Ode to Mr. P

Ode to Mr. P

Ode to mr. P

When I rise in the morning

You rise and pay your obeisance;

In salute and servitude

You yawn and stretch

Standing ‘gidigba’

Like the Iroko tree

Beaming with strength and might

To approve my manliness


Mr. P, heed me

The dog wags its tail not for folly

But in sheer servitude to his master

Rest when i command you to

And spring to power, at my order

Defy not my control

Like you did on my first date;

oh, an unforgettable date it will ever be!

conversation, smooth sailing

electric-like waves of emotion transmitting

On sighting the overripe, fleshy orange, you went gaga

Like a drunken man you ran berserk

Gbam! Gbam ! Gbam!

Pushing forth from your fabric walls

You made me an object of mockery

Mteww! In anger, she hissed away

Awww! It was all your fault!


Another date’s come

Prove yourself worthy on this day

Act not by your impulse

But move by my command

Of course, I know you are starving

I can see your anguish

I feel your growing pains

Persevere, I plead you

Very soon, luck will shine on you


The piper dictates the tune

So, when I say sleep

Do not move, just lay in rest

And when I say “Action”

Come alive, and bring forth your best

Rise high from your cubicle

Enter into the feminine hemisphere

Thrust hard into the realm of glory

Give ecstasy a new name

Explore every area of the land

Leave none untouched

Do not hasten

For you, time will cease

Forget not to sow the viscous seeds

(Why till a land, you can’t sow in?)

Sow ‘em skillfully in the fertile land


Zap back to reality

Shrink and enjoy a repose

Till, I need your service again



14 thoughts on “Ode to Mr. P” by smartfingers (@smartfingers)

  1. Hmmm, smartfingers to mr p, I was beginning to wonder who mr P is, your P seem to be a very hungry and virile one.lol

  2. Hmm…..smartfinger…..

  3. Hahahahahahahahaha, Mr P, please help the lad.
    I don’t like your Mr P, but I like the poetic skill.

  4. His mr P sounds too aggresive, too hungry and uncontrollable, it needs to be tamed

  5. Hahahahahaha!

    Funny poem and well crafted. I like the way you kept me in suspense as to who Mr. P was.

    Of course which guy is going to lie that Mr P doesn’t do ‘wrong parking sometimes?

    Nice one.

    *Is an Ode not also supposed to be a long poem or the meaning has evolved? Just asking*

    1. I think these days ode is regarded more so in terms of content as opposed to length.

      Blame these kids’ poetic licenses.

  6. Hahahahahhahahahhahaha

    Very interesting! I wish Mr. P would listen for once in his interesting and varied career; but NO!!!! The guy na ANIMAL!!!!!

    Nice one.

  7. hahahahahahaha, this guy won’t kill me o!
    Funny and interesting

  8. If this Mr P is so much out of control, why not cut him off from you? With friends like him, you don’t need an enemy.

  9. cut what? u mea i should cut off a generation? lol

  10. Mr Smartfingers, this is brilliant! I can feel your chastisement of the shameless Mr P, some of us have been through that road. I hope Mr P obliges you at will, but from what I hear them say, Mr P could be so mean and shameless! Hehehehehehe. Nice one!

  11. lol….funny poem…. and quite good. liked the use of proverbs, added to the humour of it all. Keep writing.

  12. gooseberry (@gooseberry)

    Mr p! Mr p!! Mr p!!!….. Lol. If mr p was quiet, them for say na die. Now that it is agile, you are complaining. Mr p, do your thing jooor. Nothing does you.

    @smartfinger, brilliant poem. Full of humour and fact. Good job.

  13. That’s one hell of a P you’ve got.


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