Sunrise to Sunset

Sunrise to Sunset

The sun rises as he is born
He who knows not where he is from
There is so much joy and celebration
Yet, as he comes he knows only pain and indignation

The men laugh, the women dance
The baby cries, his ears flap
And as the sun only gets hotter
So does his life becomes tougher

Ambitions swell like dough being puffed up
And dreams keep flooding, whether they are castles or huts
No one knows what they will become
Realities or mere fantasies

Soon he begins to ask questions
Why is the rose so beautiful and ends up being trampled upon?
Why does the ant have to work and the elephant eat?
Who calls the shots in a world where there is no law?

And when the sun is at its midday peak
So does his barn begins to increase
He has seen his bone, he has found his flesh
He will give rise to his own

The oceans freeze as the sun begins to set
The humming birds that once graced the beautiful skies have found their nests
Look! The mother hen calls out to her chicks!
“Come in now before the hawks find you and prowl on you.”

And as the sun finally fades away, more questions only burn within
Will the oceans remain frozen forever? Or will the birds sleep never to wake?
Where will the sun go now that it is dusk?
Who will save the sun from its own death?

In the end, her light has shone so brightly yet it only ends in darkness
He who came from where he knows not goes to where he has never been
Once again, the men laugh and the women dance
But no one cries; it is stark silence!

9 thoughts on “Sunrise to Sunset” by chuboy (@chuboy)

  1. Wow…the picture of a life in these sparse lines…

    I think you illustrate clearly the vanity of life as lived in pursuit of vain least that’s what I see here..

    Nicely done.

    1. Thanks. You’re right. That is exactly what I was trying to illustrate.

  2. Oh boy!
    I appreciated this after the second read.
    The vicious cycle of life.
    This is very deep and thought provoking.

    You write like a very wise old man.

    1. I’m a young boy oh Kaycee. I’m glad you got to appreciate it. Thanks

  3. Very insightful. Well done.

  4. … a great use of language… a really beautiful poem….

  5. That’s life… Nice..

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