My Epitaph

My Epitaph

To My Death

Being, in time came my birth
Time but now timed my death
Though once was I alive and able
To read of deeds on others’ marble

Here I lie, in earth beneath
Idle, bereft of strength
Heaved still by my epitaph
My whitening bones in the depth

“I know I am because I perceive”
How can I of this still conceive
Whereof in night I ever lay
Yet, above my verses portray

“Thy transition in grief we mourn
Till we embrace in a glorious morn
Farewell therefore  to thy Lord
For thy deeds art thy gourd”

Yet, Being, I hope like the moth
Shall from the cocoon bring me forth
Beyond my epitaph to the sky
Then, I shall in strength soar in high.

The bravest of men is he that knows death as a necessary end; and thus prepares to depart existence leaving good memories behind.

25 thoughts on “My Epitaph” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. Stanza two is my fav. In other places, I feel you tried too hard.

  2. It’s okay…wish you had left the explanation out though.

  3. Nice one…good message.

  4. Ostar ostar….. You do well…. Why do you like the theme ‘death’??? *just thinking out loud*

  5. Epitaph… not bad,not bad at all.

  6. Interesting effort, conveyed private aspects of yourself though…..well done…

  7. @ yo’ll thanks so much for sacrifice of time.

    Ada dalu!
    Seun-O wish granted! I got it
    Raymond the rays of the Muse bedew thee!
    Sambright thou art enlightened!
    Gooseberry cos I breathe, I die and I live!
    Scopeman cos it was my death. Thanks

    In fine, thank you so much for being there.

  8. This is soul awakening. I love the 3rd and 4th lines. I am already thinking about my death.

  9. RIP
    We will miss you.

    1. Speak



  10. @ Adams such a soul! You live
    @ Kaycee do you so soon forget Socrates and his words on death?
    The living dread death, they know not if the dead are better of there!
    @ Seun-O just about the ontological difference.

    1. Well, like someone was quoted, humans prefer evils they know to “those they know not”.

      1. @Prof Nigeria word!

  11. I think this was quite well written, and made loads of sense too.

    1. @Myne I know you know that I know you rock lol!

  12. Actually, we must face the reality. Even though it feels very good writing on Naija Stories, we would one day have to leave.

  13. good poem……………………scary theme

  14. @clemency yeah, for nihilism, once the physical body
    flows back into its element, death occurs; but for us,
    it’s a transition. Like a butterfly breaking forth from
    the chrysalis.

    Thanks man

  15. @clemency dalu Chukwu gozie gi!

    1. Chukwu gozie anyi

    1. ndooooooooooooooooooooo

  16. Beautifully written, I applaud the candour .
    A man who knows that in death is not the right time to paint pictures of pasts and glories..
    Rather the hope for rebirth ,another time ,another place;to continue in the circle.

  17. @Dotta Raphels your comment is more beautiful than the piece.
    What words, and thou art daughter of pure ink Oh Dotta!

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