Ode to my mummy

My mummy,my mummy
On paths where none tread
An icon of womanhood
Beauty and cadence are at your feet
Yet maternal features humbled you

Life itself agrees that a rare gem exists
Not many live to impact as you
Just as age is not a limit
Your smiles, ageless, your care and love undisputed
Even the world’s undisputed boxing champion
Will be beaten black and blue
In the arena of beauty were you contest

Not even the greatest will argue
That you walked through the corridors
Of grace and warmth, evidenced by your children’s glow
None can fit your shoes?

As a mother, nay a grandmother.
What other joy does a woman want?
Where else can such be evoked?
From the belly of history?
From the future nay the present?

At the beginning,
If I were to choose a frame as human
I will opt for your graceful being
A gender I will cherish and nourish
Like a lover’s soul
Where memory is gold

Explored by wordsmiths
Gotten by the best
Like my daddy sought for the license
To yours when virginity speaks louder than beauty

When men seek the hymen
As monkeys long for bananas
At the threshold
Of moral excellence
Where nuptial knots
Is celebrated without guile

I am grateful I came through
Where the hymen once stood
What a life I have
With your genes in my tissues
What an honour to be your son!

22 thoughts on “Ode to my mummy” by sambright (@sambrightomo)

  1. Nice one. Thanks for the appreciation :)

    1. Em…sorry o…but are you his…err…MOTHER?!?!

      1. @Seun yes, She is my mother! Don’t you know?

        1. Em..sowwy o!!!!

          No vex abeg!!!!

          1. Lol…hahaha. Sambright, where our “wife”?

            1. @ Shai baba,very soon,very soon you go meet ‘am’.

          2. No lele @ Seun.

    2. Thanks mum @ whitman for reading.I really appreciate.It is all about the beauty of the virgin spirit of womanhood!

  2. Nice.
    You should have left the hymen part out.

    1. Thank you @ oga Kaycee.Regarding the hymen part, I don’t think any woman who reads this will complain. This is the work of a heart that appreciates moral beauty.

  3. I had the same sentiments @seun when I was done reading this…and the way he kept mentioning hymen was like he envied it rather than appreciated it’s purpose.

    1. @ scopeman that is your own opinion and you are entitled to it.Thanks for reading though.One love my brother.

  4. ayooba (@poeticlicence)

    Aside some languages I appreciate the thematic quality and the flow of the thought…nyce one dude

    1. I see your point @ ayooba.thank you for reading.I highly appreciate!

    1. IT IS WELL @ da writing engineer.

  5. Thanks @ whitman for reading.I really appreciate.It is all about the beauty of the virgin spirit of womanhood!

  6. mobola (@mobola)

    Yea the Hymen, got me! I was like O_O, but overall a good read!

    1. @ Mobola that is the idea,words that will catch the reader’s attention and sustain interest to read on.THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR READING.I AM HONOURED

  7. Nice tribute… Well done. Hymen=Virginity, thus d sign of moral and clean living abi?
    Well, these days girls dey sew am join surgically, after dem burst the natural one. True talk.

    1. Thank u for reading @Raymond.
      The hymen is symbolic of virginity and how it was held in high esteem in times past.Like u rightly underscored,nowadays dem dey sew tight pass d way wey natural one dey be.God help us.-moral excellence-

  8. well-rendered………..

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