Is Destiny Real?

Is Destiny Real?

The below article exrays the assertion that Destiny is not real. This might spark up arguments or go against some of our strongly held believes and philosophies. Let’s colllectively evaluate Kayode Ketefe’s “Predestination: Are we all guided”?

Are humans’ beings born with destiny? Put differently, is human life tele-guided by some superior forces which goad the person towards some ineluctable ends? Are we amenable to some cosmic “que sera sera?” i.e. Whatever will be, will be? Some people are of the opinions that the humans are like pawns in the hands of some spiritual superpowers, which had pre-programmed us, ordinary mortals, with the “software” that not only delimits and defines the scope of our earthly operations but also determines our final outcomes in this world.

The destiny conundrum has been with man from the time of his earliest consciousness, after the genetic spin-off from earlier forms of existence. This philosophy is extant in many lands and across many cultures today. In Yoruba land, a saying reflective of this, (which does not necessarily summarise the wholesome worldviews of this highly philosophical people), states “Ayanmo eda kii tase” literally “human destiny is ineluctable”. This writer posits here that, apart from perfunctory faith, which any person is free to place in anything, there is absolutely no credible, pragmatic evidence to infer human lives are governed by destiny. Nothing in the cumulative human experiences all over the ages points towards man being controlled by forces beyond the realm of the physical world. Believe in destiny is one of those alluring fantasies concocted at some earliest period of human evolution when the staggering complexities of life were too tasking for the then developing brains to comprehend. Even today when the brain is fully evolved, it offers many people a great relief from laborious intellectual inquisitiveness to just calmly believe whatever will be will be. No need to probe further! There are two major variants of belief in human destiny.

The first is a belief that the fate of every individual is irrevocably fixed and there is absolutely nothing the person can do except to passively await events as his life unfolds. The other belief is that there is destiny, but it could be manipulated, within a strictly limited range. The two are mere variants of the same superstitious belief system. The belief will continue to thrive because it appeals to both human vanity and vulnerabilities. Many successful people would like to support a belief that they had been destined for greatness; that there is a celestial imprimatur on their lives-this is nothing beyond fanciful narcissism. On the other hand, the unsuccessful may be inclined to accept the philosophy of predestination because it condones excuses for failures. A sort of “Not -my-fault” mentality. Scientific theories on this issue have identified two parameters,-nature and nurture, as the exclusive determinants of human “fate”. Nature in this context is the genetic inheritance which determines a being’s complete personal attributes, like physical appearance, intelligence, temperament, etc while nurture refers to the environment, both social and physical in which a person lives. It is theorised that the interplay of these two factors shapes a person character and by extension, his “destiny”. It is the submission of this writer that these two factors, coupled with the variable called luck (or ill-luck) dictated by the blind, fortuitous chances of life, determine the outcome of a person’s life. That is the conclusion that any worthwhile analytical approach to understanding the life events would suggest. Now is there any big deal concerning beliefs on the issue of predestination? Of course there is! A belief in predestination may appear innocuous, but it may encourage an attitude of fatalistic resignation to whatever life brings.

Imagine an accident where a plane crashes, will there be any need to search for the black box and study the causes in order prevent recurrence, if we are firmly stuck in the belief that the casualties have been destined to die, anyway? Tragedies abound in our world. We have seen couples who were roasted to death on their wedding day, a few hours after a cleric, in pious tone, had pronounced divine blessings on them. We have seen instances where a whole family were wiped out when a building collapsed; earthquakes, tsunamis, floods have claimed millions of lives, it will not be fair to all these victims if we dismiss the sad occurrences as their own destiny, instead of seeing it as calamities which can befall anyone. The belief in destiny may also encourage sadism, where the privileged see themselves as the chosen ones and naturally expect the underprivileged to meekly submit to them in obedience to a perceived divine ordination. The bottom line is that there is no such thing as destiny!

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  1. Somebody tell me, Is Destiny actually real.

  2. @ Raymond, AdaOkwy, Otolorin, Emmanuella, Seun Odukoya, what do you think?

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  3. Okay. I think it’s a mixture of both.

    This is kinda like the ‘nature VS nurture’ or the ‘chicken or the egg’ arguments. They both end up in brick walls.

    But here’s what I think: A man’s path in life can be likened to a car free wheeling on the highway. Unless something interrupts it’s trajectory…it will keep going in random directions and so on.

    Now. Do I believe in destiny? No. Possible outcomes? Hell yes.

    Let me go a bit biblical. There was a part of the bible where Christ was talking about evil, and he said, “These things (bad things) will happen; but woe betide anyone thru who they happen’. In other words…

    Another example is the Judas Iscariot case. It was said that one of the twelve would betray Christ – it just was not set in stone WHO it would be. Judas made himself available for the devil to use. I mean…Judas was described as a thief and liar…do you think Christ did not know? Yet he allowed him be one of the twelve. Why?

    Because it had to be one of them.

    So..we are what we make of ourselves. My 50kobo.

    1. @ Seun-Odukoya, thank you so much for this incisive, yet theological contribution.

      The Judas Iscariot you cited was destined to betray Christ, little wonder Christ said it is better he (Judas Iscariot) was not born in the first place, woe betied him. That directly or indirectly translates that Judas was destined to betray Christ, still on your submission.

      In liew of scriptural, lets go a little pracitcal, if Olusegun Obasanjo was not born to rule, he would not have escaped a death sentence and being a Prisoner, become a President. So does Destiny appearst to be real??

        1. Are you asking a question?!

          1. Yea @Seun-Odukoya Was Olusegun Obasanjo born to rule for escaping a death sentence and becoming the only Nigerian to become President both in the military and democratic era.

            1. Why were you born into the family you were born into?

              Why not into my family?

              1. Because I was destined to emerge from my own family and that of the Odukoyas….LOL

              1. Answer the question and stop dancing.

                1. @Seun-Odukoya Ive done that, so answer mine too, was OBJ born to rule too?

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                      Meanwhile…I think you’ve achieved your purpose. Well done.

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  4. I don’t really know what to believe in. The world is too complex. Try your best and leave the rest to the creator. Thinking of destiny or no destiny only increases our confusion.

    1. @ Eletrika . We need to analyze certain situations and not just submit that Destiny is at work. Take a glance at the paragraph that narrates Plane Crash, accepting the deceased crew as destiny would be wicked and malicious. Or????

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  5. I dont want to hear anything about destiny.

  6. Ha! Man is a free being. Man was condemned to freedom.
    There is no destiny.

    1. @ Kaycee, this your assertion appears vague, can you expatiate better. Why do you believe man was “condemned to freedom.

      What about some that were born to rule with empirical evidence(s).??

        1. @Kaycee you appear unusually silent.

          1. Despite the heated arguments… @Kaycee

  7. 19th Century Enlightenment, Jean-Jacques Rousseau’ Man is born free, but everywhere in chains @ Kaycee. There is destiny, but it lies in ones hands like of the oars, the sailors and the waters of the sea!

    1. But what about beings who have been prophesied hundreds of years before they were born to become this or that. A good example is that of Jesus Christ who many prophets has forseen his heroic exploits thousands of of years before he was conceived in his mother’s womb.

      @Ostar What do you say to that?

  8. I believe that Destiny is a product of God’s mind. Saying Destiny is set in stone is like calling God a malicious creator because it’ll mean that He created someone and said “U go be thief, U go be kidnapper, U go be Boko Harasser etc”.
    Like @Seun, I believe in possible outcomes, but I also believe that each and every possible outcome is a Destiny in itself. Destiny=Destination. If U take this path, what will be Ur Destiny/Destination?

    My 2 cents. Abi na 3 sef. If e pass, gimme change.

    1. Thanks so much @ Raymond, yours was an objective, yet humorous contribution.

      Judging by your submission, one would agree that Destiny actually exists. To say that destiny does not exist is fally in itself because, we all agree that the word destination has a reasonable meaning in the sense that, for every journey there is a destination.

      On the other way round, going by Kaycee’s point, human beings were created with some level of freewill, either to choose good or bad which invariably dictates what such individual will, in destination turn out to be, be it an “Adolf Hitler (Die-Hard Confusionist a Desmond Tutu (Crusader of Peace), George Bush (Hero of War) or a certain Lady Gaga (Demonic Icon). All these shows individuals have an enormous power to control their destinies in life.

      Well, we live to learn more, I welcome varying, but objective perceptions to this.

      1. Falacy NOT ‘fally

        1. We are just saying the same thing. Our Free Will is what makes us find different Destinies based on our varying decisions.

          1. So Destiny exists?

  9. Let me offer my two cents here(gosh I’m so broke). I tend towards the spiritual and the mystical (please mark my words, I did not say religious). From what I have read and the little experiences I have had about life, I believe there is a Great Scheme of Things where every individual falls in and plays his part. I do not believe in chance, I believe there is a certain order that pervades all that we do as individuals. Whether this translates into destiny being real or not, i do not know o!

    Thanks for writing this anyway.

    1. Engr. Lawal, your points are reasonable but seem incomplete, you were about to unleash the difference between chance and mystical order, but abruptly brought that to a halt. Please go further….

    2. and further @Lawal Opeyemi

      1. @Lawal Opeyemi Isaac please explain better, what is the origin of that “certain order” that controls the human destiny?

        1. @ Whiz: I know there is a certain order to life, not necessarily ‘mystical’ as you have put it.If you want to interprete that order as ‘destiny’ then you are free to do so.As regards what or who is in charge of this ‘order’ that we are saying, I know there is an Overall Consciousness (you can choose to call him God).

          Na my little understanding be that.

          1. @Lawal Opeyemi Isaac You are refusing to be specific. why not assert direct that God controls humans destiny and/or destination and also admit that we are pre-destined by the Creator to either be this or that(good fortune or otherwise. You seem to be dancing…..LOL

  10. Food for thought. I personally go with personal free will and choices going beyond destiny. Each person plays the cards they’re dealt and even sometimes when two people have the same cards, they will play it in different ways.

  11. @ Musket Myne, my comments in response to Raymond’s partly supports yours.

  12. @Otolorin, where are you?

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  15. @whiz da poet, I am here!
    Destiny? Beautiful discourse ist of all.
    Nw over 2 my take… I blv in destiny first cos am a xtian. Jeremiah said, ‘b4 I ws conceived, u knew…u called me…sent me AS A PROPHET. In other words, Jeremiah was saying that his destiny was predetermined but…here’s the but…I look at same Bible; God said, I have placed b4 u…CHOOSE!
    Jonah was sent 2 Nineveh but, he chose not 2 go. Some1 kud be destined 2 be a farmer but, he says I don’t wanna be a farmer. I want 2 be a lawyer and he fights 4 it. But, when u’re in a country like Nigeria which usually ‘changes’ pplz destiny 4 them(jamb/waec/stupidity/corruption and the list goes on) u just might not actually end up a kawyer but u could end up in agricultural field.
    I blv in destiny but our choices…our perseverance determines if we get there.
    Now, how do I know my destiny? I blv that’s where nature and nuture (like some1 said) comes in.
    Saul was king but, hs choice dethroned him. Maybe David might av bn king after d death of Saul in hs old age…maybe. Maybe the destiny of David was not 2 be king but hs son…but, choices happened. David was annointed and it took him over 18yrs 2 get there. Some1 els mit av quit. He didn’t.
    Another funny thing with destiny is this…after working ur butt off; many times, fate/destiny agrees with u and just hands whatever u earned 2 u. Ppl might now call it ur destiny but, ur blood/countless private battles were what ppl didn’t see.

    1. @adaobyokwy this is a brilliant contribution from a brilliant personality and on a brilliant NS platform…LOL

      You killed this like @Otolorin would say, it takes more than hard work on the part of human beings to get where the Creator pre-destined His creatures us to be, it could take a decade for some and for some decades while some few years. It all depends on the individual’s resilience, sensitiveness and his/her level of perseverance. DESTINY SURE EXIST.

  16. @adaobyokwy, please inbox me..

  17. @gooseberry, what’s your take, and where have you been all this while?

  18. @Da Writing Engineer , am waiting for your re-engineering of this topic. Cant wait to read your comments on this.

  19. austin (@austin)

    Believing in destiny is more like saying you do not believe in the gift of free will. If indeed destiny has an active role in deciding who or what we become then it simply follows that our gift of free will isn’t so free after all neither is it a gift as well. In this light we would simply have been programmed. And if we were programmed or hard wired to follow a particular sequence of events, to what end do we have to play out this earthly role then? It would only mean that our earth life is such a waste of time. Which I seriously doubt.

    I believe in this simple formular:
    Luck = Hard work + opportunity

    Hard work has to do with your preparations to achieve what you want while opportunity is the part where you eventually see where your preparations would help you succeed.

    Whoever isn’t buying into the luck formula, try to look at it this way. Everybody understands the importance of hard work so we move on to the opportunity part of the equation. It is left for us to work hard and then be on the look out for opportunities to grab. Some of us just let these opportunities slip right through while still waiting on some helper. Its our ability to identify these opportunities and then apply our already gained skill from hard work that gets us to where we want to be. In all of this I really don’t see where DESTINY fits in actively. DESTINY would only fit in adequately if viewed from a passive perspective where man is the author of his own DESTINY.

    At last, I do not strive to contradict myself, but matters such as these would always remain a subject for debate as no school of thought would ever be able to satisfactorily put a finite answer forward.

    My take on the issue…

  20. @austin , thank you so very much for having the patience to read and afterwards objectively analyze this piece.

    But some school of thoughts believes there is nothin like luck. Most Bible scholars believes the doctrine of ‘Luck” is a blasphemy against God’s predeterimed destiny and/or destination for human beings.

    In all our destinies still likes enormously in our attitude to make it a reality.

    Once again thanks a bunch….

    1. ‘some school of thoughts believes’ should be ‘schools of thought believe’. I thought it important to correct this.

      1. Thanks for that @Chemo . May your pen never lack ink. May your Medula never run dry of Inspiration.

          1. May your first born never resembly your Lanlord, and your days be thrice elongated than that of the Biblical Methuselah @Chemo Synthesis

  21. @Whizpoet, It is your destiny not to believe in destiny. :)

    Seriously, you touch on a topic that has been discussed much in the past. The style was a bit detached for my taste; I would have preferred to see more of ‘you’ in the article.

    1. @Tola Odejayi what else do I have to say. I think the article is self explanatory in itself and I presumed a discussion ground not ‘my article’ per say.

      The purpose was to see differente perceptions on the topic “destiny” itself.

      Thanks though. You do well…LOL

      1. @Tola Odejayi Have you checked on my latest poem titled DESTINY inspired by you?

    2. @Tola I just submitted a short poem on DESTINY. I guess you should ‘see more of me’ as you suggested. Thanks.

  22. austin (@austin)

    @WhizDaPoet, prior to a friend introducing me to this site I’ve always wanted to be part of such a community where individual ideas and opinions can be constructively taken apart with a view to engender further learning. I’m always anxious to read or listen to what others have to say as there’s always something to learn eventually. All we have to do is keep an open mind and most of all respect the other person’s view no matter how off it might seem to us.

    Back to the issue of luck. For the sake of brevity I skipped some points previously which I would now share as it seems imperative to do so. All too often we perceive luck from the wrong angle. People most times perceive luck as just another version of destiny or somewhat the same thing. Because believing in any of them basically means, sit back and wait till good fortune comes your way.

    But the way I see it, luck can only successfully manifest in your life if you equally play your own part and that’s where the free will comes right in. For instance, I believe a guy is only as lucky as he is adequately able to identify viable opportunities that’d suite his background and/or skills, such skills could either be acquired or inherent. Its only from a distance that luck seems to occur without any contribution from the lucky person.

    A young man graduates and is sound in his field of study. Luckily for him, just at the time he pays his uncle a visit, that’s the same time his uncle (or whoever, as the case may be) is conducting a graduate recruitment exercise so he offers to include the boy’s name.
    The boy is lucky quite all right, but let’s analyze further. If the boy had not graduated, this lucky event of coincidentally meeting his uncle during the recruitment exercise would not amount to anything and then the issue of him being lucky wouldn’t even surface.

    I strongly believe destiny works in a similar way, where your input (the variable in the equation) determines the final outcome or result. Else where lies the importance of free will and the ability to make right choices in life.

    We sit pretty and call a guy lucky, that’d be simply because we know nothing of how he has prepared (mentally or physically or spiritually) to seize such an opportunity should it present itself.

    Once again, my humble opinion

    1. @austin, I love this your submission “All we have to do is keep an open mind and most of all respect the other person’s view no matter how off it might seem to us”.

      You sure deserve the credit for this. You have not only widen many NS members’ horizon psychologically but you succeeded in making some see why and how Destiny works hand in hand with one’s, attitude and qualities.

      Although seldomly, in some cases, a qualified person might end up being unfortunate despite his/her qualities, educational, spiritual and otherwise.

      A very good example can be gotten from two very strong football teams, where both teams are expensively sophisticated with exceptional players, excellent coaching crew and for sure, one team must loose and the other win. We may then assert that, one is destined to lift the trophy.

      What do we say about graduates riding Okada to fend for a living despite coming with with a 2.1 in a lucractive course and out of frustration of not getting a commensurate job goes out look for other ways. Do we say his/her is not prepared enough or unlucky?

      1. @Whizpoet mind that this analogy on Luck, destiny and whatnots will always throw up varied responses and examples. Let us just say, for everyone of us there are things that will happen which if we had done them a thousand times differently will still happen- those are the constants. However, there is the freewill which @Austin mentioned. What this will do is either to avert those things happening for a while, or change the way they do happen. I will believe you will agree that it is our destiny to be born and to die? How that happens is what we do not know, we could control or influence how these happen (especially the latter), but the inevitability of both happening can’t be argued, right?

        1. Good one here @Shai Wondering or swimming in thoughts of DESTINY will at times throw off into confusion and cause us some brain-racking. We are all meant to die, but in some cases some die prematurely i.e. before their pre-destined time to die, killed, murdered, starved, etc.

          The whole thing just appears more complicated, the more we analyze, the more it appears multifaceted. Lets just keep doing what we know best and keep believing in our dreams. We will get there, whether we believe in pre-destination or NOT.

          1. Or do you have a contrary view @Shai

  23. ‘coming out’ NOT coming

  24. @Xikay where are you on this planet Earth. I am missing your creativity

    1. Can someone here tell me where Kaycee is @Raymond any idea?

      1. Who are U looking for; Kaycee or Xikay? And I resemble their goalkeeper? Oya, check ya back now!

          1. @You dey fall my hand ooo

          1. @Raymond seriously, you dey fall below par.

  25. austin (@austin)

    @Whizpoet, the world as we know it is made up of so much variety that we have come to see variety as the spice of life. I’d find it rather disturbing to believe that any two persons can be so identical or similar with regards to anything (skill level, intelligence, choices etc) let alone a group of persons (soccer team). To say that they were equally prepared and geared for the match is to assume that by virtue of the preparation they have become 100% similar in every single way (their thoughts, skill level, choices, physical ability, stamina etc) which is not possible. It would only be possible in theory but not in the real world.
    There always has to be something that the winning team used to their advantage which the other side couldn’t quite get a hold of. No matter how seemingly irrelevant it may be.

    Employment condition in Nigeria is very deplorable so I can understand a graduate riding okada because he has got to get by in the mean time. But would this graduate eventually ride okada till he’s old and grey. I guess not. He rides the okada while maintaining his focus on where he ought/wants to be. In my opinion, he is even the one who knows something that the other graduates don’t even know. He has been able to assess his own unique situation and come up with a contingency plan in the absence of getting a job. After all, what do we know about what other people went through before getting their own jobs/success.
    No jobs but people are getting employed everyday; economy is bad but people are tearing range sport and things; no husbands/wives but people are getting married every weekend.
    The answers are always within us simply waiting to be discovered.

    My take…

    1. @austin Brilliant bro! I think this calls for no more questions. Or is there anyone here as controversial as @Adaobiokwy with varying answers?

      1. @austin But this is funny “economy is bad but people are tearing range sport …things”. That wan na Konji things now….

        There is a ‘spiritual Konji’ attached to some people’s wealth.

        Even when some are not destined to, probably through illegal means….but few still get blessed from God anyway…Still on still, there is still an invisible hand somewhere controlling our affairs…

  26. @Onyeka Dike whats your take on this unending argument…

  27. @Gboyea Otolorin, Omo Akin, where art thou?

  28. @Gboyega Otolorin, Omo Akin, where art thou?

  29. austin (@austin)

    @Whizpoet, I’m all smiles because I saw your imminent response while I was writing the part about people getting jobs and tearing range sport and things… But my ready made answer for you was that we are not talking about morality or an agreeable means to achieve success.
    I basically brought that up to buttress my point which is, the more we keep looking on the outside for solutions the more we manage to make our problems more complex.

    My conclusion to it all is that we would probably never really know as our individual opinion would always remain speculations.

    1. @austin did you mean we will not know each other’s opinions until we hear out each other

  30. austin (@austin)

    @Whizpoet, apparently, we will never get to know each other’s opinion if we do not hear each other out. However, the message my last two lines conveyed is that, we are so small in a world so vast, knowing so little and probably never would be able to know enough. Suffice it to say, nobody would ever be able to come up with an argument concrete enough with physical evidence to buttress his/her conclusion on the matter.

    It’d more or less always be a subjective matter. I humbly hope that you haven’t found my argument too boring.

    Once again, My Take…

  31. @austin this vindicates @Eletrika ‘s view on this. That the more we try to know or argue about destiny the more confused we are, we will never know enough, not even the Ph.D holders with decades of experience in Philosophical research.

    Its not in any way boring to me, but we can be more objective in our submissions through research on people’s perceptions across the globe.

  32. @whizpoet, kai, the way you’ve been shouting Otolorin, Otolorin, Otolorin here..hmm…if I didn’t comment, I’m sure you would never forgive me.

    Nice topic sha. So many comments already. Me, I believe in destiny. But I also believe in free will. Steve Jobs said something, he said life never makes sense looking forward, but after you’ve lived it, and you look back, everything, every little choice and action, suddenly makes sense, because you now understand why you had to go thru what u went thru for you to get to where you were going.

    That’s it.

    We are creatures of destiny. If we were not, then the whole world would not exist. If we had no destiny, then we wouldn’t have parents, we wouldn’t be Mr so and so’s child, we wouldn’t have boys or girls, we would all just be uniformly non-existent. But the differences in our births, our sexes, our circumstances, our childhood experiences all point to a destiny, already set out for us. By God. To believe that destiny does not exist is to believe in blind chance, in chaos.

    But then, free will also exists. And on the surface, free will is the opposite of destiny. Or is it? Sure we are the ones who take actions that determine what happens in our lives. That is true. And sure our actions and choices lead us to specific consequences, but in the end, after all is said and done, even though a man or woman is in a very real sense, the author of his/her destiny, in another also very real sense, he/she is not.

    We humans in this world aren’t really totally completely in control of our lives. Sure, we like to think we are. But we are not. This is why we take an action, and then the consequence turns out to be totally and almost opposite to our intended effect. This is why we make a plan, and diligently follow it through and still we don’t get the results we were supposed to get. Because a man or a woman can only go so far, do so much, without the hand of God,

    The predestination/free will issue is a paradox. But it shouldn’t be. Once you understand that God is infinite and so He is able to determine destiny outside our own material world, and yet we retain our free will, inside our material word, then it becomes easy to understand this issue.

    But not everyone believes in God anyway. Which is tragic. Anyhow, that’s my own little contribution Oga Whiz. Hope this makes you stop shouting my surname now. :-)

    1. @Gboyega …Shouting your surname? that sounds RIDICULOUS. You should rather remain humble and rather see this as a priviledge to be so recognized by someone you never knew or met somewhere before. Anyway, NO HARD FEELINGS.

      I do appreciate that you brought God into this despite citing the ‘freewill’ syndrome. Thanks a bunch.

      1. It was a joke @whizpoet….ugh…can’t you see the smiley??

        1. @Gboyega No qualms.

    2. @Gboyega you can check out my othe poem titled “DESTINY”


  34. Many people don’t believe in destiny. Destiny don’t work like magic, you work towards your destiny. Thats my view

      1. @Reader for some, after working, praying, fasting and believing. They still fall on the unfortunate grounds of time and to them. Destiny is not in their favour.

  35. gooseberry (@gooseberry)

    I really dont know what to or what not to think. Destiny is destiny, real or not real is what i dont know.

    1. @gooseberry Bother less then, just keep improving yourself, you have a marvelous destiny ahead.

  36. @Shai pls inbox me..

  37. All I can say on this matter is, ‘let it be to everyman according to his faith.’

    1. @Scopeman ..meaning?

      1. If one believes in luck or destiny, good for such, otherwise, same holds. Some matters are just unnecessarily perpetual and honestly, to what end?
        Again I say, ‘let your faith make you whole.’

        1. @Scopeman Unnecessarily unending and need no clarifications?

  38. I believe in destiny. Even in luck. But I also believe in hard work, dedication, and commitment.

    1. @Layrite how does the 2 work together?

  39. @Layrite….till eternity??????????

  40. the debate about destiny remains unended …..

  41. Just stumbled on this again, after almost 3 years…and i was compelled to exclaim ‘What a discourse’!

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