when they aren’t doing things right, but they don’t and can never have. Learn whatever you’ve got to learn from his and throw the rest into the trash okay?

    Don’t get so worked up by that.

    Nice poem.

  16. @ossaite, @eletrika… Thanks to you for your constructive criticism. I really took time to try to reduce the length of the poem sometimes after i just finished writing the poem, but i realised that one word away from it would successfully décolour the flow of the entire poem. True “many Nigerians” do not read long poems. But i think the sentence continues with “if the poem hasn’t got the flow needed to capture attention and focus.” I really appreciate all your comments. @ossaite, when the world celebrates me, i’ll be there ready to say thanks to for publishing your prophesy-come-true. God bless y’all. God bless the pierian spring.

  17. I feel U.
    Feels a bit packed.


  18. I relate well with this. That’s how life is. You should appreciate those ugly times, they made you who you are today.


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