Ibadan Revamped

Ibadan Revamped


running splash of rust

and gold — flung and scattered

among the seven hills like broken

china in the sun.  (J.P. Clark)



Clark’s description

is not engraved on stone,


for from the pictures I see of you

you will transcend the ephemeral broken china that you are

to become the China of the new world

springing forth, sprouting, blossoming:

birthing a new Nigeria,

another newfound land going beyond the motions of becoming



city of ancient warriors and history-making scholars

bestriding the altars of the living and the dead

Soyinka, Achebe and Irele drank deep from

the recesses of your soul,

then took their place among the best in the world

showcasing the beauty that describes the nipple of your soul

that same soul that has produced the best in all fields,

the best in all generations



though a certain sludge of mismanagement

now smudges the brightness of your beauty

and we now behold muted snatches of a glorious future

I still believe you will cross the thresholds of uncertainty

into the glorious light of dawn nine years hence

for two decades after the new millennium

is more than enough for the decision-makers

to steer you on the wings of success



ordered mass of silver

and gold- carefully arranged

in the midst of five states like a

beacon in the west….

12 thoughts on “Ibadan Revamped” by Onyeka Dike (@onyekadike)

  1. I like! I though it would have been Ode to Ibadan. Good but expression ‘nipple of… Soul’ did not creat any picture in my mind. Ok i will have to go through it again.

  2. I’ve not read a lot of poems dedicated to Nigerian cities before, this is nice.

    And you also mention Clark just like @sambrightomo did in Birth of a poet. The poor man must be sneezing now. :)

  3. Nice poem, writing about a place takes a lot, the writers has to have that connection that the reader feels and I think I did

  4. Yeah, this is very good.
    I like.

  5. Thanks y’all. I just felt Clark’s description deserved a reply. I have had to teach that poem as it is, to some secondary school students in the past…

  6. WOW! This is amazing! You sabi, you know be like us wey dey write poems with complexity.I definitely recommend this!

  7. Clap!!! Clap!!!! Clap!!!!!!

    This is a masterpiece; The concept, the telling, the descriptions, the expression of faith…Wow!!!!

    Keep improving you art. You would go places!

  8. On a personal level, it is wonderful that you replied my best Nigerian poem with a masterpiece.

  9. Sambright: thanks, thanks, thanks. A couple of months in Ibadan was enough to birth it. You recommend it? To who?

  10. This is the writing of a true poet. You did well jare. It’s been a while since I read a poem that evoked deep thought in me.

  11. gooseberry (@gooseberry)

    This is cooool. I like the poem, write more.

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