Twosome World

Twosome World

By Ochuko Tonukari

I lay back staring at my lip-stick stained designer card

Overcome with the sensational feeling of exhilarating memories

Between reading the foregoing lines

My body gave a slight tremor

being an overwhelming reaction to the intense pleasure of remembering

Of knowing that out there, someone cares

Treasures me

Kesiena, a symbol of the very best of memories

A true expression of magical fulfillment

Magical because you really can’t recapture in words

the overpowering ecstasy of luxuriating in the geyser of passion

How can I begin to tell you about yesterday?

About our conquest and exploratory flight

To the world beyond the blue skies

I tell you, if you must know

That sometimes, due to no fault of ours

Heavenly conquests slip through our fingers

Those lines of hers makes my heart beat much faster

Because they mirror into my soul

One instant, one fact of life

That stars become dim by other emerging ones

But we have the moon

Though it keeps waning

But it never fails to loom large again

What about the sun?

It never wanes

It only beat a retreat at the incursion of dusk

It shines and shines

Kesiena, you are the sun!

Memories of you will remain luminous in my heart

Like the shine of the tropical sun

And if I have wings

I would fly

Fly away, in search of a twosome world



6 thoughts on “Twosome World” by Ochuko Tonukari (@ochuko)

  1. Very romantic. I liked the words and was almost hypnotized by that flower, :)

  2. That flower!!!

    Nuff said.

  3. Lovely poem. Very lovely.

  4. Lovely poem. Loved your personification of the elements.

    Well done!!!

  5. Hehehe. Love nwa nti nti…

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