To My Unborn Son

To My Unborn Son

Dear Son,


It’s a cold dreary night, tonight;

A feast of eerie sparks and sounds,

Of crickets chirping at a distance,

Of fireflies with flickers that illumine

Yet in the deep shadows of the night,

I lay bleeding in my wounded state;

Mingling with the stars that shine so bright.


I’m worn by battles and wizened from wars;

A Warrior shorn of verve and valour,

The King’s noble bereft of his royal chalice,

A Knight without his shiny armour,

On and on, and through the years;

I fought for peace, not from malice,

I fought for the Liege and for his ideals,

I fought for your future and for my Alice.


I’ve seen through her bulging belly;

You have my bones, you have my brawn

She feels them in your hurting kicks,

She bears the pain but loves you still

She waited for you four long years,

She waited for you forlornly.


And I loved her through the times;

While we waited, while we longed

My brown eyes on her pale smooth skin,

The most amazing chemistry we made,

We kindled a flame that turned light blue;

The flame of love that burned so true,

And I loved her more while we waited,

But you held back yet a little longer.


I won and lost while we waited still;

Battle after battle, Wars raged on

Heroes and Villains in the contest of titans,

We swung our daggers,

We hung our totem,

We  hummed in victory.


Then today I tasted defeat;

The chink I found in my knight’s armour

Was a hole drilled into me by the enemy’s blade

He threw me off my horseback,

He cut me through my rib cage,

He trotted over me in triumph.


I may not live through the night,

And I may never hold you in my arms,

But I hope you have my brown eyes;

I hope you find your pale skin,

So you can watch flames burn

While tiny bits of me rest in their urn.


And while I be gone,

Legends and myths shall teach you

Your Pa died an epic hero

So should you ever think of me?

Look up to the same blue skies,

For I’ll be sky-high, smiling down at you.




29 thoughts on “To My Unborn Son” by tosyn (@tosinosha)

  1. Nice emotional piece!

    It reminds me of ‘300’, a movie I love so much.

    And the ending reminds me of Mufasa speaking to Simba from the skies.

    Love this.

    1. Did you know that 300 is a comic that became a movie?!

      1. Are you serious?! I never knew. Thought it was a direct adaptation from the true life story of King Leonidas’s exploits at the Battle of Thermopylae.

        1. Yes…that inspired the original movie ‘Three Hundred Spartans’,,,and that in turn inspired Frank Miller’s graphic novel 300…which is what became the movie 300.

    2. Thanks alot, Chemo. It may sound strange, but truth is I still haven’t the 300 movie (by choice actually). I may just have to change my mind now sha.

      1. What??!!! Abeg go watch am. Be sure to join King Leonidas as he screams “Tonight! We dine! In hell!!!!!

        1. I will. I definitely will. I really wasn’t moved by the preview I saw.

          And for reasons I don’t know myself, I dread seeing those kind of films. Had a similar problem with Thor, but then I loved it eventually.

          1. Another comic movie.

            Bottom line: You don’t read comics, you’re on a long thing.

  2. This is incredible. I like it.

    1. Yes boss. It gladdens me.

  3. I like your poem. It’s sweet. But how do you know it’s a ‘son’?

    1. Let’s just pin it on instinct. lol

      Another way. I’m desperately hoping its a boy, so consumed by my hopes, I just go on to assume that.

  4. This is a very good piece Tosyn. Its been long I read poetry that stirred this much emotion in me.

    Well done!!!

  5. And please why does writing make you sad? Can you share, cos its like a sort of catharsis to me.

    1. Thanks man.

      Don’t mind me and writing o. I just think I tend to push myself too hard sometimes. And you should know what comes after now. Mental fatigue, migraine (sometimes), and the biggest of them all; doubts/worry.

      Sometimes, I wonder if I have got what it takes; if this piece or that story will be well recieved or not.

      But one thing have learnt over this short time is that you don’t have to be accepted before you start doing this.

    2. @easylife2, sometimes writing feels like Rape.

      1. You sure know a thing or two about this business. lol

      2. @Raymond; You sure know a thing or two about this business. lol

        1. Hahaha! I sure do Boss. But we see the story behind the mind-raping, which makes us who we are.

  6. It’s a son, the powers of the dying hero’s mind!
    The setting is great: antiquity.

    1. hahaha. Thanks.

  7. This is awesome. One of the best poems so far.
    Someone wrote something like this in the early days of NS.
    This is truly superb.

    1. @Oga kaycee; Thanks alot. I’m so sure I’d be blushing red by now; if I wasn’t this dark.

      And then it suddenly occurs to me. I should be doing some digging up, actually, to catch up on what went down before I joined up.

      I’ll start with yours. lol

  8. Tosyn, you have the gift of the ink – be it on paper or in thoughts. I can understand why writing would get you sad.
    This is lovely – from the imagery to the lyrics. It sure brings to mind antiquity and them Thor and 300 as @Seun and @Chemo
    have said…No mind, I no finish the 300 masef – SPARTANS!! That Leonidas guy sure has lots of spit in his mouth.
    You saw the parody, right? Epic Movie….hee hee hee.
    I really didn’t know you had much of the verse in you, to be honest. If this is what gives you migraine, permit me to be selfish,
    but my brother, may more of those migraines come….Best wishes, S’

    1. Hahaha! Sueddie my guy, me sef no mind the migraine as long as it keeps me in this game. Damn! I love the game!!! lol

      1. We have noticed the love jor…with pride. :)

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