Without spite?

Without spite?

Love with my whole?
Laugh with my heart and soul?
Trust and damn my right?
Flowing the love kite?

Love without spite?
When friends turn fiends, despite
My true affectionate flow,
Stronger and upwards their wicked passion grow.

Calm, no revenge, no retaliation?
After series of intentional molestations,
Unending mockery in absolute flex
Of flipping lips, ranting at their best.

Calm as a dove…
Quenching my raging soul
As the beeps of real agape, refreshing
Love peruses inwardly, the feel, so amazing.

Tough, yet incisively captivating
Undiluted zest, a lens magnifying
The world to me as a Den so beautiful a louge
But..only when love abound.

Just a miniature plate of baked cake
Made him smile and play?
Though token, its ripple effect
Farther, reforming the world’s defects.

22 thoughts on “Without spite?” by Whiz Da Poet (@whizpoet)

  1. Nice. But I didn’t understand the last stanza o

    1. Kaycee!! read deeper, I trust you.

  2. Guess the beauty ☀̤̣̈̇f poetry I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ getting the reader lost i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ transit. Gud job

    1. @ SmartFingers….It all depends on the Poet.

      The poet’s aim might be to put the readers on a thinking adventure .or just get the reader understanding at the very first glance…But on this particular poem….it has element of both …

  3. Well, no. Not really. Poetry must communicate.
    However, the cognitive radar differs.

    He’s a poet!

  4. TBH, this one flew a bit over me. The dangers of poetry, I guess. :)

    When you said “louge” in the second to last stanza, did you mean Lounge?

    1. Gush!!!! It was a typographical error..Thanks.. I meant ‘Lounge’

  5. Nice poem but didn’t really get the second to the last and last stanza, and as Myne has pointed out, I’m thinking you meant lounge there.

    1. @ Anderson, thanks for your observation.

      The second stanza describes how ‘zest’ (passion) can serve as a n magnifying lens..making you see success clearly.
      Although in this context its the passion of Unconditional Love…Like in a trace seeing the world as beautiful place… But could become a reality when this kind of love abound in our hearts ….

  6. Hmmm. Still thinking on this one…

      1. Yes. Thinking.

        You mind?

        1. Yes ..what were u thinking about?

  7. Nice. I like the theme of your poem.

    Although,I realise I must improve my art of “poetrical” decoding.

    BTW Whiz, aint it possible for Poems to be “complicated” simple?


  8. Greatest JANE, a poem could posses both elements of simplicity and complexity. It all depend on the ability of the reader to read in-between the lines…

  9. @ Elektrica and Otolorin…..I am waiting for your comments..

  10. @ Ada Okwy..whats your take on this?

  11. @ Raymond where art thou…,Igwe where are kinsmen??

  12. hmmmmmmmm, nice

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