Another Bomb Blast

Another bomb-blast

like the wind, it came so fast

trapping us in an old mesh

making our old wounds fresh


when will it end

we are finding it hard to fend

as we live trying never to hate

but that seems to be our fate


we try to make peace

but we end up piece by piece

we know no longer where to start

as we can’t but part


we are in distress

passing through stress

trying to express

our agony, as our injuries  we dress


we lament

lying in torment

as our families are now gone

and we’ve become lone


alone, we are in a crowd

we are no longer proud

we are dying just by lying

with eyes wide open sighing

12 thoughts on “Another Bomb Blast” by innoalifa (@innoalifa)

  1. ernoff (@ernoff)

    i feel your pain

    1. thanks ernoff for the empathy, really appreciate…

  2. Okay Poem. It doesn’t hold much emotion.

    1. really grateful for your comment, I will try and work on that next time…

    1. thank you “so plenty” Raymond…

  3. It’s…it’s okay. I echo Elektrika’s sentiments…

  4. Nice rhyme…. Work more on the emotional part.

    1. @elovepoetry … thank you so plentiful… the evocation of emotion as an artistic function can never be over-emphasized… your observation is noted… cheers!

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