Like a Dream

Like a Dream

Like a dream
Too good to believe in…
A tale
too long to tell
I preserve forever these memories
your smiles…your eyes …
And oh! The warmth of your embrace.

Like a gift
too precious to lose…
An amulet
too sacred to scorn
I adore eternally these things
your words… your laughter
And oh! The fire of your kisses!

Like a tattoo
too deep to fade…
A fire
too fierce to quench
I hover around seeking
your face…your love
and oh! The joy of you with me again!

14 thoughts on “Like a Dream” by Edydeyemi (@edydeyemi)

  1. Lovely poem, its beauty is in its easy flow and simple lines which resonated passion

  2. Nice poem,it is not your usual style,you sound different,very cheerful.

    1. @ Khadijah, I’m in a cheerful mood because I have found my ‘Candle in the Dark” #mischievous grin#.
      @ Anderson, thanks bro

      1. Hmmm, wonder what that candle in the dark is, sounds like something that can come in useful

        1. @ Anderson “Candle in the dark” my burning passion…my zeal, my goal, my sole resolve, with her I mock and taunt my fears!

  3. simple diction. the use of figurative expressions makes the poem graphic. good one!

  4. I love the rhythmic flow of the lines. Good job.

  5. I felt the fire. Nice one :)

  6. Now, this is a poem!

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