The Conversation Of The Generators

The Conversation Of The Generators

I arrived home rather late this evening

Only a few itinerant folks are on the streets

But just one voice, one language is spoken

It is the conversation of the generators


Dim lights escapes from shoddy windows

My accustomed eyes guide my feet in the darkness

The air is still and warm, all seems lifeless

But for the conversation of the generators


I inhale the smoky air as I finally arrived

It was pitch dark in my one-bedroom apartment

Strangely my neighbours’ houses were all lit up

Facilitated by the conversation of the generators


It is dark in the room where my wife lay

I feel around to find the articles of illumination

As she guides my search, we shout to hear ourselves

Above the conversation of the generators


She said there was nothing warm for dinner tonight

Fuel scarcity has affected the kerosene supply

I feel anger build up in me as my stomach growls

Drowned by the conversation of the generators

18 thoughts on “The Conversation Of The Generators” by tomeloma (@tomeloma)

  1. Wow, what a philosophical angle to a social malaise.@tomeloma you nailed this! “fuel scarcity has affected kerosene supply” ehmn…Fuel and kerosene….YOU ARE A POET!

    1. @sambright, you don start again.
      Philosophical angle???
      You know what philosophy means? Don’t play with my discipline like that O°˚˚˚!
      @ostar, tell him O°˚˚˚!


  2. Wow, this is superb. I almost envy your skill.

    1. tomeloma (@tomeloma)

      Tanx I’m humbled

  3. @tomeloma,

    This is an topical issue to write about, and you’ve given a good description of what happens during a power outage. But it reads rather as a narration than a poem, especially with phrases like ‘articles of illumniation’ which sound like something from a textbook rather than a poem.

    Also, why do you have ‘conversation’ of generators, and not just ‘hum’ or ‘noise’? ‘Conversation’ implies that the generators are communicating, that information is being passed back and forth.

    1. tomeloma (@tomeloma)

      Appreciate all your comments, plan to take them on board.
      @Tola but could the generators be really conversing, all that noise can be for nothing…lol. Sorry I am that quirky

  4. I ditto @Tola; conversation should be about communication. But your poem isn’t bad after all.

  5. gooseberry (@gooseberry)

    @tola & eletrika, I guess she/he used conversation cos the generators were communicating….lol….. Actually, i don’t know how to explain but i see nothing wrong in its usage.

    @tomeloma, i like the poem. Sounded like prose in the beginning though. Your comeback is pretty cool, shows you’ve not forgotten how to write. Beautiful imagery. You do well.

    1. tomeloma (@tomeloma)

      Thanks for the feedback, I must say I’m glad you get ‘it’

  6. @admin pls where is the like button? (jj)lol. I liked the poem. At the first stanza i thought it should read better as a story but reading through the poem i thought it was just great. The title’s creative in my opinion; i liked the flow. shows you’ve got it in you…nice comeback

  7. Yea it is a narrative poem. I think the conversation of the generatorsis significantly about the state of the nation; thinking about the irony of juxtaposing fuel scarcity with generators, and the power outage. Love this!

  8. The concept is really nice but I don’t think the poem did justice to the title…or maybe the other way around.

    In doing the title justice, the creativity should have been directed at animating the generators. For example, telling us how the generators are happy they are finally able to sing at night the choruses they have been rehearsing all day. How the generators not put on that night are angry that their hunger (absence of fuel or diesel) has taken away their voice…

    But then I guess you had something else in mind…

    Nice poem.

  9. I think the title doesn’t really fully depict the essence of the poem. Conversation? Na! i expected some creative back-and-forth, feealable conversation from different generators but alas all you described and played with is nothing but the overwhelming sounds of the various generators. Its a good concept not fully creatively delivered. My opinion, though.

  10. As they say, the devil is in the details. I read your poem and liked it for what you wished convey about the frustrations of lack of electricity. Could another poem be written with the same title and focusing more on the generators, definitely.

  11. Nice piece of poetry, interesting topic you chose and justice you did to it

  12. tomeloma (@tomeloma)

    Thanks for all the comments, totally respect it. Nice work you have going here and it really makes me think about how words can affect differently and mean different things to different people. Thanks all and I’ll try and work on the areas highlighted .

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