No Winter in Africa

I walk through forests
With gigantic trees
And thick branches,
Eying tall palm trees
With palm wine tappers
Tapping on rich palm wine.
Such tasty privilege
Of nature’s thick giants
Mounted bravely
Through seasons
In my rich Africa.

But never have I imagined
A scene where I would watch
My natural palm trees
Turn a frosty forest,
With its palm fronds
Covered by wintry snow.
What shall be the fate
Of the palm wine tapper
Extracting tasty flavours
In the tasty juice
Of the palm tree?

I’ve drove through sharp roads,
Allowed the sun’s warm heat
Shine on light skinned attires,
But to imagine frosty roads
In deep chill of morning frost
Overshadowed, through my paths,
With a chill, cloaked safely
In thick attires, chilling in snowflakes.
What shall be my unpredictable fate
In having to no longer explore flexibility?

In the lifespan of each year
Two seasons have I dwelled:
The onset of the rains
In the rainy season
And the setting of the fog
In the harmattan season.
But never have I watched a scene
Of season after season,
When after the set of winter
Expects the spring sprouting
With its proceeding summer
And fall in autumn,
To re-embrace the onset of winter.

But before I panic
In a frozen spirit,
I shall live my days
With a relieving chill
Of no winter in Africa.

10 thoughts on “No Winter in Africa” by Dowell Oba (@dowell)

  1. You never drink chill palmie before?!?! Come my house make I kill you!


    Interesting. It is a distinct possibility. After all…ice blocks rain regularly…even fish every now and then…so..

    I feel. Nice.

    1. Lol, Seun! I’ll definitely look out for that chill palmie. See groove! And to think that I’ve been always drinking it hot and natural. But then even with the ice block rain and cold harmattan weather, we just can’t compare the intensity of the cold to that of the ice block winter season overseas where you just have to be absolutely thick clothed to regulate the cold.

      Thanks for the response. Glad you like it.

  2. Ok o. Loved the twist at the end. E be like say you no fit endure cold at all o.Nice work.

    Well done!!!

    1. Lol, at all Lawal! Cold no just dey fair with me. But then Naija guy must survive no matter the weather, when it comes to hustling. Thanks for reading!

      Love the response.

  3. All this kegites seff

    1. Hehehe! Me na palm wine drinker o!

  4. Heh. Winter? Trust me, U no go like am, talk less of survive am.

    1. @Raymond, no mind that ice block season jare!

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