Awash with pressure
An undesired seizure
What an adventure!
Usurped my sensor.

Stomach upset!
Aches and pains incense
Weighing down, so intense.
Relief scarcely felt.

Oh my little pet
Thrown to the dirt
Bottomless pit, the nest
Of excreta’s den, what a bald mess!

A lone clink
The dudes’ link
Access to things.
Alas! What a fling!

Ate so much meat!
Salah’s hard hit
..Bad Stomach heat!
‘Ouch’ I caused it!

A mistaken scene
Should I have foreseen?
Loosing my YELLO sim
Playing out like a film.

Suddenly, It fell!
..Faeces, Urine’s well
Efforts not enough
So tough,…so rough

Calls and texts no more….
O, this is hard core
Forcing inward feelings of war
Argggggh! am tucked…

Gone, I hone
Lay here low.
Like all dried up like bones.
Oh No! Had I known?

But I shall take solace
In NS’ tales.
Thrills and heals
…even pay my bills.

44 thoughts on “Upset!” by Whiz Da Poet (@whizpoet)

  1. Ahh….a lot of the rhymes seemed poorly concocted…like you were forcing them like you did the feaces.


  2. I wrote it out of distress, aches and annoyance!!

  3. @ KayCee..whats your take?

    1. They have constipation, and they scream my name.
      They eat Sallah meat, and they call kaycee.
      What do you want me to say?
      Your phone or your sim card fell into your pit toilet, is that why you deserve an award? And what is with everybody and rhyming? Try not to make your poems riddles.

      1. I did not ask for an award @ Kaycee. U sound so harsh.

        Anyway thanks for the riddle advice..But does this poem contain strong riddles?

        1. Don’t mind Kaycee. His bark is worse than his bite.

          1. loooooool@Seun.

          2. Really, @ Presy..did you mean to say he is a ‘toothless bulldog”?

            1. Or a powerless..L i . . LOL

              1. Hmm. Don’t go there.

                He’s a bulldog – complete with teeth, attitude and all.

                He just chooses not to bite..UNTIL.

                1. Well..time will tell

  4. @ Seun, you did not decipher what the last stanza says “…even pay my bills”

    1. I did not ‘decipher’ any particular line by itself.

      And of course…we all know you’re referring to being paid to write stuff on NS.

      A no-brainer actually.

  5. Wow! so my bank account number is……

  6. Kaycee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Sorry o, hope you’re feeling better now?

    1. Musket Myne, thanks..this is just a product of vivid imagination ooo…an imagined stuff ooo

  8. Omo na greedy u the, only u finish the salah meat and rice how bele no go disturb u. You try shaa

    1. Bro, no be so…it was just a result of imagination..I did not loose anything

  9. Aiya (as Hausas wld say) for you loss O!

    Nevertheless, do you think the rhymes helped the poem or weighed it down? Don’t you think your annoyance and frustration would have been better communicated to us with simple words and phrases or a better crafted version of what we have here?

    My two cents…and again aiya, kpele, umnmaa, kedu…

    1. @ Chemo, thanks for this incisive comment, I really appreciate. Maybe the rhymes weighed down the poem. Something better next time. I wont let you down

    2. U know, there is always that temptation to fall into a rhyming scheme….It is one of the cruelest and deepest pit a poet can fall into, especially when it doesn’t all ‘gel’ together.

      Fine observation, you re coming near another ‘teacher’ of mine…wink…wink.

      1. Teacher? and who is that?

        1. Which Teacher?!!!!!!!!!

  10. Still laughing at the sallah meat part, sorry even if its late, I think the rhymes didn’t quite work out though cos it mostly appeared forced.

    1. Thanks @ Anderson..It was rushed and was not carefully watched before hand

  11. Who knows whereabouts of ‘LACTOO’?


    1. And Shai..what is it with Lactoo…

      What’s your take on the poem?

    2. @shaifamily, hahaha! I guess he must have gone back to school!

  12. And what has Lactoo got to do with “Stomach Upset”..Is Lactoo a lover of poems with riddles?

  13. Has anyone here got his/her bills paid by NS?

    1. Oga @whizpoet, this money issue dey burn your hand gan oh…..nice poem sha.

      1. Not really, it was NS mgt that announced, so I should be curious, Isnt it?

  14. forced rhymes…

    1. must every rhymed work be forced?

    2. @ Ada. You are at your game again….anyway.. I reserve my comments…

  15. Gone, I hone
    Lay here low.

    I like this and please keep up the good work.More power to your elbow!

    1. Thanks @ Sambright, may your days be longer than that of Methuselah and your first born never resemble your Landlord…

  16. Hope say U no dey purge again oh!

    1. Bros! na wa u oooo, na imagination, no be say I dey….

  17. @ Sambright, what about you??

  18. no bad at all………….

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