Happy Birthday To My Nation!

Happy Birthday To My Nation!




Only 51 years ago

Was Nigeria reborn

From the epic of transitive orphanage

Both colonial and imperial we all felt

The British lust for bloods and bones!


They captured and tortured

With iron locks on our wrist and ankle

The soil bled and the heavens cried

we all saw!

A blood’ trickle bowl from which they sipped

Like some thirsty Buffalo family at bay


N o w

No more Clifford’s

Or Macpherson codes to deride

No more colonies

But melodies of tyranny

The egg-hatching poverty

Lays on our land in millions

Like some adulterous snail!


These wild traders of blur eye

Our resemblance and scenery

Is not enough

Of what they hunted

Farmers or pets

Of such humiliation

We were angered

By this classification

The tail-less monkeys!


Gone were the heroes

Of honest tongues

The altruistic elephants

Of merciful codes,the’

Awolowo*Azikwe*Ahmadu Bello

Have all gone to rest

But their gorgeous hearts still branded on our permanent souls



We lost many

So we cried in woes

But yet we gathered in foes

To wine and dine

Alas! I see cup as skull

I reckon wine as tears

In Celebration of nothingness!


Where are the apes

Long they have fled

To a place their rights will not be raped

They left with everything

Including their souls!


Beyond sarcasm

Now, all we have got is phantasm

Using our souls as bait

Our treasures as razor

what should it matter if my name is uzor

Dayo or Musa???


Now tell me?

Where best to sleep

Without being filch away

The wanton kidnapping guts

That clothed the streets like bees!!

From this nostalgia

Caused by the hegemonies

The living horrors

Thou we know too well

Rode on our tempers

Still here again

Knocking on our furious memory

Demanding our jingoistic support


The sky is colored White

The earth is painted Green

Nigeria flag is white and green

Nigeria is uniquely blessed

Designed by the very hands of God



We believe in your tomorrow

Living with these arrows*

Deep in our bone marrow’s still

We know you will survive as ONE!


With pearls like you

 A change is Possible

With you we can make Nigeria

Home away from jungle

Love away from hates!

  Yes with you! And I   !!!!



Ayuba Jamiu.(c) 1st, October, 2011

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To My Nation!” by ayooba (@poeticlicence)

  1. Good o.
    Till then sha

  2. A very insightful poem.

  3. This is a few months late but it’s good sha.

  4. Nigeria is gradually becoming a failed experiment…

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