Thoughts of an Unborn

Look with pity on me
As I look up to thee..
Unsure as I draw my breath,
for I know not when the breeze of death
shall blow my way..
I know not what to say.
Rescue me from these hands that slay,
in this uncertain world of my own where i did not beg to be sown..
A victim of circumstance,
not yet a being,so could be done away with.
As they take their devilish stance,
I ask only but a question,
where would they have been?
If they had but seen,
what the others already gone had seen?
Definitely not soiling the nation
had they been ripped off the womb and thrown into a shallow tomb..
Months of uncertainty..
Unsure if I would ever see the world.Or be condemned to a place bleak and void..
I too pray she goes full term,
and my little heart comes to no harm. For in my fate here, I have no say. would I ever, through that nature’s way,
be brought forth and my eyes see the day?.
To those without conscience, you seek us in the laboratory
yet purge us from that property,
that is our’s by God’s authority..
What an irony!.
that in man, should be found such folly,
but you should know, there is a price to pay
for each child you slay
As they await you on judgement’s day..
A plea from the depth of my heart.Would you just stop this hurt,
how many more would you kill? Beforeyou remember this is evil?

14 thoughts on “Thoughts of an Unborn” by Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

  1. A touching piece if a bit political. When is an unborn a baby? What of the human mother’s life and choice?

  2. sibbylwhyte (@sibbylwhyte)

    @Myne Whitman..I think an Unborn becomes a baby when it comes out of the womb..either dead or alive..
    This piece wasn’t completely mistake..d 3rd tag should be Abortion..
    D piece was written from the point of view of a foetus that *Might* be aborted..But yet It prays to be left to come into the world..

    Well whatever the mistakes, forgive the 14yr old me.. And thanks for reading and commenting..

  3. gooseberry (@gooseberry)

    14 year old you was surely a smartass for writing this. Got too lengthy at some point and lost flavour sha buh picked up somewhere. Me liked it . And one of the rhetorical question was not necessary. Check it.

  4. sibbylwhyte (@sibbylwhyte)

    @gooseberry..tankx for commenting..Got ur exact comments from a friend who helped with editing and I have got a better poem now..

  5. This is a good one.You have scrathed the surface of an ethical issue.Used to have something very similar a looooong time ago.

    Well done!!!

  6. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    @lawal..tankx a lot..i rili appreciate..hpe i dnt get accused of plagiarism o!

  7. Wouldn’t comment on general style and all.
    I am looking at the heart of the story. Touching, especially with the end notes from the comments.
    Would have to say that age really isn’t an excuse…so dear Sibbyl, go clean this up and you would have yourself some great piece. Well done.

  8. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    @sueddie..Ah!..U got here..A friend of mine here did help me clean up..And d end result is better..Tankx jor..

  9. I won’t analyse from a professional standpoint cos of two reasons being,you were 14,how many of our 14 yrs old pieces can we proudly publish 2day?
    Bsides poetry is nt my forte,but from a layman’s pov,I’d say nice work…kudos
    Nb-I haven’t seen any oda poem 4m yu or am I wrong?

  10. @laurence-chidindu… I am sorry bro for the late reply.
    Thanks for liking the poem. I’ve got a few poems here, but it’s been a while… I’ll be dropping a new poem in a few days…

  11. Someone has got to be a voice for the voiceless. @bubbllinna. Nice one

  12. @peverx… Yes o. True. The poem has gone through an edit and reads better than this does.

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