Pain Lives

How can I live

With pain this grave

How can I grieve

When my voice breaks

My soul is numb

Tears have ceased

My breath falters

And this heart creaks

I am lost, chained to this torture

Slaved to a heart that burns beyond measure

When death came hunting

In a senseless spree of pleasure.


Liquor I have embraced

In its berth, I have drowned

Yet its solace eludes me

Peace mocks me

Its silence, Mean

A soundless brute, searing through my being

My head wanders, it wonders

I am empty, a man shattered

Now I leave

In search of a titled mourner

To help share my grief

In search of death

To mend this rift

For what more does life hold

For a father who has lost his home.

10 thoughts on “Pain Lives” by Anda Damisa Lazywrita (@Anderson-paul)

  1. “Its silence, Mean” small letter ‘m’. Except you meant to write ‘Myne’. Heh.

    Not bad – but not the comeback I was hoping to read.

    1. you are very funny man, trying to write now cos i have not written anything in a very long while, dont know where all the drive and inspiration is gone.thanks though, ll strive to do better.

  2. You captured the pain and hurt in your words. I felt it.

    Good one men, and welcome back.

    1. thank you, just working my way back, hoping it works soon.

  3. This is deep. I felt it too.

    *This too shall pass.

    1. thank you, glad you like it

  4. Anderunz!
    You sabi pass!

    1. if you say so sir but we all know who the boss is

  5. Nice poem…very concise

    1. Thank you enoquin

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