Jenifer’s World: The beginning

Jenifer’s World: The beginning

Jenifer was having a field day; she had been waiting for this day for what had seemed to be forever and finally the day had come. With her heart beating very fast, she coiled herself in her small room. There seemed to be a lot of activities going on outside the walls of her house, she couldn’t really hear it but she was sure about it. She tried to calm herself down but she couldn’t, not with the very few hours of sleep she had had in the last two days, and the way her house kept shaking like an earthquake was about to happen, only made things worse.

As Jenifer tried to close her eyes once more, the tremor started again and this time it seemed to grow stronger and last longer. Within, Jenifer was scared. She rolled to her side and tried to coil her body but somehow it seemed to her as if her house was beginning to grow too small for her. She tried to remember how long she had been holed up in her room but the early memories were blurred.

Lots of things had changed. Her body had changed a lot as they seemed to grow and now she had a lot of control over them. Even though she couldn’t remember much, Jenifer could at least recall when she wanted to move her arms and found it impossible and there was also the day when she discovered that she was connected to her room by a long but coiled thing, and the room was connected to a part of her house, but a part she couldn’t twist her body to see, she remembered trying to reach out to grab it but couldn’t coil her body enough to get to it.

Jenifer loved the few memories she had of her house though she couldn’t understand why she seemed to be forgetting them. Once in a while, they would float across her mind making her to smile, but all these were before the tremors started.

Once again, the tremor started. It was much stronger and Jenifer felt this was the actual event but it passed again. Jenifer looked around; she had never been able to understand the complexity of her house but still, she was awed at how beautiful it was whenever she looked through the transparent walls of her room. Jenifer closed her eyes and tried to remember the last time she had seen anything float by or a bubble dance past her room. She wanted one to dance past now so she could reach for it or try to kick it. It always amused her how her house rocked whenever she kicked. Sometimes she thought the house was trying to communicate with her but she wasn’t so sure.

Jennifer decided to try again. She uncoiled her body, stretched her legs and kicked the wall of her room as hard as she could. Just as she expected, her house reacted, but with it came a surge tremor. It scared her. For a moment, Jenifer felt as if her house was trying to fight back. Somehow, it started to grow smaller around her feet, thus pushing her head towards the door of her room.

The tremor lasted a while. Jenifer closed her eyes while it lasted. When it ended, she opened her eyes and for the first time, she found herself out of her room. She didn’t know what was happening or how she had come to move out of her room but one thing she began to understand was that the tremor was building up a pressure inside her house and in a way pushing her to the door of her house.

Jenifer felt the tremor begin to build again. The time between the tremors seemed to shorten. Jenifer looked towards the door. It had a round opening. It looked tightly shut but it wasn’t stopping the pressure from pushing her towards it. Jenifer didn’t like the feeling. It felt as if she was going on a voyage without her wanting to and it only became worse as she couldn’t see where she was going to or know what to expect. Jenifer tried to coil her body once more and push her way back, but as she did, the tremors which had subsided for a short period started to build up again.

This time it was stronger than before. Jenifer didn’t know what it was, but something strong seemed to be pulling her to the door, and then it was pulling her head past the door. Jenifer was scared, but even more surprised. Her waist downwards was still in her house while her waist upwards was trapped somewhere dark. It felt like a tunnel and a tight one at that. She could feel her hands at her sides with her belly straining on the connecting thing she had with her house as she laid momentarily in the dark.

For the first time, Jenifer wanted the tremor to begin again. She didn’t like where she was nor did she know where she was but it was tight and impeding her breathing. She knew she was in-between places. It had to be in-between her house and wherever the force was pulling her to she thought to herself. As Jenifer thought about the force, one she couldn’t yet understand, she felt it begin to build again, and this time, it was the strongest.

It felt as if things were happening too fast; as Jenifer felt herself being pushed towards a light. The first thing she felt was the light itself. She squinted her eyes to get a better view but things looked blurry and then she felt a gentle breeze blow against her head. She had never felt it before, it felt refreshing but scary at the same time.

Jenifer wanted to flinch when she felt something strong hold her head. It held her head on both sides and tried to pull her completely out of her house. As it pulled, a force from her house pushed her a little, making it very easy.

Gradually, Jenifer felt her body completely leave her house. She felt as if she was float or being carried, she wasn’t so sure. Everywhere was bright. She knew it would take her sometime to adapt. Everywhere was noisy but it didn’t bother Jenifer much. Somehow, she felt that she could go back to the house whenever we wanted to, but then it happened.

All of a sudden, she got disconnected from her house. She couldn’t understand what had happened or why it happened, but what scared her most was that she had lost the connection, all the memories of her house seemed to be dying or disappearing. She couldn’t remember her house or what it looked and felt like, all that she could see were heads which were bigger than hers and a lot scarier and so for the first time, Jenifer cried.

30 thoughts on “Jenifer’s World: The beginning” by weirdpile (@weirdpile)

  1. Is it “coiled” or ‘curled’?

    I think you were trying to sell us something here; but it was not sold quite clearly. I think some of the sentences (other will be specific) could use some editing..

    Jeniffer is a baby…or what exactly?

    Interesting all the same.

    1. Curled it is…

  2. Hmmm…I like this…Nice way of putting a baby’s journey into our world..I like this..Well done.

  3. Well, I like the story, but it’s very confusing, I think it would work better if you try to clarify some issues in the story. At first; I taught it was a new bride who was sad, or a lady kinapped,or better still; a lady in a trance. Not until I scrolled down and read the comments, did I understand the story. Anyway, nice and very creative of you! Thanks for the story.

    1. Well, the idea wasn’t to give out what the story was really about until the end…thankfully you still got the idea…So, thanks a lot.

  4. Babies don’t breathe while inside the womb.
    I liked the concept. Good work. Great imagination

    1. I didn’t know that…Thanks for sharing.

  5. Nice. Nice. You did well.

  6. Nice one…..the birth of a child

  7. I like dis story die. Nice conception

  8. Hmm. Though you made some mistake, but nice try

    1. I’m not anywhere near perfect…Thanks a lot for reminding me.

  9. Nice attempt. Though it was obvious your knowledge about the subject was limited. I suggest that before you attempt something like this again do some research. There is lots of info on the net about this.For a guy to write on such a topic is impressive though. Well done.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion…though I don’t think i want to really know much about “giving birth”…It scares me…sort of

  10. brownieowolabi (@brownieowolabi)

    Wow! You are a guy! You must be a very sensitive person! I congratulate you on perfectly creating confusion/suspense and making it interesting. When I started reading I was so sure it was a wedding say story “boring” but it turned out to be the most unusual subject. Well done! I loved it. I’m not looking for perfection, writers and human beings are never perfect. Its very good. Thumbs up!

    1. I’m glad u got the drift…U are so on point on the perfection talk…Thanks a lot

  11. Weirdpile, you really have this weird stuffs in your woks. This is really cool for me. Nice imagination.

    1. Glad its cool 4 you

  12. From the third paragraph, I knew it was a baby you were referring to and I said to myself, ‘If this does not end with cry, I would be angry with you indeed’. Lovely…who knows what goes on in their mind anyway? Kudos

    1. Ah!…Thank God i didn’t make u angry o!!

  13. It was a birth of something. I got the impression of a plant emerging from a seed. It could also have been describing anything emerging from a cocoon.
    Nice idea

  14. At first, I thot Jennifer was insane…then, a snake…then…whatever…
    The way u kept calling “Jennifer” though, was there another Jennifer in there?

    Keep going…

  15. Oh okay, so Jennifer is a baby…

    All I knew was I had a hard time figuring that out….Thank God for comments!!!

  16. The beginning was a bit confusing. Then it had an Alice-in-Wonderland feel to it. It was only about halfway that I figured out it was a pregnancy/birthing…

    Nice, but could’ve been better.

  17. Thanks for successfully confusing me.It was from comments that I knew you were writing about a birthing. Not bad sha.

    Well done!!!

  18. I found this a creative way of describing a childbirth, @weirdpile. Well done.

    I did find words like ‘house’ and ‘door’ misleading, though – could a foetus really understand such concepts? I would have preferred more general words like ‘home’ and ‘exit’.

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