Bookvine Seeks Exceptional Manuscripts of Full Length Novels


Bookvine calls for submissions from young novelists.

Bookvine, the book publishing imprint of Vine Media Services, is currently accepting submissions from young emerging novelists of African origin seeking publishing deals.

Authors (and agents) are advised to submit only exceptional manuscripts of full length novels for consideration. Manuscripts must also be original and previously unpublished.

Submissions should be sent via email with the subject SUBMISSION to along with a brief biography of the author, contact details, a synopsis of the work and the manuscript.

Please note that only authors of considered manuscripts will be contacted within a maximum of three months from the date of submission.

Bookvine is looking to invest in an emerging young novelist of african origin with exceptional talent as the emerging publishing house is currently home to a short story writer and a few non-fiction writers.

For more information and regular updates, please follow @bookvineng on twitter.

11 thoughts on “Bookvine Seeks Exceptional Manuscripts of Full Length Novels” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. Only exceptional manuscripts?

    1. Good question…

      1. Interesting question.

  2. Emerging young african novelist! Hmmmm!

  3. Can non-fiction writers apply?

  4. Okay. Let’s see how this goes…

    It’s another opportunity.

  5. Just another opportunity!

  6. I like the Vine in the Book. They sound interesting.
    God bless sweetness!

  7. Woah… I’m into this. Hopes it rolls up well. A book deal at last.

  8. I am quite sure it rolls!

  9. Chimzorom (@chimzorom)

    What surety do we have that one’s work would be in safe hands?

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