On Beauty


Milady, when thou ask of me

About thy beauty

I’ll tread a clean path

Not his hackneyed

Or of other poets

Who doth compare thee to the half-blind moon

The poor sun or some miserable stars

For thou art no equal in beauty

In grace and charm; thou share no glory

No seeming semblance or vivid likeness.

So when ask me thou of you

I’ll just say thou art beaurriful

12 thoughts on “On Beauty” by smartfingers (@smartfingers)

  1. Lover boy, nice composition.

    1. Yes, he’s a freaky man!

      1. Freaky Man?

  2. Witty lines, lovely, simple and sweet

  3. Ok na, shakespeare
    Hope you understand what @myne meant.

    1. No, I no understand! yarn me jare

  4. I like the lines of this poem but i see some semantosentatic confusions here. Check out lines 8 and 9 and transcribe them to contemporary English. ‘for thou art no equal in beauty’ = ‘for you are no equal in beauty’. Note here that ‘art’ in shakesparian english is ‘are’ and not ‘have’. The approprate word would have been ‘hath’ the shakesparian equivalent of ‘have’ or ‘has’. Secondly, ‘in grace and charm: thou share no glory’ should mean ‘you pertake of ”no glory” ”in grace and charm”’, which i believe is direct opposite of the info the poet intends to pass. Aside these errors the poem is cool. Thats why i dont like modern works written in those shakesparian English. They will always lack semantic consistency and sentatic accuracy.

  5. OMG! semantosentatic …wow.

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