Subsidy or Suddenly – REMIX

Yab Soja-man pieces
Aha!! u go rest in pieces
Spit for Presido eye inside Ikoyi maximum prison
U go realize say U don commit treason

Add sugar and milk powder
For inside Lekki Beach water
Maybe  the alkaline taste go turn sweeter
Afterall, River Mara before be dey bitter.

Write ‘Learner’ as title for back of aeroplane
Dem go feel say na riddle, No blame.
U fit from Lagos visit Seattle with small change
Unto say u be apprentice with effizzy for d flying game.

For tight security for Myne’s party Extravaganza
Two NS strongmen fit stand as Bouncers
Scopeman and Kaycee Na All rounder
DJ Wright-Engineer, Chief Organizer.

I dream see Beyoncee for Ajegunle to be precise
Bend down select, Kai! so Waitii sef dey patronize
At least once.
Sweet rich Naija we need to realize.

Pass through Canal to Canada
E know matter even if your name na Martha
Mr. Faith go peruse Mr. Fate carry you pass Nevada,
Atlanta, Toronto, d journey go sweet pass Mirinda

So for we wey dey write on top Naija Story
Make we dey happii plus jolly
Do our thing as we sabi
Na freeworld, no cause to worry.

Forget Boko, just do our things lovingly
Whether na subsidy or Suddenly
Baba God go arbitrate them definately
‘Cos Na only Him fit release our goods wey dem lock, unfaingly.

46 thoughts on “Subsidy or Suddenly – REMIX” by Whiz Da Poet (@whizpoet)

  1. Pidgin poem start am o–
    Well done @ whizzy.So we go go Myne party wey kaycee and scopeman go be bouncers abi?after all dem claim to be musketeers.Well d only thing dat keeps life going for the writer is-Writing.So writers on NS keep writing!

  2. Thanks @Sambright, this was a REMIX of my other poem ‘Naija Rhymes’

  3. hehehehehe….you wan form scopeman and kaycee as you ‘akpu-obis’?you are on your own poem

    1. @Uchechukwu What has Akpu Obi got to do with this?

  4. …. good pidginized poem… no worry, na free world we dey… make we dey jolly dey go… no dulling…love it…

    1. @Innocent Pidginized indeed. At least, this should give succor to the sour mood of wounded hearts resultant from the level of insecurity in the country, coupled with Fuel Subsidy biting consequences.

  5. aghoghosam (@aghoghosam)

    I REALLY like your flows…Beyonce in ajegunle ?? dawg that is !

    1. But Its possible,..

  6. Whiz Poet, nice one here bro…nice one. Over all, I feel this is not so much of serious poetry and for the kicks so I wouldn’t yab you…Wouldn’t have mentioned that some places don’t connect or that it seemed you were trying to buy some people’s love :) …Wetin I de tok? I clap sha but di Pigin get koma, so I go kul don small. If to say yu skata de yans e fo ovaswit ma bele…Sha, u trai… I troway salute…Trai klin ya yan o…If not…

    1. @Su\’eddie thanks…at least this achieved my aim…Got you laughing…

  7. lol…True talk. Subsidy or not, we go still dey write.
    Infact, subsidy is another source of inspiration to write a story or like you just did, write a poetic piece.

    ah…now I’m getting brainwaves!

    1. @Afronuts …Lol Brainwaves….not Sport Waves or NatureWaves…Its SubsidizedWaves

  8. I think I prefer this version to the other one, and I can see others understand this one without problems. Well done.

    1. @Myne…even you after mentioning the party and its bouncers..

  9. Nice flow, Whiz the man! Hai “spit for presido eye for inside prison”. Goodluck don suffer for una hand. And to come imagine learner as pilot – lol, that one na plane crash confirm.

    Love the encouragement in all. No matter whether na boko or subsidy, we go still dey live on and write on. Good country man poem. The last time I read a pidgin poem was from Molara Wood.

      1. @Whiz ehen now? You know her, or are you a fan?

        1. @Dowell, at all, I don’t, but tell me, who is she?

          1. She’s a Nigerian poet, writer of short stories and columnist currently based in the UK. I read recently that she is now a special adviser to the president (i.e Goodluck) but I don’t know how true is that news.

            1. Molara woods, based in the uk alryte, bt she writes in The Guardian on sundays. Never read any of her poems but i read one of her stories at africanwriters.Com. ‘the beaten track’ a nyc one. I think she z here though

            2. @dowell I finally met her somewhere in the Island last week, at a book launch titled “On Broken Wings”….it was really a worthwhile encounter, she gave me an autograph though…

              1. Ah! Lucky you o. Looking forward to attending such forums again where great creative minds unite. I met Odia Ofeimun, Tony Kan et al in my last one in G.R.A Benin which was a book reading.

  10. Good one.One needs a good dose of humour in this times.

    Well done!!!

    1. Yes Sir! we are in dire need of humour

  11. Hahahahahahahahaha
    Omo, chop knuckle jare!
    Humour is always my thing.

    1. But seriously @Kaycee U sure say you fit act as Bouncer/Guard for the party?

  12. This is unusually humorous – sorry make I take am for pidgin – Nah meh…, this one too much joor, e make me laff fall.

    1. @Joseph abeg ooo make you no go break teeth oooo

  13. Nna av gat ma fattest finga ina d air 4 u.

    1. @Clemency I’m wowed this leaves me soaring in the imaginary wind..

      1. Intended effect.

  14. E know [no] matter even if your name na Martha…

    Hehehe…U too much jor.

    1. @Raymond, long time, i met someone who looks so much like you at a book launch last week, but i was stunned, he is from a francophone country, judging from his struggle with English pronunciations…

  15. Thanks @Raymond…na the factual fact be that ooooooo

  16. *smh,
    Whizzy, u don craze finish. dis ur remix beta pass d original joor. And, wait: hope no be me you turn DJ Wright-Engineer? I hope not…except una wan dance alanta to Rock!

    1. @Da Writing Engineer. No be only Alanta now…we need Blues for the Westernized NS writers too…LOL

    2. Thank God you liked this @banky …you almost sent me packing with your comments on the initial one “Naija Rhymes”

  17. @Da Writing Engineer ..which genre of music u think say go fit cause YoriYori for Myne pass??

  18. Humorous indeed;
    Got me laughing like a kid;
    Couldn’t grab any flaw;
    Since na for pidgin u dey flow;
    All in all;
    Well done…lol!

    1. What a poetic response!
      Feeling the impulse like dropping coins!
      With ur words, I can touch more loins
      Thanks! thanks! just chew my cooling Buns….

  19. Just laughing over this again….

  20. I couldn’t but join the train of thought……….. this is really nice……’s funtastic………….

    1. Thanks @innoalifa, this is a remix of my other poem titled “Naija Rhymes”

  21. @whizpoet, the two were interesting reads………. keep pushing on man……..

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