February Featured Writer – Seun-Odukoya

February Featured Writer – Seun-Odukoya


In the second week of January, NS published the submissions for the Christmas Nostalgia contest and several stories immediately caught the attention of most readers. One of those stories was Seun Odukoya’s Cowards and Christmas Chickens. His story got over 386 views and 72 comments, and the comments are just as fun to read as the humor-filled coming-of-age story of a teenager, his heartthrob and a chicken. Seun-Odukoya is another long-time member of NaijaStories, and has contributed lots of interesting stories to the site, as well as adding a sense of community through engaging in the Forums. Enjoy his interview.

When and why did you begin writing?
Ah…that’s a tough one. Let’s see…I used to write a lot of poetry and draw when I was young (primary school); but the emphasis was on drawing. And then I woke up one day and couldn’t draw anymore. That’s the truth.

To answer your question however (sorry); it was early in my secondary school I really began to embrace writing. I was quite ‘ugly’; with a big butt and large tummy so I had no friends. I found solace in my own company – and the writing evolved from there.

How did you feel writing Cowards and Christmas Chickens. Did it make you feel you were sharing too much?
Not in the slightest. It was just one of those childhood memories I’m comfortable laughing about these days so…
And I honestly like any excuse to think about Peju…so I was quite comfortable writing it.

Do you have a specific writing style?
I should hope not!

Do you have a major theme that runs through most of your work?
If I had to choose themes; I think it would have to be (wait for it)…creativity (is that even a theme in the ‘theme’ sense of…themes?! LOL!!). I think. I just like to challenge people – challenge formulas.

What books have most influenced your life most?
Strangely, Barbara Cartland romances novels; as ‘silly’ as they could be sometimes, were some of my earliest reads. Westerns; read a lot of that too. Read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy when I was fourteen; a punishment from my pa for burning some of his original works by Dickens accidentally (unbelievable; I know). Stephen King too…Dickens, Huckleberry Finn, a lot of books. I like ‘The Picture of Dorian Grey’ by Oscar Wilde.. A lot of books o!

What books are you reading now?
Just finished ‘A Storm of Swords’ by R.R Martin, the third in the ‘A Game Of Thrones’ trilogy. Now reading ‘The Art of Seduction’ by Robert Greene and ‘Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul part II’.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest? Do you have a writing mentor?
New authors? Maybe the ones on Naija Stories…haven’t had access to Kiru Taiye’s/Mayne Whitman’s books…want to read Jude Dibia too. I enjoyed ‘Tomorrow Died Yesterday’ by Chimeka Garricks…
‘Writing mentor’? No I don’t.

What are your current projects? Any goals for 2012?
Working on two short stories in the horror/science fiction categories…wrapping up my first full-length novel ‘Sometimes’; it’s romance…and editing two short story compilations. Mine. Just finished editing Xikay’s ‘Devil’s Pawn’ – an INTERESTING experience.
Wrote the pilot episode for a new TV series; it’s been shot and I’ll soon start work on the first season proper.
Goals? To see all of the above shared by the rest of the world – plus a few more besides…

Who has supported you the most outside of family members?
Er…there was this girl…
And of course, all the great guys on NS.

Do you see writing as a career?
Of course. Why spend so much time at it if it’s not…if I don’t see as that?

Can you share a little about your writing with us?
I don’t write genres. I am a writer. I always challenge myself – I’m always trying to outdo myself. Every time I write, I try to give the reader something new – something different from what he/she got last time. Sometimes I’m bothered that the ‘unrestricted genre’ thing might be an issue – like it might backfire; but no one has spoken to me about it, so…

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
So many things…but I love challenges. Why not…is what I always think when facing one of those. WHY NOT?!

Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

Stephen King. Loius L’amour. James Hadley Chase. Plus ten billion others.

King because he taught me ANYTHING can be a story…anything. L’amour because he’s so on point with his descriptions and characters. There’s something poetic about the way he writes. Chase because he taught me the value of research. He’s a Frenchman – (Rene Brabazon Raymond was his real name) who only visited the States twice during his life.  Yet he wrote about it in so great detail…I also like the way he describes stuff. Simplicity was/is his benchmark.

What do you think of the Nigerian publishing industry?
Things seem to be moving on up lately…it’s interesting to note that so many publishers are springing up out of the woodwork. I just hope they take the writers and their works seriously – as seriously as we take our stuff.

What comments do you have about the reading culture in the country?
Forget what you think you know – Nigerians read. And it is getting better and better with reading workshops everywhere. IT IS GROWING and expanding.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Sigh. I don’t what to say – except thank them for the criticisms, the compliments, the messages, the love, patience, support, encouragement, well wishes…(I don’t know, is that enough?). Buy my books!

There is a This or That game going on in the writing game forum. Please share your best 10 out of it and your selections.

MTN or Airtel?                       MTN

Garri or cornflakes?                Garri

Acting or painting?                 Acting

Rock or rap?                            Er…love both but rap wins

Writing or Reading?               One is impossible without the other!

Seun or Kaycee?                     Who else?!

For writing: Pen or System?   PEN

Wife or Mistress?                    Mistress; the wife could tend to be a tad boring. Been ‘there’.

Beauty or Intelligence?           Intelligence. Rare.

Singing or Dancing?               SINGING. Most definitely.


Thank you.

I just want to say what a great job it is you guys are doing here. I know how I wrote when I started – and I know how I write now. I thank everyone on NS…and I mean EVERYONE; including you.


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  1. Hey brother, keep writing. Fellow writers are always here to put you through and make you better. I’ll really like to watch that TV series you have been working on.

    1. Yeah man. I never turn down a learning opportunity. Thanks.

      Don’t worry…you can watch the first version here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXYjSetSEfg

      It’s quite raw…so…

      1. I am downloading the video to my system now. I will get my comment on it across to you after watching it. I am very sure it will really be good. Abi no be Seun ni?

        1. Hehehehe. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

  2. But man, this one wey you pose like ‘Actor’ so, I dey fear you o! Now, now, now, show me where you AK 47 is…

    1. ‘AK 47’?!?! What do you think this is…the Nigerian Police?!?!

      @Raymond…let me have the Rail gun!!!!

  3. Loveliest @Seun, you didn’t let us see your face. Anyway, I thought as much earlier.
    You’re striving really hard and I know you’ll get there.

    Well done.

    1. Thank you sweetest @babyada

      It’s all on Him. God.

  4. Congrats on the award, @Seun-Odukoya. Very interesting revelations. Maybe we should form an association of ‘former artists who now dabble in writing’. :)

    1. Do you fall in that category too?

      Thank you so much man. Bless God.

  5. @Seun-Odukoya …lol…you dis guy. You almost sounded like me until I startded reading about your interests. Nice one…you’re definitely gonna stand out man!

    Saw the drama on youtube…you wrote that?

    1. Yes I did @Afronuts…you saw it? What did you think?

      Thank you for the ‘props’…bless God!

      1. @Seun-Odukoya ..That was nice movie. Haven’t been able to view it in fuller lenght but will do so later. Did you actually write the hausa part as well?

        1. Yep.

          Thanks Afro!!!!!!!!

  6. gooseberry (@gooseberry)

    Novel worm huh. Lucky you. Wish I was a worm too.

    Wish you the best and congratulations on the ‘already accomplished’ successes.

    1. ‘Novel worm’ is just one of the many worm parts I have…

      Thank you so much…bless God!!!

  7. Hmmm…mistress ke, over wife, okay o.

    Good to see you celebrated this month bro, it is well deserved. God bless your hustle big time!!!

    1. Yeah man. Mistresses are ‘hot’!!!!

      Of course…wives are hotter…IN SOME CASES…

      Thank you @Scopeman…AMEN.

      From your mouth into God’s ear.

  8. Yeah, musketeer. Keep blazing.

    1. Yeah man.

      Amen. Thanks.

  9. obi onyinye anne (@obionyinye)

    Am so hapi 4 ur achievement….keep it up and u wil go places

    1. Thank you. Bless God!!!!

  10. General Seun,my cap dey for ground.I dey loyal.

    1. Uche…thank you so much. Thank you. I’m honored.

      Abeg, take your cap off the ground. It’s not me, na God.

      1. Wow! @seun, nice one of ‘It’s not me, na God’ … really humble and nice.

  11. Congrats Seun..You are getting what U deserve and more will still show up.. but then You already know that..
    God bless!

    1. Thank you much Sibbyl. Thanks for the support, encouragement and stuff.

      Amen. From your mouth to God’s ear.

  12. Well Seun, I must say you’re a very fine writer. I really did enjoy the chicken story, and reading you sure made me tighten up my writes in the short story genre.

    Congrats on being Mr. February!

    1. Awww Dowell…

      Thank you so much. Its a privege to think I have been able to share the little I know with someone like you.

      Thank you so much. Bless God.

  13. Okay, we have heard, this is the second musketeer. Does that mean, the third one Kaycee will be the next featured writer? lol… But seriously Seun, you deserve it. I mean all you solid writers just don’t seem to make too much mistakes! Congratulations!!
    BTW I wasn’t surprised Oscar Wilde’s book has had an influence on you and I won’t be surprised if you also studied Oscar Wilde’s life personally. I nearly compared you one time to him – that is your cynicism. And also, despite your cynicism, you had to choose the month of February…the month of love…hehehehehehhhehehee

    1. @Enoquin…I think so too. When I got the ‘call’…I was like ‘uh oh’…are we being set up?! LOL…I just think it’s coincidence…

      “you deserve it”…ummm, thank youf. I still feel its a privilege sha.

      About Oscar Wilde…yeah, he has some measure of influence on my works and stuff…and the seeming ‘cynicism.

      And yeah…ain’t it though.

      Thank you so much!!!!!

  14. Interesting conversation here!
    But, what’s your problem? Why are you still hiding your face? Am gagging on my inability to remove that cap rite now!
    In other news….yeah, good to know you more…

    1. Thank you so much Ada. Bless God.

      Don’t you just wish you could…hehehehehehehe!!!

      But you know…the funniest part of this whole ‘masked story’ is I’m actually hiding in plain sight..!!!!

      Lol. Thanks Ada!!!

  15. @Seun-Odukoya, This proved a good read. Nice one.
    Your comments are real like most of the NS people who’ve been featured. The hardworking of writers that I used to take for granted
    is really interesting. And what is it with all of you child readers who have read all the great books?!!
    It would seem you left many things out despite all this – the lines behind the lines…No wori, I go catch you for press room when we
    dey gist…
    You know people, we can even promote ourselves more by spreading things like this on our blogs or doing personal interviews and
    posting on sites and the rest. This is something we ought to do…
    Seun, live long and may those dreams live on and on…and on.

    P.S: You picked some of my questions from that game and you cheated!! You for answer jor!!

    1. That’s nice Su’eddie. Thank you so much for all the compliments.

      Well…er..as per leaving out lines between the lines…I could only answer the questions I was asked.

      Looking forward to being caught in the press room – lol.

      Amen and amen man…thank you!!!

      What do you mean I stole your answers?! They had just two options man!!! I was asked to pick my favorites…you suppose even feel flattered!!!

      LMOA!!! thanks!!!!

  16. By the way, am I the only one who noticed that this is a 2007 picture? Haba Seun!!

    1. Well….maybe that’s the last time I took a picture…?!


  17. About time… well done man

    1. Thank you. Bless God.

  18. Mr Seun, why you dey cover your face now?! Abi you be escaped convict ni?! Hehehehehehehehehe
    Nice interview and really Seunish too. Congrats bro. Keep it up!

    1. ‘Seunish’…huh?

      Is that a new word?

      Thank you so much. Bless God.

      1. I guess it is sir! Na u na!

        1. I’m going to copywrite that.

          Thank you @Banky…!

  19. Enjoy the spotlight, you desreve it.


    1. Lawal sir; thank you much.

      Bless God.

  20. Read lord of the rings at 14, no wonder you can write this good. Shine on bro, we’re behind you.

    1. Thanks for the compliment ably guy. Thank you honest.

      Bless God.

  21. This faceless guy sha!!!! I think this feature was long overdue.

    1. Yeah. We live in a faceless society these days.

      Thank you so much. Thank God.

  22. Wow Sean, Big congrats on this well deserved recognition. I read that story of yours and it was funny…
    Good job!

    1. Err…’Sean’..?!?!?!

      Thank you @Chetachi!!!!!

  23. Keep the hat on, jare. I like the attitude. Congrats

    1. Thank you again man. Thank you – honest!

      Bless God.

  24. After reading some of your posts, I knew this was coming. I am new to the site, but you are one of those whose posts, I scramble for airtime to read. You are a powerhouse in the word industry. Congrats.

    1. Wow.

      That is indeed high praise.

      Thank you so much @Dulen. Bless God!

  25. aghoghosam (@aghoghosam)

    Congrats dawg , you really deserve it , keep writing :)

    1. Amen!

      Thank you guys so much. Bless God.

  26. Seun, Seun. This is good for you. There is hardly any post that you don’t contribute to. This is a deserved feature. More power to your elbow, more ink to your pen, more vision for your eyes and above all, more grace to your glory.

    1. Amen.




      And AMEN!!!!

      Thank you so much. Bless God.

  27. At last!!!
    E don tey wey I dey wait!
    Pilot? Hm. Link me up for series-writing oh!
    Well done bro. Well done.

    1. Thank you Raymond. Thanks.

      All in due time, I’m sure.

      No be me at all. No be by my power. Na God – as I’m sure you know well.

      Bless Him.

  28. Ha! How did this pass me by? Interesting dialogue, straight to the point answers and engaging lines. Twas nice. More ink to your pen. We dey wait your book oo.

  29. Reading featured writers today and came AFTER, not TO you. For starters, thank God there is a writer uglier than me. Your fat belly and ungainly ikebe as a kid…hope they have gone now cos I saw traces in your picture.
    So this is one of the birolists who deprived me of the Xmas contest prize, eh? Am glad because you are a worthy wordsmith. You are good.

    1. Thank you.

      I did not ‘deprive’ you of anything. I did not win the price too; in case you did not notice.

      Hehehehehehehe. Thank you so much. For the compliment and all else.

      Bless God.

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