The Naijastories Christmas Nostalgia Writing Contest

The Naijastories Christmas Nostalgia Writing Contest is pleased to announce another online writing contest titled “The Christmas Nostalgia Project”. The purpose in running this particular contest is to encourage the writing of Narrative Non-fiction and also celebrate the season. While we love the massive increase in the number of fiction pieces submitted to the site, there is just something heartwarming about reading true to life recollections.

In Nigeria, only politicians and war generals seem to write or need (auto)biographies, but this should not be the case. In order to prevent collective amnesia, a communities memory is painted in by the personal stories of the individuals that make it up. Naijastories therefore, wants to encourage memoirs, diaries, and non-fiction of the personal variety. As a start, we are keying in to the Christmas spirit, and hereby call for entries recounting experiences of Christmas past in Nigeria, either as a child or an adult.

Dates for Contest:

The contest opens December 12 and submissions end on January 5th 2012.
First round Polls – January 6th – 12th
Judging – January 6th – January 12th
Final Judging – January 13th to January 19th 2012
The winner will be announced by January 20th 2012.

Prizes :

There will be one (3) overall winners in this contest.

First Prize – 100,000 points ($100)

Second Prize – 70,000 points ($70)

Third Prize – 30,000 points ($30)

There will also be 7 consolation prizes of 1000 points each

Contest Guidelines:

1. You must be a registered member of

2. Submit your entry as a post with a title that defines your entry.

3. In the body of the post, provide the following;

a, the year and location in which the incident you’re recounting happened,

b, since we cannot determine your reality or fiction, the only rule is that the entry must be written in the first person, “I”,

c, stories should be set in or around the month of December or the 25th specifically,

d, we encourage happy or funny recollections but this is not mandatory .

4. Your entry should be between 500 and 1000 words.

5. Put the entry in the category of “Christmas Nostalgia” and press the button, “Submit for Review”.

Contest Procedure:

There will have 3 stages for determining the winner;

Stage 1. – All the entries that meet the contest rules will be put to the public poll.

Stage 2. – At the same time, the Naija Stories team will score all the accepted entries. This will be added to votes polled on to select the top 10 entries. These will proceed to the last round.

Stage 3. – Ikhide Ikheloa will select the winners. (Read about Ikhide HERE)

Judging Criteria:

– The initial site editor will make sure that entries stick to the criteria of non-fiction and the use of first person.

– Second round judges will be checking for clean use of the English language, so polish your grammar and keep typos to a minimum please! We will also be looking for creativity, so go on and give it your all.

– The final judge will be looking for great writing. Be genuine! Be unique! Be original! Use this as an opportunity to pay tribute to the best/worst/funniest Christmas of your life.

If you have any questions, please send a mail to

Good Luck and Get Writing!

40 thoughts on “The Naijastories Christmas Nostalgia Writing Contest” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. My fingers and keyboard are gonna have one helluva relationship this month…Thanks!

    1. As in…I thought it was just me…

      Deadlines keep piling up…but isn’t this the life we choose?!

      Admin/Naijastories…YOU STONE.

  2. I should submit an entry for this. Christmas recollections; let me see the one I can trawl through.

  3. This is some how difficult for me. I dont celebrate Xmas. Yet i live among poeple celebrating it. I have my experiences during Xmas too. Hope i am allowed to come up with one of them? Admin what do you think?

    1. Definitely @coshincozor it doesn’t have to be about the celebration itself. Anything memorable that happened to you in December or around the 25th is acceptable.

    2. Ok thanks. Let me rack my brain

  4. Hey-ey! I can’t even remember any very interesting christmas incident…..Let me think….

  5. This is nice and @Admin please let me ask a question, is poetry not recognised, how come NS never organise poetry competitions, that I’m not happy about

    1. @anderson-paul, we’ll be organising a poetry contest in the first quarter of next year. The difficulty is in organizing judges and sponsors. If you have any suggestions, please let us know. Thanks.

  6. Okay, I see …will see if there’s anything up, thanks for the swift response

  7. @Admin, kai, another one don land oh.. Hmm, u ppl wil not let me rest this Christmas.. Ok sha. 100,000 points, here I come.

  8. Had a post about Christmas last year or so.

    Lovely competition. Guys let’s see what you got.

    Nice one @admin.

  9. gen gen! It hav happen, we go laff die for this contest, then @Raymond go give us gist of “Ojuju Calabar”, NS are you ready?!?!

    1. Hehehe… @scopeman60, no worry, no Ojuju Calabar for this one.

      1. Ok o, make we dey see na…

  10. I think I have one Christmas funny memoir locked up in my memory somewhere.Let me try and unlock it.Here I come.

  11. Emmmm, hope lying is allowed?
    Because….me no remember anything o

  12. Speaking generally, is it proper to fit in small bits of fiction in a memoir?

    1. @chemo and @kaycee; they no dey tell pesin that kin thing o. Even @admin don admit am.

      “…since we cannot determine your reality or fiction, the only rule is that the entry must be written in the first person, I…”

      Except dem don acquire lie detector wey dem no wan make we sabi… l.m.a.o.

      1. On second thought sha, e go good make pesin talk tru, bad as e be.

      2. ROTFLAO!!! But even if person wan dey true to the bone, the wahala of human memory no go gree person write 100% truth na. Except we wan make am reported speech.

  13. I’ll try to send in an entry. My only problem is working with deadlines. I hate deadlines!!! *lolling*

    1. Wave goodbye to a literary career.

      1. @Seun Odukoya: Nah. I’ll adapt instead. Face my fears and do what I should.

        1. Of course @kaycee, you just had to make it seem ridiculous. lol

  14. I ve been inactive for so long on this site, but I think it’s time to get my pen rolling or is it my fingers n keyboard tapping once more…watch out for me

    1. Hehehehe,
      We will be watching you.
      Any error….we will tear you apart.

      1. @Kaycee. Why should you always be there to tear apart? No be only you get saw, remember. Some people get axe too o. You don see ice axe before? Dey watch your head too, my guy.

      2. @kaycee, ahn ahn, na wa for u oh…see Intimidation, kai!!

  15. This is great. Am ON BOARD. I look forward to wacky tales. Fact can be stranger or even more wonderful than fiction

  16. emekajemil1 (@emekajemil1)

    My Fone wont have a rest. I will poet to my test and leave to thee the rest.

  17. Hmm, neva heard of this b4! Well i’m in

  18. Hmm! I am tempted to touch … need to do a quick re-cap of d past … you will read me soon

  19. Sounds interesting.

    I can’t remember the exact year of this particular incident. Will my entry, if any, qualify?

    1. Yes it will. Please send it in.

  20. kamoza2012 (@kamoza2012)

    I am a new bee. I am ready for any short story competition in Nigeria. I am always inspired, i don’t work on my own God inspired me. Tell me the term and i give you what you want

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