November Featured Writer – Whiz Da Poet

When and why did you begin writing?
My writing voyage began some few years ago, precisely 2003.
Having discovered the kind of inward happiness I derive from writing essays and poetry I decided to make myself even happier by writing about virtually every issue that strikes my mind, be it secular, political, religious, fetish, etc.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
I acknowledged myself a writer for the very first time as at 2007 when I won an essay writing award on the theme “Moral Decadence, The Role of the School, Church and the Home”. That was a turning point for me as a young aspiring writer. It dawned on me that I am blessed with writing skills.
More pronounced was Year 2010, when I won another award given by The Love Foundation, USA( for “Honorable Mention on Essay Writing on the topic “LOVE BEGINS WITH ME”
After then, I began to see myself as a would-be prolific writer. Before that period, I often take writing as a mere hobby.

What inspires you to write?
Inspiration comes from God Himself. Sometimes I wake up from a dream and start narrating my hurdle in stanzas (poems). More often, inspiration comes from deep thought about events, life’s ups and downs and seldom, nature.

Do you have a specific writing style?
Not Really? I love writing with dynamism.

Do you have a major theme that runs through most of your work?
Most of my work almost always has something to do with true Love or Lust’s consequences.

What books have most influenced your life most?
“Opposite Sex Attracts”, “Why you act the way you act”, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, The Mind”, “The enemy called Average”

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
Gabriel Okara

What books are you reading now?
“Dark Forest”, “Battle Field of the Mind” “The Leader and the Damned”

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?
Momentarily, Emmanuella Ndunofit have not stopped amazing me with her works. Also our talented Xikay here on NaijaStories.

Aside Naija Stories, – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Chris Ubani (The Virgin of Flames)
John Grisham
Colin Forbes

What are your current projects?
Currently building a group with some few talented individuals called “Love’s Den”. The group is focused on showing UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, helping teenagers in career choice and removing destitute from our streets, cities, country, etc.

We should be registering Love’s Den with the Corporate Affairs Commission soon.

As a Love Ambassador with The Love Foundation, USA, I am currently working with other Love Ambassadors here in Nigeria on spreading the frontiers of Love to communities, countries, etc.

Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.
None yet.

Do you see writing as a career?
Yes, I strongly believe that my true fulfillment in life partly lies in writing.

Can you share a little about your writing with us?
My writing journey has improved over time. The inspiration comes, I write. The Imagination phase, I write. Writing to me is a tool for fulfillment, a tool to energize the genius in me. Over the years, I have taken writing as my food, my life, my all.

In all, I give thanks to God Almighty for His special inspiration bringing outward aspiration, giving real revelation of how this forms a premonition….Laughs….

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
My major hurdle now is trying my hand on Prose. Before now, I write majorly poems and often write essays on national issues. Generally, writing requires genuine commitment, lot of imagination, corrections, research, criticisms and goes beyond mere joining few sentences together.

Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?
Gabriel Okara. I adore his writing style for the reason that it cuts across individual, national and international issues. One of this is “Once upon a time” that describes why and how individuals change their reaction to life, issues differently. Wearing different faces to different issues.

What do you think of the Nigerian publishing industry?
From all indications, I foresee positive development in the Publishing industry. With the efforts of platforms like Naija Stories and other writing workshops, the sky is just the beginning.

What comments do you have about the reading culture in the country?
Our reading culture is gradually improving from what it used to be few year back where the advent of the internet was not as pronounced as this. Enlightenment and trainings by passionate individuals through the internet and off net on reading has slightly improved the poor reading culture of most young Nigerians.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
Readers are Change Makers!.
To all my readers out there, I sincerely appreciate your constructive criticism that has helped me get this far. Continue reading and supporting me with words of encouragement, motivation and critiques.

I also want to thank my this ever-ready readers of my works: Bams Ade, Emmanuella Ndunofit and our humble President Seun Odukoya for their unflinching support both online and offline.

With your support, I can get there. Thank you so much.

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  1. Congratulations, Whiz Da Poet.
    You earned it!

  2. Yeah. Keep riding bro…

  3. Nice stuff.

  4. Queuing behind my fellow comrades to pay homage. Congrats!

    1. Barrister Tosin as your picture portrays. Thanks so much for your support and congratulations. This is victory of all Naija Writers.

      I remain humble. Thanks everyone. Shai! I cant Explain but Exclaim..Rhema!!

      1. No exclaim o. Just continue to proclaim and reclaim so u can get more acclaim!!! Nice stuff, again. Gosh, missed been here.

        1. Shai!! my head is spinning, because we are together winning, No dulling. Lets keep on writing…and miming…so we can get make more meaning…Shai!!Shai!!! Shai!!!..

  5. Your answers to the questions asked where delivered beautifully….much respect.
    Something surprises me though-your struggle with prose. If you are this articulate and write essays, you should also do well with prose. All the best

    1. @ Chemo ..thanks for these “Demo”….With your support…I can get more Kudos..and begin to write prose like playing “Ludo.”….Lol

    2. @chemo…it is not that easy. Not at all. U know why? Read d answer in dt interview again…bro u just spoke it like I av always known it@Whiz

      1. @ Shai..I dont understand

  6. Hailings!
    You make sense

  7. Thank you for the humble mention. I really appreciate.

    It’s a priviledge to think I have been able; in an however little way to touch one such as you.

    Keep going. The sky is your beginning.

    1. My President!!..Its not in a little way…its appreciated beyond the measure of words ooooo…

  8. It was definitely nice to know more about you. But the rhyming in the comment section is off the chain. LOL…

    Keep writing.

  9. My Noble Musketeer, thanks for the observation…but off the chain???

    1. Hey hey…why do you call Myne ‘a musketeer’?! That’s ‘copyright infringement’ o…far as NS is concerned!

        1. I beg to be corrected.

          1. The ‘Musketeers’ are…



            Yours Truly.

            You don’t see any ‘M’ in there do you?

  10. For your mind naa…..pcheww. Anyways, it’s good.

    1. *hater/nay sayer check


  11. For me as confirmed by Emmanuella and seconded by Seun Odukoya via facebook

    The Musketers are:

    Lara Daniels
    Kiru Taye and
    Myne Whitman

    Any other self acclaimed musketeers are indeed “genuine counterfeits”….LMAO!!!

    1. Indeedy.

      And who confirmed what?


      Men lie. Women lie. NUMBERS don’t.

      We’ll see.

    2. I had to log in because of this exchange of comments between @whizpoet and @seun-odukoya. Na wa! I am truly blushing… :)

      Well, like Seun rightly said, there is a difference between an NS musketeer and a romance musketeer.

      And besides, I wonder who brought up that ‘musketeer’ concept here in NS.

      1. EMma…it was @kaycee.


      2. Yes @ emmanuella, I did.
        Kaycee, raymond and @seun are the ONLY writer musketeers…every where.

        1. Hm.

          @seun-odukoya, @raymond and @kaycee call themselves the three musketeers, right?


          Well, @kaycee, I would like to prove to you in a way that you are wrong. IN A WAY, I re-emphasise! The word ‘musketeer’ was first brought about by Yours Truly [Yours Sincerely] when I reviewed three books of proverbs.

          Please click on this old NS link and see for yourself:

          So also, I made a few mentions of this word in a couple of NS commentaries of the past when I wanted to make jest of three particular NS writers [can’t remember their names yet]. Maybe, @kaycee, you should take the glory of the fact that you harnessed that word into reality here in NS. Or else, can you threesome actually do what Athos, Porthos and Aramis did, hm? Do you guys know what this chant means: All for One, One for All? And where are your ‘muskets’? ;)

          1. Yes ma.

            We apologize. No vex.

            So…na lawsuit na, abi?!


          2. Hmmn
            @emmanuela, why you want the credit so much!?
            Take it.
            @seun,@raymond and (yours everly), are just 3 friends. 3 good friends. And we have each others back and front. We united at a time when NS needed serious spark up. We brought fun back to the site. Anytime NS seems to get a tad boring, trust the musketeers to rally to the rescue.
            But our friendship goes beyond Naija stories.
            You don’t have anything against friendship, do ya?

            1. @kaycee, I have absolutely nothing against friendship AT ALL, and I’m so sorry if I sounded a bit harsh, ok. I never meant to.

              @seun-odukoya, I apologise to you as well. Abeg no vex, too, and you, @raymond.


              I know that it was all fun, fun, fun, and yes, even far beyond NS. And you threesome did a very good job at that. I just wish you got ‘paid’ for it, you know, cash-wise or ‘otherwise’. ;) I didn’t intend to take any glory for any thing, and I guess, you didn’t want to either, @kaycee. It’s good you saw into the future, for it sure is a bright one. Amen. Please keep it up, and abeg mind me and mi running tongue, for out of it fell some ‘spit’ that you nearly slipped from. E kpele! :D

              1. Sorry, let me repeat and correct this statement: “Please keep it up, and abeg [no] mind me and mi running tongue, for out of it fell some ‘spit’ that nearly slipped you. E kpele! :D”

  12. Let me quote her for empirical evidence:

    “Em, eh, Lara, Kiru and Myne, I think you threesome should know why I dragged you down here, hm? Whiz, why o why did you not include these three romance musketeers in this den of yours, eh? In my opinion, these women are, so far, the teachers of Love and, so far, I am one of their ‘students’. :) These women love Love, you know. So please, give them a round of applause. Welcome them heartily, thank you!”

    1. Emmanuella wrote that.

      How did I ‘support’ it?

      Pray tell…else do NOT mis-reference me again.

      1. And she said ‘three romance musketeers’ not …

        Enough of this back and forth. What’s in a name?

        I’m having fun jo o!!!!!!


        1. You did not in any way oppose that assertion which directly or indirectly translate that they are Musketeers …..LOL

          1. Because there was a qualifier attached to the beginning of the statement; which states the kind of ‘Musketeers’ they are. Get it?

            1. U mean ‘Self Acclaimed’?

              1. @Presy..Is Kaycee and co not Romance Musketeers..?

      2. @seun-odukoya, you didn’t support it. @whizpoet did. He even poetised it afterwards. Abeg no mind am, e jo biko! :D

        And I don’t think you, @seun-odukoya and @kaycee are ‘romance musketeers’.

        1. @Emma they cannever be, especially KAYCEE

  13. COrrect!… The Sky is jst d beginning foryou broda… u’re limitless

    Bams here…

  14. All these accusations and counter-accusations left me laughing out So loud again @seun-Odukoya

  15. Musketeers???
    Lara Daniels
    Kiru Taye
    Myne Whitman

    Emmanuella Celestina N. Nduonofit: If you want to talk about LUST, Bankole my friend, that is another matter. It doesn’t belong here. Lust is like a lit candle in the pouring rain. And, of course, lustful emotion is a misinterpretation of feeling love. Whiz Da Poet, laugh all you want, but I still take that glory of dragging the three romance musketeers in this den, take it or leave it.

    Lara Daniels: Romance to me is a sentimental language for Love. There are many ways of expressing love, but when one expresses one’s love for another sentimentally, to me, that’s romance. So for example, our forefathers in Africa could love their wives by providing for her etcetera, but he never displayed any sentiments like saying he loved her, for example. In that situation, that would be love without romance

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