I love my PC

I love my PC

It’s been two months now since you’d left
I’m all by myself, lonely and boring.
Your memory flood my mind daily
I can’t get them out of my being..
I remember;
our laughter
our late nights chats
our early morning wake up calls
the bed we shared, which no other has been able to share with me.
All the lessons you’d taught me and some of the naughty smiles you put on my face when I’m angry.
How can I forget the way you usually shut down when you are not in the mood.
Sometimes, I kicked you off from the bed but you had no anger or malice against me.
The ideas you’ve given me.
How you’d helped me in realising some of my dreams.
How you broaden my knowledge and gave me an edge in the IT world.
Can’t forget your gesture and kindness in linking me up with friends both home and abroad.
I was all alone but you came and took away my loneliness.
You gave me songs to sing at night and in the morning, ideas to drum. My dull and boring moments you turned to energetic and joyous moments.
Never thought you are the best thing that ever happened to me until I lost you or you lost me.
how couldn’t I realise that the lost of you will live me half dead.
Half dead in ideas,
half dead in… communication..
Oh! Half dead in seeing the reality of life.
Since you’ve been gone, I can hardly write.
The joy of writing seems to be far fetched since you are not there to proofread what I have written.
Reading is like song of sorrow.
My night has not been that pleasant.
My days is as boring as counting stairs (you know I don’t like counting stairs).
All that I’ve learned are daily swept away by that man called “forgetfulness”.
You are my memory, where can I find you or another like you.

I love you my PC and must get another like you!

28 thoughts on “I love my PC” by greatness4life (@greatness4life)

  1. I think it’s nice, but the biggest issue for me would be the structuring. If a line is too long
    simply continue on another one. I think.

    And of course, some errors in the sentencing eg “Your memory flood my mind daily” try “Your memory floods my mind daily/Your memories flood my mind daily”

    You dig?


  2. I wish am your pc…..lolll,very interesting 4 me bt ur structuring is bad…rewrite and give it a more definite structure….watch d typo’s too.

    1. You wish you were his PC?!?! HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Hehehehehe…. “If wishes were horses……”???

  3. Your structuring needs serious work though…… but asides that, it was nice

  4. lol…As I was reading Roger Troutman’s music ‘Computer Love’ was bamboozling my mind.

    Infact if you should do a spoken word rendition of this, the music should be played in the background

    On the other hand…this poem can be better sha!

  5. With this, another PC would definitely come into your life..That is how relationships are…One goes and in comes another..
    Lovely idea..But there are typos and tense issues…all in all Well done..

  6. @loveliest, no be small thing for onyinye.
    @Greatnessforlife, I like your concept.

    1. @Eletrika: I cannot but keep laughing at what I’m seeing…. It’s really a surprise .
      Thanks for your comment
      Forgive the error; just wish I can pull it off from here because I never published it.

      Maybe, a little bit of back end system over-writing can help… But, hum…… I no want enter court of admin and the good people of NS.

  7. “e wo”
    “ha hah hah hahhahahhahah!!!!
    Laughing madly here… Can’t believe what I’m seeing.
    @Admin who posted this from my draft???? I drafted it from my E-series phone,then saved it as draft but I don’t know who told admin to publish it for me..

    Please na abeg I take beg everyone, this was not meant to be posted yet….forgive the error(though it was drafted at a go; within few minutes), I never proofread am neither have I really had intention to do so..

    Admin; should this be system error? I can help ooooooooooooo. I no want repeat of this!!!!

    1. Come on hush!
      Is NS now were you keep your posts?
      You should have left it in your E series jare.
      No dey ask@admin silly question.

  8. I am sure you have an edit button on the right upper hand of your ‘poem’, you can still edit it, if admin published your draft

    1. Thanks @enoquin: I will look into that when on PC…

  9. @obi: don’t mind the structure. This post was not meant to be posted, didn’t know why admin choose to disgrace me in public.••••• …•••••••*eye turning red*

    @Seun-Odukoya: I’m not one of those musketeers; if anyone wishes to be my PC then I am ready to get the groove on…roflmaol….

    @tolu: If wishes were horses then she will ride to my house with tone of fulfillment….

  10. @obi: don’t mind the structure jare.. This post was not meant to be posted, it was just draft saved in my draft, didn’t know why admin choose to disgrace me in public.••••• …•••••••*eye turning red*

    @Seun-Odukoya: I’m not one of those musketeers; if anyone wishes to be my PC then I am ready to get the groove on…roflmaol….

    @tolu: If wishes were horses then she will ride to my house with tone of fulfillment….a

    1. @Da Writing Engineer: wetin dem talk finished o?

  11. pc ke? You did well to express your feelings to an inanimate object.This is what literature offers.This your love na elele!

    1. @sambright : this love na wire o o o.:(

  12. Na so i take love my old PC too…until i met a new one that stole my heart…Nyc poem

    1. @weirdpile : thanks jare, na true talk be that.

  13. Forget the PC and get an IPad , though “she” is more expensive , your romance will be better..hehehe…It was literal but you could see the metaphorical message in them :). Well done.

    1. hnm..thinking about. I think blackberry porche will do!! For that one i don pay my wife dowries and accommodation fees..lol

  14. @kaycee : what does that suppose to me? Se, na me you dey say dey ask silly question?
    Infact, no be silly na roof you go see. Mtcheeeeew!

  15. Restructure and we’d talk!

  16. which kain love for PC be dis? me i fear to comment anything o…

  17. Ok. Pc love. You are weird funny. Check the typos.

  18. Ok…
    Get a better PC.
    Nice, but with structuring issues.

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