Dialogue + Cry Nigeria



Justice! Justice! Justice must be served.

Oh yes of course, but how?


Hang! Shoot! Burn the criminal.

One at a time, ease the pressure.


To the gallows, the gallows ‘tis what he deserves.

Hear him out, I rather say…


No way! Set an example, let him suffer!

Hmm, you might be wrong, don’t you think?


Away with him, guilty as charged, he sure is.

Wait! Uncover his face.


Brother?! How be it?

To the gallows, don’t you think?


No way! ‘tis an error, must be a setup.

Take that look before you leap.


Aye aye Sir, a good life you’ve saved.

In blindess you would’ve killed.






Who infected my innocent boys,
With poisoned asp tea,
Turned them to bland robots,
Implements of total destruction.

A crazy craze for wanton destruction,
Fire fighters, fighting for life,
Men of peace, losing their piece,
Battering the sacred order of brotherhood.

Behind the thick smoke curtain,
Horror filled scenes in red,
A caricature of world war II,
Pity, my backyard is the setting.

Roasted chickens or roasted children?
Mother’s pot, burnt to ashes,
Cries of hunger a thing of the past,
As infernos are fed to their fill.

My children heed my call,
Hearken patiently to my advice,
At the boiling point of angry reasoning,
Destruction and regret evaporate.

The beauty of peaceful creativity,
Is a graphic illustration of prosperity,
Materializing in successful abundance.
This I wish you to learn…

19 thoughts on “Dialogue + Cry Nigeria” by EXCELLENCY (@excellency)

  1. Indeed the poet is a social critic and political analyst that seek to unravel socio-political and economic issues-Well done @ your Excellency

    1. @sambrightomo, not all poets are social critics or political analysts.

      1. very true @ Raymond.But this poem takes socio-political issues as one of its theme.

  2. midas (@midas)

    Hmn…bundle of knowledge couched in this poem. If only we would heed to the instructive tone of this piece. Nice, very nice!

    1. Thanks Midas, poetry’s a voice, we all can heed…

  3. You are a good poet.
    I like the first poem especially.

  4. The first poem is more striking, I really liked it. The second is well written but a bit cliche.

  5. The first one is the best one.

    Well done man.

  6. I liked the first poem. The evil man that I am would have loved for the brother to be killed though, lol. It just goes to show how much “justice” we are willing to herald for, until it has to do with someone close to us, or sometimes even ourselves. Nicely written, and I loved the dialogue format you employed there.

    For the second poem, it’s the cry we’ve all been cry. Hopefully we get to laugh someday. Well written. The language and word choices for the poem are beautiful.

    1. Yea we definitely would laugh everyday someday

  7. These are good poems.Loved the first one especially.

    Well done!!!

  8. @excellency
    I love this………………..

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