My Beloved

I wish to spend the noon hours of my days, safely tucked away in the embrace of my beloved- where neither strife nor folly may follow,

Where the strings of the master’s harp chime the tunes of a passion so strong and beautiful,

That neither young or old can escape the ringing echoes of its divine harmonica bursting through heaven’s doors and landing on the lips of two giddy lovers lost in the sweet euphoria of oneness

I wish to sing him a lullaby as his eyes close upon my bosoms- Shield him from the biting mosquitoes of pain and sorrow,

And he shall never shed another tear again

For my beloved’s heart is mine to guard

And in the evening I shall tender to its beckoning once more with a fiery kiss and a renewal of vows.

11 thoughts on “My Beloved” by janeiwenofu (@janeiwenofu)

  1. What style of poetry is this, or is it a formatting error?

    I hope U spend time with ya beloved…

    1. @Raymond, no be small thing o. I guess it’s a formatting error too…

      1. @raymond @banky : Well, it might be but I think this can go to…trust me, the experimentation wey dey happen for land too brekete…Sha, mek @janeiwenofu tok

  2. It could have been better than this. Ended too abruptly too.

  3. Nice poetry. But it’s more of prosaic poetry. You could have run-on lines in poetry, however your lines here flowed into each other just as if you were writing prose. Poetry works more with the poet’s ability to condense words and form a rhythm along the lines.
    Keep writing.

  4. Thank you@kaycee..It was meant to be short and sweet.

  5. Pray, can you consider looking at the line orientation? Or maybe letting us in on it?
    I know I saw something like this in the States but it isn’t so common…just asking.
    Whatever it is, have to admit: I enjoyed the poem especially because there was some sing-song to it …that was even made more cute with the imagery of musical instruments.

  6. HOW ROMANTIC! The tone of d poem is joyful, more like a mother child relationship.That is how you want to express your love to ur beloved.If it is meant for a lover-this is real cherishing.If it is for a baby,it is quite motherly.The style adopted here is unique-well done!

    1. Thank you sambright :)

  7. Beautiful! Reads like prosaic poetry sha. If only the author can let us in on this style, but I see she has chosen to be silent.

    well done!!!

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