Be All You Can Be

Be All You Can Be

Be a warrior
Fight! Fight!
Break through every barrier
Become a great knight

Be an athlete
Run! Run!
Don’t be late
Chase the glorious dawn

Be a footballer
Play! Play!
Be a dribbler, a scorer
Beat every team in the way

Be a preacher
Preach! Preach!
Speak about God, our father
Convert sinners, poor or rich

Be a teacher
Teach! Teach!
Develop the true leader
Kill illiteracy, the witch

Be a prophet
Prophesy! Prophesy!
You are the Lord’s trumpet
You shouldn’t tell a lie

Be a prostitute
Fuck! Fuck!
Fuck even the destitute
It’s just your luck

Be a bird
Fly! Fly!
Let your wings spread
Fly ever so high

Be a writer
Write! Write!
Become good and better
Reject wrong! Accept right!

Be a singer
Sing! Sing!
Let your voice forever linger
Become a lyrical king

Be You
Ring your own bells
Stay forever true
Be nobody else

(C) Gbenga ‘Sile (2009)

40 thoughts on “Be All You Can Be” by Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

  1. “Be a prostitute
    Fuck! Fuck!
    Fuck even the destitute
    It’s just your luck”

    Even the seemingly sane have strands of madness. This one made me scatter the office.

    “Be You
    Ring your own bells
    Stay forever true
    Be nobody else”

    Classic. Why be a copy when I am an original?

    Nice. Simple but resounding.

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      Lol. Abeg nor scatter office make dem no fire u o! lol. Thanks for the words, bro!

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      Thanks teewah!

  2. This is good, so rhythmic and forceful. I like it.
    I would rewrite the last verse thus, in order to keep the rhythm of the poem:

    Be You
    You! You!
    Ring your own bells
    And stay forever true

    Nice one bro.

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      Yeah, nice modification on the lines but you would hurt the rhythm o. It’s ‘a-b-a-b’ rhyming scheme but yours would be ‘a-a-b-a’. Not bad all the same. Thanks for the comment, bro!

  3. thank you. Though the prostitute part is harsh sha.

    1. is not harsh, it is the truth as glaring as glaring can be…

      1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

        Yes o, Bubbllinna. Sometimes, we need to ‘hammer’ the nail deep into the head!

    2. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      Yeah it is, I agree. Life is harsh too o!

  4. This is beautiful, simply creative and of course it packs a punch in it’s lines of four…
    We should indeed be all that we can be and be good at it..
    Well done Geebee, guess it is not only chronicling you know how to do..hehe…Well done..again.

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      Thanks Bubbllinna. Lol. Of course nor be only chronicling i sabi na! Check out my earliest posts on Naija Stories. It was purely poetry for a while. Ma’er of fact, i might just revert to doing more random stuff here besides ‘The Geebee Chronicles’. Thanks again for the comment, sis!

  5. ‘Fuck! fuck!’. Lolz.
    I like the poem. I sang it while reading.

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      Thanks gooseberry!

  6. Beautiful piece! It kind of inspired me..

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      I’m glad it did inspire you. Thanks a bunch, oyinlolami!

  7. Yeah, has some strength in it.

    And @seun, why would you scatter the office because some were told to f**k?

    Nice one @geebee.

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      Thanks Eletrika.

  8. Postmodernism every where!!!You remind me of Whitney Houston song ”Queen of the night”,where she says /dey say I m in trouble but I dont give a damn…I jut wnt to get loose nd turn it up for you,baby,I v got the STUFF you want/
    I choose to comment for d sake of it.Indeed a poet’s mind sees all!!Just be urself!shikenan

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      Well said! Thanks Sambright!

  9. Ring your own bells.
    This na word of God!

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      I agree. Thanks Kaycee!

  10. I like this poem. Well done Geebee!

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      Thanks bruv!

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      Thanks Jaywriter!

  11. This is creatively simple. I will remix the one on the Writer;

    Be a Writer
    Scribble! Scribble!
    The writings must be better
    Prizes are few.

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      Hmmmm! Awesome remix! Even better than the original.Thanks man!

  12. This is nice. Simple and yet deep in meaning; my kind of poem.

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      Thanks layrite!

  13. What a Poem!!! Nice

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      Thanks Tolu.

  14. Nice one. Nice one.

    Simple but powerful. Repetitive but interesting. Basic but deeply meaningful. Shocking at a point but oddly acceptable.

    You just rocked the world of poetry.

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      Hmmm! Thanks for the comment, Chemo. I’m elated!

  15. I could imagine this being sung as an rock anthem song or Def Jam Spoken Word.. Great poetry!

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      Wow! Coming from the great Myne Whitman herself, I feel like break-dancing. lol. Thanks Myne!

  16. It read more like a song 2 me……deep and forceful yet d language is so simple….thumbs up

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      Thanks Obi! I appreciate the comment.

  17. be critic
    critique critique
    since you can’t write yours

    hehe! nice. the line about the whore seems out of place though.Is anyone born a whore?

  18. This is really beautiful. I love it.

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