Destiny’s Girl

Destiny’s Girl

I was just having a walk when I met you

I was looking for nobody when you looked my way

That killer smile— had but to smile back.


Give me a minute and listen to me

I was not smiling at you,

you got me wrong

I like the way you talk you’re strong

Lemme listen to ya’ corny playa lines.


You don’t sound like you would break my heart

Finding you ain’t no coincidence

I really don’t believe in happenstance

This is destiny bringing us together.


Oh give me a break you’re so fast

It’s accidental today we met

Stop blocking my way and let me pass

If I found me with you I’d go crazy.


Before I go further tell me ya’ name

I like you, and you like me,

babe don’t be so mean

I wanna walk with ya’ if you don’t mind

Get to know you better, this is destiny.


I’m surprised you’re so hopeful

Take a no for once and just leave

For if I found me with you I’d go crazy.


Babe you’re so full of attitude but it’s alright

It’s a matter of time you be my shadow

If I was your love, I’d love you like crazy

Please say you love me, either way this is love.


If I was ya’ love, I’d love you all the time

Can I be ya’ love,

if you promise you would be mine

Either way it won’t work,

if you promised you would be mine

Take a no for once and just leave.

14 thoughts on “Destiny’s Girl” by elovepoetry (@elovepoetry)

  1. Okay. I like the back and forth between the ‘toaster’ and ‘toasted’ but I think you should have shown the ‘who’ was talking ‘when’ much more clearly.

    I mean, who was talking when is not easily seen – you understand?

    Nice though. Nice.

    1. I know about the who there…. it’s between a guy who has been bumping into this going, he thinks it’s destiny they be together, she’s holds a poles apart opinion

      1. Showing even though “we” know is the way to go…
        Sincerely, To avoid explaining…

  2. Nt too bad. Nice one there!

  3. Funny poem..I ditto Seun’s comment..
    2nd line calls to mind Rihanna’s ‘Plz dnt stop d music’…Well done.

  4. Oya…….another style dat i like,well done

  5. Yeah, nice one.
    I agree with @seun too

  6. I almost thought the character was confused.

    I ditto @Seun.

    Not bad.

  7. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

    Nice one, sounds like 50 Cent’s Best Friend.


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