In His Touch

In His Touch

an addiction to the pain
the feeling running through her veins
how could she love him so much
nothing matters,but she being in his touch

tears in her eyes,broken inside
she told me,i listened,sat by her side
i could feel her tremble,i memorized her impulse
to patch her up inside,her brokenheart falls

said she ‘am listening to my chest’
‘its full of beat,i cant lay it to rest’
‘every woman deserves more than a fairy tale’
‘am willing to wait,till my heart fail’

‘i had him,he gave love beyond measure’
‘he cared,he gave me so much pleasure’
‘his innocense,the love in his heart’
‘he had so much to give,he told me that’

‘i was his pride,he showed the world’
‘i was his treasure,he called me his reward’
‘so quick to give me a call every hour’
‘kiss me,we made love even in the shower’

‘when life is unbearable and i cry’
‘he gives me,all my reasons why’
‘i loved him,he loved me more’
‘i ll keep him,wont let him out the door’

‘his love grew stronger,mine drained away’
‘i began wishing he would never stay’
‘i picked fights,shouted and despised him’
‘he became a pest,a very bitter dream’

‘i found another,told him we could be friends’
‘i watch him break,was glad this finally ends’
‘he gave his all to have me back’
‘i walked away,left him in the dark’

‘now days have come and gone’
‘yet this fight,i still havent won’
‘the feelings for him still floats to surface’
‘oh! Just to look him again in the face’

‘to tell him how sorry i am’
‘to hold him,feel the warmth of his palm’
‘kiss him and set things right’
‘gently lay me,make love all night’

she stopped,looked me in the eye
he was friend,when she left i watch cry
what have i done,why am i so mean
they being apart,my fault it has always been

i kissed her,she felt much better
i teased her,we made love much later
he has moved on,me and her,the sorry bunch
we ve lost it,the trust in his touch

– Brightas Bensoniscariot

5 thoughts on “In His Touch” by Bright Benson (@brytandre)

  1. “till my heart fail” ‘fails’

    “‘his innocense” innocence!

    Typos…but it’s a nice piece of work.

  2. It is almost a good poem.

  3. You left some things unsaid because you wanted rhyming. But it shouldn’t be. It’s a sweet poem.

  4. I like this piece..but d typos made it loose d ‘Wow’ factor Ur last post had..
    Rhymes shouldn’t be forced,(after all there is the free verse)..
    This poems needs reworking..clean up the lines, tenses..and it would only be better…plus it would still have a rhyming scheme..
    I like this poem..truly..but I will love it when it is cleaned up..
    About your signature?..Are U a relative of Judas Iscariot??..hehehe..
    Well done Bright..

    P.S: d comment is just my opinion..

  5. am not out to rhyme…my style of poetry is ‘lyrics’…if you get the message, you would understand my use of past and present tenses.

    Its simply talking about i betrayed my friend by snatching his babe….now the consequences! Maybe a second look at it would….

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