Naija Rhymes

Naija Rhymes

Dashing a Naija Soldier’s face
With a very hard slate
Right in front of his base
Is like knocking directly on hell’s gate

Fixing an “L” inscription at the doorway of an aircraft
Destination: LOS to Iraq
A race on heaven’s track
Heading towards Mr. Death’s rack.

Use a borehole machine
To dry up the oceanic Red Sea
If you believe, you can achieve.
Just add faith to fate, tell what you see.

Beholding the American Beyonce
At least once
Boarding an Ajegunle Bus
To enjoy an African adventure cruise

Frying few pieces of plantain
With petrol..minor injuries you sustain
Or fuse tiny drops of ‘sperm’ to maintain
a spicy taste, watchout for the flame .

Traverse past a big drainage canal
In a bid to arrive in Canada.
For impossibilities is not the matter
But your faith and fervent prayer.

We Rhymesters here on NaijaStories
Let’s enjoy the life of our head for real
One “Love”, keep riding the Writers’ lorry.
Write the Rhymes, freestyle, Kill the feelings gory.

33 thoughts on “Naija Rhymes” by Whiz Da Poet (@whizpoet)

  1. What a beautiful rendition I felt the sound in the poem.You have done it again.

  2. WTF?
    Yeah, it rhymed….but what is the poem saying?

    1. What rhymes?! All I can see are verses of poetry with different pseudo-rhymes, no synergy at all. A rhyme must be consistent in all the verses; I cant find that here o!

      1. @Writing Engineer, good observation, this poem was written mainly to add humour to the state of the nation, put smiles and even laughter on faces. Maybe no consistency, but the humour is quite evident. Anyway its a nice contribution.

  3. Yeah. The message in not exactly clear to me…but I do like the rhymes.

    Could you please explain?

    1. @Seun-Odukoya, if U’ve listened to a funny Naija song titled ‘Ginnikin’ by Rugged Man and some other Naija Artistes, you will absolutely understand this and laugh out your….

      In Naija, when you hiss at a Mobile Police, you know the attendant consequence
      or Fixing a ‘Learner’ inscription on an aircraft to show the Pilot is a learnerr
      Seeing Rihanna in a local bus in the rural part of Ajegunle Lagos, in the name of adventure
      Fry plantain with petrol instead of groundut oil
      Travel to a Drainage Canal to Canada….

      Funny isnt it…Joooor!!

      1. Through Canal(Gutter) to Canada

        1. The song you’re talking about; young man is NOT titled ‘Ginikin’ or whatever horrible concoction you come up with…and its NOT by Rugged man. IT is titled ‘Jo o remix’ by Jahbless featuring Durella, Ice Prince, Rugged Man, Reminisce and Eldee tha Don.

          Get your facts rights.


          Happy new year – seriously.

          1. U will know all abt that wouldn’t u? hahaha, studio rat

  4. Pretty cool flow, but a brain cracker to decode!

  5. Hahaha, whizdapoet the rapist….er, sorry rapper!!! Nice flow. U spit?

  6. @dowell, I don’t see what is there to decode o.

    Is this poetry or lyrics to a frestyle rap???

    1. Thank you bro. I don’t know too o!

  7. I think the final verse explains what most of the poem is about. Inspite of the hardships, and knockbacks, just enjoy what you can.

  8. I sincerely do not know what to say to this ‘poetry’ except that it definitely is not a rhyme. Perhaps you could point out just two of the verses who share the same rhyming pattern…

    1. @Da Writing Engineer Watch out for a REMIX of this in pidgin. U will get to enjoy it more. Thanks anyway.

      1. No problem man, i await the remix, abi na merix?

        1. @Da Writing Engineer You can check out the remix now. Its titled “Subsidy or Suddenly – REMIX”

  9. Why is everyone looking for something to decode? This is the problem I have with poetry; it ‘must’ have some hidden meaning. This is just meant to be funny. Which it is.
    Well done jor.

    1. ‘Hidden Meaning’ na the palm oil to eat poetry yam…hahahaha.
      But, seriously…what do u expect? We must make an issue ou

      1. Actually meant we must analyze, dissect and fish out the meaning of the piece…whether intended or otherwise.

      2. @Shai well the Palm Oil or better still Groundnut Oil as our choices varies

  10. gooseberry (@gooseberry)

    Hehehehehehe, I laugh in @raymond style.
    Jooor o, you no go wan hawk generator
    Jooor o, you no go wan baf up go toilet
    Jooor o, you no go wan use shovel drink garri………
    Hehehehehehe. This your peom ehn. Hehheehheh. Reminds me of that song.

  11. hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…funny. Na wa o.

  12. @Shai check out the remix of this, Its a Pidginized one titled “Subsidy or Suddenly – REMIX”

    Catch u there!

  13. speechless, wordless, expressionless…..

  14. hmm @innoalifa hope the words that refuse to escape are positive ones…?? Thanks though

  15. @whizpoet highly positive……. couldn’t find the most appropriate words to describe your dexterous poetic fingers………….. it was an interesting read…………

    1. Thanks so much @innoalifa, am lost in words..

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