SmoothFM’s Tales at Nighttime to feature NaijaStories

SmoothFM’s Tales at Nighttime to feature NaijaStories

Story telling is one of the most precious and appreciated gifts that humanity could have been endowed with. “Tales at Nighttime” celebrates this gift in a dedicated segment four nights every week on smooth 98.1’s popular nighttime belt known as “Smooth Sessions”. The segment lasts for about an hour, as one short story is read every half hour and music that identifies with the story is played by the presenter between stories so that the listener can rate each story via SMS with “stars” from one to five to indicate how entertaining the writer was.

From the New Year 2012, selected stories from Naijastories will be featured on Mondays and Wednesdays on the Tales at Nighttime segment. The Naijastories editorial team will be choosing the stories from the editorial picks or entries and winners from the various contests that the site has held. We will contact selected writers via email to inform them of when to listen to their stories. You can also invite your family and friends to listen in.

Radio Station – Smooth 98.1FM , Lagos (

Days – Monday-Thursday

Time – 10- 11pm



Smooth 98.1 FM broadcasts from Lagos in Nigeria and is the first digital radio station owned by Fenchurch Media and Broadcasting Network Limited. It is a 24-hour, regional and commercial music station, which is broadcast within an Adult Contemporary Radio (ACR) format over the 98.1 MHz frequency in Lagos, offering a mix of soul, rhythm and jazz.

Listen Online Worldwide at

Email Address:


pHisayo is a Poet, Singer/Songwriter who has been working both on Television and Radio as well as writing in blogs and magazines for over a decade. She Sings and performs spoken word at exclusive venues and is due to launch her first album, an exploration of Folk, Soul, Jazz and the Blues in 2012.

Check out her page on the Smooth98.1 website –


If you have any questions about this collaboration, or you do not want any of your stories to be featured, please email

31 thoughts on “SmoothFM’s Tales at Nighttime to feature NaijaStories” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. Way to go Ns!

    But, come to think of it, i have no radio except in the car o

  2. Wow @ NS!!!You guys rock!!!!!!!!!!I mean everybody here!!!I am all ears Smooth Fm bring it on!!!@ oga Kaycee ur mobile phone suppose get radio na?shuo???

  3. Is this a Nigerian station…?

    This is great. This is really great.

  4. This is a fine innovation NS, way to go!

  5. Am rolling with laughter.NS rocks people!2012 gonna a better year

  6. Already? Wow… Wonderful news to start the New Year…

  7. A good development to look forward to in the New Year.

  8. This is great! I’m so happy about this…kudos @admin

  9. my radio can’t get SmoothFM up here in Enugu. sobbing….

    1. You can probably get it from their website.

  10. Good for NS. Thumbs up for the administrator.

  11. aghoghosam (@aghoghosam)

    Great for NS , looking forward to it :D

  12. Has anyone been able to hear this yet? Let’s know how it’s going…

  13. @ Tola you have just voiced my thoughts..

  14. deedeelicious (@deedeelicious)

    wow dis is unbelievable, you guys totally rock~we r on our way 2 fame and stardom…tra la la~

  15. phisayo (@phisayo)

    Hi, I’m pHisayo,
    You can listen in from any part of the world if you have internet,, or on your phone.
    Your stories have been getting positive comments. I started reading from Naija stories Last week.

    1. Thanks for reading our stories Phisayo! Keep up the good work! Looking forward to getting my stories read some day too.

  16. Just finished listening to the latest installment. You have a very good reading voice, @phisayo, and you made a very good choice of stories.

    For those who weren’t able to listen, Taxi Driver was read (with ratings of 3, 4, and 5 by three readers), as was ‘First Entry’ by Dayo-A (ratings of 5, 3 and 5).

  17. Its wonderful to know that Admin is constantly thinking on their feet. This is a novel idea because very few stations think of doing things like this ..and I guess its because they dont have any way of getting a pool of writers to write in or the idea just never clicked. With a site like Naija stories, I know Smooth FM will never run out of stories to tell.

    Good work NS! I’m so proud of what you guys are doing!

    1. Hi Afronuts, thanks for the commendation. We had previously written another presenter on this idea but this time, it was PHisayo that contacted us for this opportunity. Of course we jumped at it. We hope your stories are selected one day too, :)

  18. midas (@midas)

    I had better get a transistor radio quickly for this purpose. Laudable initiative NS. Way to go!

  19. phisayo (@phisayo)

    Erm, initiative was mine people, I did it because I’ve always loved reading and telling stories. I pitched it to Myne and she liked the idea. So show me some love too!
    Listen in next week for the next batch of stories. It might be yours…

    1. Your work is recognised and much appreciated, @phisayo. It’s great that there are people in Nigeria who are passionate about spreading a love of reading and stories amongst Nigerians.

    2. Phisayo…may I suggest that you have your storytelling sessions recorded. I’m thinking they might come in handy for a bigger idea that would take your storytelling of NS stories to another level. I raised the idea in the forum titled ‘Another Idea-NS on youtube’.

      We could have an NS channel on youtube where your narrated stories are acccompanied with graphic illustrations.

  20. It’s smooth, I think stout really!
    A great stride of a star.
    This is gooder and more
    sprite in our Ice lol

  21. @Admin, whatever happened to this? Is it still on?

      1. @Admin, Wow. Haven’t been seeing the titles of the stories to be read…

        1. People were not responsive. We send emails where necessary.

  22. It’s still on? That’s good to know. I’ll listen next week.

  23. Olan (@Olan)

    Heard one of my stories was read, I wish I knew….this is totally cool! @admin Now that I know I’d try to tune in. Nice one NS

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