Memories of a Wonderful Brother!

Cursed be that day

Yea, woe betide that gloomy day

When the ram-rod straight, oven-hot carbide missile

Targeted no-one but you

And demanded from you, your legs

“I-kun-le abi-ya-mooooo”………


Some said ‘private’ is beta

Some, ‘government’ or whatever

Many zeros of naira expended

In the end, water surpassed our garri;

Futility reared its bald head at the docs

In spite of their assurance, you became legless

To walk on wheels, far from automobiles’


How I cried that day

On the 26th day of May

When the news caught me in the boarding school

Wastefully my eyelids batted in hot tears

I wept my black eyes out of its socket

Till my eyes reservoir ceased to ooze any more waters

And in the noisome silence of my nights

conjured images of your ill-fated predicament

invaded my sleep and horrid Nightmares stole

my rest and my all


But, how come Egbon?

How come a flawless, admirable persona like you

traverse earth via the loin of a woeful father

Who was engaging in nuptial madness

When his very kid groan on a sick bed?

Utter negligence of parental obligation!!!

Not even a kobo dropped from his meager pocket

Daddy paid, it all.


Bro. Seun, you are so faraway now

How many miles, I cease to know

But I heard you dwell in Oluyole

The big heart of Ibadan city

Heed me, bro. Seun!

You don’t live there

Right here; in my heart is where you dwell


Those snow-white teeth in your uneven dentition

The calm smiles that radiated from your innocent visage

The funny gait your once-straight legs commanded

All reminds me of how much i’ve missed you


May the fate that initiated our acquaintance

And the pen that wrote our life’s pathways

Write yours for good, and mine for no evil

When the storms of life blows you eastward

Or myself, Hitherward

Yet again, shall I see you,

and Embrace you..

Call you ‘Elume-poly’

The moniker I ‘christened’ you

Buy you chili-peppered asun

Like you used to do me at Itafaji

And plead you a favour…

Never to leave again

Grant me the honour to share in your sorrow and pain

Like I did in your bliss and folly


October 20, 2011



14 thoughts on “Memories of a Wonderful Brother!” by smartfingers (@smartfingers)

  1. Oh My God!
    I hear one negative comment on this poem and i kill the fellow that dared.
    This is astounding!
    @smartfingers, tell your Egbon say we dey hail from this side.

    1. thanks bro
      Ma jise!

  2. “In the end, water surpassed our garri.” water don pass garri na so lady.

    1. lady? I be man ooo… Thanks sha

  3. oluchi007 (@oluchi007)

    What can I say? Fantastic!

  4. Awwww, this is so touching and emotional, I could read the love, pain and anger in every line

  5. Every experience in life is a hard lesson. Just be a better person for his sake.

    Your poem is deep, and well written too.

  6. Hmmm.

    Well…it’s okay.

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