The Journey’s End

The Journey’s End

By Ochuko Tonukari

Your memory

Like a ghost

Haunts me endlessly

Tossing dewdrops

And coming down my cheeks


I long for your corporeal presence

I dreamt of the fire and sweetness of your love

Under that chaste, passionate drizzle

Its skin limpid piercing my pitch dark craves

Severing my soul of the slave of loneliness


I long for you but with resigning emotion

And it was then you came

In all your beauty and glory

Like a lily in an emerald pool

Beautiful as any woman was ugly

Never have I seen you so surpassingly beautiful

And I, even I

Felt my own pulse beat quicker

As I beheld your radiant, luxurious, smiles

A veritable queen of the fairies

As dainty as a drop of dew

And in one lingering moment

I was lost in your legend.


It was when you left

My angel who drank from elixir of beauty

That I knew your voice

I tried to take the nonchalant route

I wanted to ignore the magic of it all

It was then I knew that loneliness

Was worst than being alone


I woke up this morning

And felt you beside my pillow

You looked so comely in your gentle color

You even went extra-mile

To enable me express my love for you

How can I stop loving you?


No wonder then

You are the physics and chemistry of my soul

The sweet mythology of my being

For what can I say or what should I do

Like the triumph of the water lily

Your bosom enshrine the sounds of my origin

Like primrose bloom, whirling in the music of radiance

You are a place of fountain, home

When we kissed, it was like a look to heaven

And when we made love,

It was like that from above

After a long search this side of eternity

I knew I had come to the journey’s end


7 thoughts on “The Journey’s End” by Ochuko Tonukari (@ochuko)

  1. This cold is making everyone fall in love.
    Wait, the heat will soon be here. Na that time we go know.

    You write well.

    1. @Kaycee, God go bless U yakata.

  2. Hahahahaha, @Kaycee, no be small thing.

    @Ochuko, number 1 question, na SHE get that picture? If no,
    Number 2 question, why you no put her own after such composing such a sweet poem for her?

    You Poem is beautifulll.

    1. Interesting questions. I second them

  3. Who the hell’s picture is that?!?!?!

    This guy…your pictures always seem to me to speak louder than your words…


  4. Wow, very clear lines, I could imagine each one.nice piece

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