What Is Life?

What Is Life?

Life is just but a bore

No wonder babies cry

I think they want to go

Back to where they came

Better if they had gone

Before we cut the cord

Linking miserable world


With life is just but fake

And all it has is vague

As fake as love itself

As vague as trust, not safe

Man cries when he’s dying

He tries thinking I’m lying


Faith itself is madness

Celebration of foolishness

A toad in a snake’s hole

A cold expecting whole

Not seen but just to hold

But keen with hope to hold


Hope itself is pretence

Tricking self on essence

Just to lean on something

Hope founded on mere nothing


Truth itself is a lie

That comes when pleasing I

It’s no part of this world

Not wanted in this world


Righteousness is a sham

Hypocritic veiled harm

Like faces of trinity

Picture of d’sloyalty

Professing what we’re not

But what we are we don’t


Wisdom is clear daftness

Clothed twin of foolness

Knowledge is a waste of time

Cocooned in wasted slime

To spill in a short time

Like cracked egg on a lime


Merriment is but fluke

Camouflage of real look

To look over paramount

For gluttonous selfish mouth

Like chasing worthless mouse

While fire engulfs the house


Beauty is a temporal veil

Covering our ugly tale

Locked in our treacherous heart

That brews murderous thought

Life is but a struggle

A struggle to be happy

A chase after the wind

‘Cos happiness is an opium

That shades us from the podium

It pops up now and then

To trick the sons of men


Gray hair is…


To be continued…..

14 thoughts on “What Is Life?” by adams (@coshincozor)

  1. “With life is just but fake”

    I don’t understand this line…and most of the other ones. I get the gist….but the poem does not clearly illustrate it…I think.

    1. ‘with life is just but fake’ the sentense structure is meant to maintain a particular meter. Hence, it means everything with/in life is fake/not real. I am glad u got the gist. As illustration i dont seem understand what u expect… Pls can u explain?

      1. I feel like you were talking about vanity…and related issues. I did feel though; that the imagery evoked by the words in the poem were a bit too overly dramatic. For example:

        “Knowledge is a waste of time

        Cocooned in wasted slime

        To spill in a short time

        Like cracked egg on a lime”

        What, really, do the last two lines mean? I think that’s one of what Kaycee meant when he said “Abuse of poetic license”…you understand?

        That’s just how I feel. I may be wrong, but…

  2. Good poem, a little too plain for me though, felt more like a story while I was reading it

    1. I am glad u said it’s good. As for being pain, thats the idea!

      1. Okay, if you say so.well done

  3. Abuse of poetic license. But you got flows.

    1. oh kaycee you’ve come again. why not point out the abuse than just say it plainly like that. please i want to improve with every sincere comments.

    2. Na wa for you uncle Kaycee, I think everyone including him wants to learn so it will be nice to just point out the flaws

  4. Poem is evidently well writen but I got bored on the long run (didn’t mean to sound harsh). Please make it clearer and more fun.

  5. Sorry Joy i will try to make it up to u but i only write poems in pensive mode. So i dont think anything ‘fun’ can come out of a pensive man. I believe u enjoy a poem more when u try to assume the poets state of mind. *just thinking*

  6. I like simplicity in poems so I enjoyed this. It got me thinking, and the end bore out my mind, because this life, if we start talking, we’ll never finish.

    Well done.

  7. I must appreciate the effort and creativity you put into writing and rhyming this…Nice.

    I also like the concept of taking different scenarios from life and using them to represent the vanity here on earth. It is beautiful.

    However, I feel there are issues:

    First, some lines are weak and seemed forced. I would have loved to point out this lines but I can’t do that ryt now, sorry.

    Also, I feel you could have made it more engaging. It musn’t be funny to be so; a poem can be pensive and still be engaging.

    Nice work!

  8. And…

    My best verses are the first and the last. They rock!

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