Sounds Of The Wind

Sounds Of The Wind

I sit outside my house, my mind clear and vacant. The sun shines mildly but brightly. I watch the trees sway, dancing to the energetic tunes of the wind. I ask myself, “do the trees really want to dance, or do they do so out of coercion?” Is there an understanding between the trees and the wind, or is it a case of master and slave?

The wind calms, and so do the trees, standing still like the moments ago never happened. I want to ask the tree if it loves to dance, but I don’t know how. I beat my hands on the wooden stool that I have been sitting on, but the trees merely shiver. I beat harder on the stool until my hands start to hurt me, but the best I get is a little more shiver from the trees. I give up. I will just sit here staring at the trees, I conclude, wondering why it won’t dance to my tunes. Maybe it doesn’t like my melody. Maybe I am not hitting hard enough. I do not know.

Now, the wind comes again, as if to mock me. It succeeds. I gaze at the trees with a humble look upon my face as they begin to dance again. I do not blame the wind for being able to make the trees dance when I can’t; and I want to hate the trees for refusing to dance to my melody. I can’t. How can anybody hate something that dances so beautifully, even if not to their tune? I decide to enjoy the dance and try to learn the technique of the wind. It’s difficult, but I am determined.

I look up to the sky, the clouds are gathering and it’s starting to get dark all of a sudden. The wind is blowing harder. It flogs my skin all over with a harsh coldness that is mixed with subtle pleasure. I close my eyes and stretch my hands out sideways, relishing the moment. Briefly I forget the dancing trees and almost start to dance myself, enjoying the melody of the wind.

I feel a sharp sting on my cheek as I hear mama screaming my name from inside the house. I open my mouth to answer her call, but the wind fills my throat and I almost choke. Papa is not back yet; I hope he doesn’t get wet. The rain is falling already and I am running into the house. I stop to look at the trees again; they are dancing even more beautifully now, swaying and twirling harder. Mama calls again and I realise that I am soaked already. I dash inside the house hoping Mama doesn’t scold me for playing in the rain. She does. She pulls my ear and smacks my buttocks; “Go and dry yourself!” She commands. I do not cry, but my face and my eyes are wet, I think it’s the rain. I remember the trees; I will learn to make them dance another day.

18 thoughts on “Sounds Of The Wind” by Scopeman (@scopeman60)

  1. Wow.
    Perhaps you wanted to write a poem. Thank God you didn’t. A poem wouldnt have done justice to this.
    It is really nice.

    Oh, so na u seff?
    No wonder

  2. fateemah (@fateemah)

    Simple and nice.

  3. This gave me goose pimples and i had to read again and again….
    It is beautiful beyond words… Haba…
    Awon eleyi badtttt gaaan!!

  4. @kaycee lol…I agree, but what do u mean ‘na u sef’, abeg o, I still dey learn for here o.

  5. @fateemah, I’m glad you enjoyed it, thank you…

  6. @Toluwalase, Are you for real! lol…I’m glad you loved it, thanking you reading it many times, lol…

  7. The wind will dance because breeze dey blow. Shikena.

    Nice one WAEC marker. E don tey.

  8. I enjoyed reading this. I was spellbound and danced with the trees!lol

  9. I really enjoyed it. The flow was great. And the mechanics were all okay. Doesn’t need much editing.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it Ahmed, and thanks for reading too!

  10. @Raymond, I guess you meant the ‘tree’ will dance. It’s been a while, u’ve been busy ‘musketeering’ with @seun and @kaycee

    1. Just another day of saving the world Scopes…

      Just another day.


    WELL DONE!!!

    1. Thank you Lawal, my first love was actually poetry…

  12. Yeah. I agree with all who compared this to poetry. It has that poetic flow and construction.


  13. :D
    the dance of the trees…beautiful.
    “I recall words, one day I will learn to make them dance as vibrantly as you have”

  14. interesting

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