Shango Laments

Shango Laments

I  was  mortal,

the  4th  alafin,

Old Oyo’s  warrior king,

walked in the streets,

hunt in the forest,

drank oxygen daily,

alas I killed myself,

with lightning bolts,

Did I die in peace?

no,they made me a god,

who beats drums,

up in the clouds,

a groovy god,

rolling rhythms of thunder,

foolish humans,

1700 orishas from yoruba land,

10 from India,

and the greek orishas,

I wonder shango OR zeus,

who owns lightning,

Oludunmare  owns  everything,

they said Oduduwa created Earth,

by slinging mud and chicken,

chicken scratched the earth,

mountains appeared,

how big was chicken?

obatala the drunkard,

created mankind,

alas the archdeceiver,

lucifer, satan,iblis,old nick,

abaddon, mr scratch,

beguiled the people,

oshun is popular,

with modern pagans,

goddess of love,

oshun or aphrodite,

ask  satan,

Sango did not ask

to be worshipped,

allow me to rest,

in my grave.



14 thoughts on “Shango Laments” by khadijahmuhammad (@khadijahmuhammad)

  1. Lol.
    Funny poem.
    This lady is really getting good at this.
    When you finally arrive, your works would be superb. You have a marvelous imagination.

  2. This is a good one Khadijat. But outside the poem, I think you really need to read up on the religion and culture of the Nigerian people. You use the pagan word out of context.The word does not mean people who do not believe in God. You’ll do good to check out the etymology of that word.

    Well done!!!

    1. I think she used it in the right way. Pagans are those who worship several gods, I think.

      @khadijahmuhammad, I love the imagination in this. :)

      1. I liked this poem …lol… the premise and all.

        @Myne @easylife2 but I do wonder at her puting the words pagans in Sango’s mouth. Pagan is a word initially adopted by the early latin christians and resides in the same catergory with “Gentile” used by Jews and “Infidel” used by Muslims. Judaism, Chritianity and Islam all have Abrahamic roots and are monotheist religious systems. There is a group of words used by these religions to describe practitioners of non-Abrahamic and polytheist religions (african, Indian and other indigenious religions)….. i.e pagans, gentiles, infidels.

        But on the other hand one can infer from the tone of the poem that Shango does not subscribe to the “pagan” belief system which he has been elevated to, hence his lament at his “God” status…lol. … thats why I like this poem, one can infer a lot from these simple lines.

        1. @ Eldee: Thank you o!

  3. Groovy god, lol!
    I found this very interesting. Kudos Khadijah.
    @ Opeyemi pray tell the etymology of the word. Thanks!

  4. Thanks,@lawal I’ll check it.

  5. Hahahahaha! I like this! Nice!

    ‘hunt[ed] in the forest…’

  6. a simply written culturally inclined poem… love that….

  7. True, they never begged to be worshipped. We human beings seff.

    I like the theme.

  8. Interesting poem…I like the theme as mentioned by @babyada.

  9. I love this one. And that is saying something

  10. @hymar thanks for reading.

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