Memories of My Heart

Memories of My Heart



In the crack of yesterday’s sunrise

I torment myself with many idiotic memories

All men past the age of twenty have learnt

Somewhat of the tricks of women

The pretty playful nothings

That weaken the will

And sap the force of the strongest hero


My best books warned me against women

Truly, I accepted the warning

Amidst scorns by amorously inclined companions

But their cynical teases surmised in weakness

Never affected me


I trusted in friendship rather than love

But I now know that

No man will taste life till he

Sips the nectar from a pair of lovely lips

No man can guess the riddle of the stars

Till he gazed deep down into the fathomless glory of a maiden’s eyes

No man can know delight till

He clasped eager arms around a coy waist


This is a truce to my musty volumes!

Believe it; those ancient philosophers had no manhood in them

Their blood was water

Their slanders against women were but

The vain utterances of their own deserved disappointments

Those who miss the chief prize of life

Would strive to persuade others

That it is not worth having


I have reached epiphany

Just this morn, as I heard the sound of singing

I stood still and waited

And then all suddenly

The picturesque beauty of the scene danced before my eyes

In a whirling blur of brilliancy looked forth one face!

One face beaming out like a star from a cloud of amber tresses

One face lighted up by two bright eyes,

Large and black as night

One face in which the small, curved mouth smiled sweetly

I gazed and gazed again, dazzled

Beauty makes such fools of us all!

This was a woman

One of the sex I mistrusted and avoided

A woman in the earliest spring of her youth

Her veil had been thrown back by accident or design

And for one brief moment I drank in

That soul-tempting glance,

That witch-like smile!

At once, the vision faded

But in that breath of time one epoch of my Life had closed forever

And another had begun!






11 thoughts on “Memories of My Heart” by Ochuko Tonukari (@ochuko)

  1. Wow!
    You sabi.
    These women would be the death of us all…but who cares!

  2. Ochuko, heee, you no go kill yasef!

    1. hahahahahahahahhaha!!! I just dey jolly dey go. I have been a fool all along. I done wisen up!

  3. You sure can write sire.

  4. You sure can write sire.

  5. Kai! NS is full of Ashawos…smh…


    1. something Raymond himself is not an ‘exception’ all wo*** wrappers..

  6. Nice poem but you sound like a romantic,hope you don’t believe in the soul mate principle.

  7. this is very good poetry Ochuko. On a lighter side, no mind all those old philosophers jare.Was reading something recently and found out that even Martin Luther King had a fling on the side!

    Well done!!!

    1. Waoh!!! I read that too and I was greatly amazed. Many thanks for your wonderful comments. Kind regards!!!

  8. Hmmm. Ashawo.

    Hmmm. Ashawo.

    Nice thing…one thing one thing.

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