The Shattered Kingdom

The third article in the commandment of the Animal kingdom reads thus, “No animal MUST kill another for food; but can have one when found dead.”

Not long enough, however, there stirred up a commotion that instigated a debate on the necessity of BRUTALITY, as to maintain certain levels or serenity and order. Hence, campaigns were waged against and for…oppositions and propositions, first party and second party; enemies versus rivals, until a time when the foolishness of the Sheep blared up a wise decision from her empty head….

“Bla… bla…bla. Let there be census, let there be senses, let there be census!”

None understood what she was saying. She was either inciting violence or making for peace. So, she was arraigned before the king’s palace for possible clarification.

“Now, tell us what you mean Sheepie”, queried the Elephant authoritatively, “…by let there be census as well as senses?”

At this, the Sheep giggled foolishly, and apparently became more stupidly bashful!

Consequently, there came an impatient angry-spirited uproar from the intolerant crowd, “Sheep is stupid, Sheep is foolish, She, Sheep is stupid; she is a dummy; sheee, sheeee, silly Sheepie.”


At this riotous moment, the sheep most foolishly fainted to worsen the worst. But the Turtle Dove in her usual way unraveled the seemingly far-fetched puzzle:

“Well, I suppose”, she spoke up majestically, “That Sheeeepie actually meant to suggest that there should be casting of votes, that’s an Elect…”,

“SHION!!!,” cut in Mbekwu, the Tortoise. “Yes exactly! And quite fantabulous…that’s exactly what I was just about to suggest before the sheepish Sheep preempted. O yeah, sure enough and wise enough. You see….”

“Enough of that!”

Roared the Lion revoltingly, and Mbekwu almost lost his breath. In fright, he at once pushed his stony head into his rugged shell.

Moreover, having understood the fact of the matter, an electoral panel was set up, and votes were cast. The Animal Brutality Congress (ABC), lost unreservedly to theAlliance for Contemptible Brats (ACB), which was so greatly sponsored by the Rats family. Hence, the triumph gave birth to the Fourth Commandment,

“You are PROHIBITED (Prohibited printed bold and in red) to Threats or Torture of any kind.”

Consequently, this provision as expected planted and nurtured the seed of disrespect, extreme derision, and scorn and underserved equality of all before all. Hence, on account of this, the Cats, especially Lions were miserable; the Chimps were pitiable, whilst the Rats went feral most contemptibly and in an unrestrained rampage!

Not even in my wildest dream, could I, the Chronicler of this account, dream of the hare for instance, inspecting the teeth of a sleeping Leopard, or one of the smallest rats counting and pulling on the whiskers of the whiskered brutes; comparing them with its little things humming deafly.

However, no sooner than later, the Lions gave vent to brimming animosity and killed secretly. Nothing was ever left of their victims, as to forestall any tall tales. Even Mbekwu on a bad day like that, cornered the Snail and crushed him. Hm Mbekwu kwa! The Catties fed up with the unbearable taunting of the Ratties, went after them; Snakes after the Frogs, the Frogs after the Spiders; Spiders after the Flies, the latter after the Ants, until it was ALL OF THEM AGAINST ALL OF THEM!

In the intervening time, I, the Chronicler alone beheld these, and I am set to unveil the mysteries of the water in the marrow of the fruited pumpkin’s stem. Just keep keeping on.


Neither the oppressor, nor the oppressed found things trouble-free. Hence, the horrific situation begot the epithet, “THERE’S FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN!” And there were seriously ‘runnings’ hither and yonder. Right from the womb of the dawn, the Lice swept into the Chickens’ pen and embraced them; no I mean, began to embarrass them! So, they crowed and quacked to the point of pecking off their feathers. Oh, my naked poor chickens! Yet, the mischievous lice glued still. Above the trees stooped the Hawks and Kite, quite wide awake and impatiently checking out for some somnambulists and probably wild straying!

Moreover, before the morning sun rose from its slumber, the Chicken family had gathered their cradles and swaddled off in a refugee-like strident flight. Their wings stopped mid air and could fly high no longer, yet at a record height of historic feathered-trip ever. And their predators traced them to the Human Kingdom by the tale of their hysteria and littered fluffs.

Later in the day, the Elephants were seen charging down theValley ofPeace. So furious was the amok, that trees fell at the slashes of their irritated trunks.

Oops! It was the case, that a swarm of Mosquitoes lost its track and …mmh mh, no, no. The Mosquitoes deliberately swerved into the trunks of the Ele…, just to make the Phants in them pant and run mad! And indeed, madness was brewed; the mountains through the valleys and the holes through the skies were all a scenic madness!

All of the animals ran down for refuge and therein, each beheld its terror; and up they all ran through sneaky routes, and there and wherever too, were snarling fangs of the hunted hunters!

Horror was everywhere! So, some who could forget their feet flew to the skies, only to wallop belly wise to the heart of the valley. The Frogs first learnt to spring and so over the jungle’s walls, they sprang; the Deers leapt and the Horses galloped gallantly over and over the vicious circle. The Fish ran into the waters having narrowly escaped the Tiger’s grip on its butt. That explains why. The Spiders spun silky ropes and jumped like George of the Jungle. Everyone was on the run; everyone was dying; yet, everyone wanted to live!
Lo and behold, a new morn dawned with an appearance of apprehensive and dreadful signposts; “Either This or That”, “Who’s Next…”, “My Claws are Blood-Thirsty!”, “Mercy’s Dead & Buried***”, “SOULESS Soul”, “Crack- Down Justice” and “JUNGLE JUSTICE!”

“But whose is this terror?”

This was the question on almost the whole of the jungles’ lips and on the Chronicler’s. The mystery escaped my nimble ink and feather. Bear with my fallibility, for there are indeed, things we cannot explain.

Meanwhile, across the deserts far and wide, and over the waters to the ends of the earth, came the first ever great exodus. The weak of the rats’ family scurried to Humanity for refuge; the weak of the cats went after them for sustenance; the weak of the Dogs, and the weak of the weakest all followed suit in quest for greener pastures.


And so it was that once a peaceful jungle is now but a shattered Kingdom. Till date, it is as it were; “All of us Against all of Them”, in the secret womb of the jungle.

I, the Chronicler witnessed.


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  1. Îñtrê$tîñg tâlê

    1. @READER its more interesting the way you write, “Îñtrê$tîñg tâlê.” Thanks great Leader!

  2. Now, you seriously have my respect.
    I like it.

    1. @Kaycee thanks man. Aluta continua!

  3. Hmm…U good, but this ya plenty grammar eh…

    1. @Raymond you’re ‘gooder’ lol. God bless your breath.

  4. Uh…I liked this at first but it descended into bombast very quickly.. Not sure you clarified this properly.. I couldn’t make sense of it.

    1. @Gboyega thanks man. It’s about the shattering of a Shattered Kingdom. The bombast I strongly guess clarified it. Maybe properly or improperly….

  5. Intense…I like the spin.


    1. @Seun your intensity tempts me most often to pronounce you as sun!
      You bright Odukoya!

  6. I swear you good. What other better way to clarify this issue. Well don sir!

    1. @ablyguy guy nothing do you. You’re able jor!
      Thanks man for the help.

  7. Ostar…ostar calm down. The theme is very good and the imagination too but the delivery does not get the pass mark. Were you writing poetry or prose? In my opinion, this story would have worked very well as a long poem IN THE TONE OF GRAMMAR (lesser sef) used in this story (brother your grammar dey too much for your oda poems! Abi you one become Hon. Patrick?). As a story, its problems include; too many paragraphs, incoherent plot (especially from the middle as @guywriterer pointed out) and verbose.

    Generally speaking you can think and you have a very high capacity for imagination. Please don’t cloud it with an uneccessary dose of grammar.

    *whispering: Read more of Ojukwu’s speeches. He might not be a writer but he was probably one of the greatest masters of the English language in this country even though he shunned big grammar.

    1. @Chemo…nice one.

  8. @Chemo down is calmed. Thanks for your constructive criticism. Such was characteristic of my works of previous years (in diebus eis). I bet you the recent are not clouded but loaded!

    @Seun-O sun!

    1. @ostar: you are welcome…and thanks for taking criticism like a true gentle man.
      @seun-odukoya; thanks bruv

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