A Piece for Peace

I write this piece
A timeless ode to peace
Gather the choir
Make an orchestra
Sound the gongs
Across the atlantic
From the hills of Jos
To the far east
Roll out the drums
Sing this song
Let these battles cease.

Get the workers
Gather your tools
Across this water
Build a common bridge
Surprise this cunning fool
lay him a siege
By his untarred roads
And barren boreholes
On the day he falls
When karma knocks
The shrieks of his sirens will mourn his demise
His epitaph will read “king of lies”.

Light a torch
A horn of fiery flame
Let its scalding touch
Cut apart this dark
Let it sear through
Shine true
Let its fury burn these chaffs
illuminate a new path
Drive us aboard a new plane
Till we get to the hills of a higher plain

21 thoughts on “A Piece for Peace” by Anda Damisa Lazywrita (@Anderson-paul)

  1. Ah, anderunz!
    Nice,nice. I loved the first and last stanzas. I didn’t really get the 2nd stanza. Who is the cunning fool with the ‘King of lies’ epitaph?

  2. Yea, thanks man, that part you are talking about refers to those corrupt people, the politicians especially

  3. I like this poem especially the first stanza but I wish it was longer or ended better. It just feels incomplete…somehow.

    Nice work bro.

  4. @Chemo you have a point about it feeling incomplete,I have even added more to it, maybe I ll edit it and add it up later, thanks

  5. Finally.

    Some stuff from you that I can say is up to your usual standard.

    Well done.

  6. @Seun you are one resolute man,always make me feel its almost good.lol..I now have you in mind saying “you can do better jor” whenever I’m writing, thank you though

    1. Is that a bad thing?!

      1. Nah, its a good thing, makes me want to do better, I kinda picture you like this old mean professor with a stick warning me to go an extra mile or else.lol

  7. nice flow of words… I don’t agree that it is incomplete. a poem’s condensation is its true beauty – so much can be said in a few lines. ever read a haiku then you will realise what you can say within a little space and small number of words. Paul, thumbs! love your choice of imageries also

    1. Yeah, thank you Ife, I do understand what you are talking about, haikus have short lines buh in their short lines, they hold a lot.thanks

  8. Nice work, the message was clear.
    “From the hills of Jos
    To the far east.”
    Am suspecting that line.

    1. Glad you got the message Reader but you sound sinister saying you suspect those lines, dosent sound out of the ordinary to me so please don’t call the SSS.thank you

  9. gooseberry (@gooseberry)

    @anderson, i didn’t see the king of lies as a politician o, i saw it as the likes of osama, gboko haram, and those who ignite the fires of war…. Hills of jos….. Middle east….

    Lovely poem. Simple. Lovely style. Good job. I somehow second chemo sha. Somehow.

    1. Goose, this is the beauty of poetry, a thousand people will read one poem and they will all have different opinons, whichever way you choose to interprete it, it fits in..glad you like it

  10. I’m with Seun on this…and it also felt incomplete. Nice one though.

  11. Thanks Ray, will do something about that

  12. My man! Feels good to read from you after a verrrry long time.

    This is good, simple and direct as usual. This lines didnt really ring righr to me.

    Let is sear through/shine through. You might want to rework it.

    Well done!!!

  13. Thanks Uncle Lawal, I wonder what part of those lines didn’t feel right to you though, may I know why or is it that it just dosent sound right

  14. @anderson-paul Liked this poem …. first a call for peace, then a call to dethrone the troublemaker and then a march to a better place. Some times I wish I could write simple lines like this but my thoughts always travel winding paths.

    Get the workers
    Gather your tools
    Across this water
    Build a common bridge
    Surprise this cunning fool
    lay him a siege
    By his untarred roads

    were my best lines of the poem… chuckled when I read it.

    I did get that feeling of incompleteness on the first read but as good poetry should, this poem, though simple, commanded multiples reads after which the said feeling disappeared. Keep writing. 1

  15. @Eldee now you are a man after my heart, kudos to yuo as you just deciphered this piece of poetry exactly the way I had it in mind while writing, the call to peace, dethroning the trouble maker and marching to a better place, you are spot on, thank you for reading, really appreciate your comment and I hope you find the ease to write with that simplicity you seek

  16. Gud poem.A call for peace is jst right at this time. That king of lies, heaven with seven virgins…Lol

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