Heart Robber!

My attempt at poetry, please…enjoy.


My heart was stolen in broad daylight by a masked stranger

He came hailing with words of praise and adoration

Empty flattery that had me thinking twice in admiration

It has been a long while after all. I couldn’t wait any longer


I didn’t fall because I was in love,

I fell because I was tired of being a white dove

Oohs and ahhs but nobody by my side

I let out a sigh. I would wave lonely night’s goodbye


I let go, hoping you would catch me in time

Before I hit the ground or fell to pieces

I was too blind to see that I was falling alone

But I was safe, heart never broke just disappeared


You caught me by surprise, on cue on the rebound.

I allowed You charm your way into my heart and my bed

to steal away treasures reserved for the one

In hope-built fantasies I was investing.


Had I known you were the collector

And I was next on your to-do list.

I was just a project to keep you in business

Tears, screams, threats all I got back was air


Once in a pink moon, a strange male catches my eye

Holds it long enough to make me nervous and smile

But my heartbeat is gone, so I feel nothing

No beat or heat, no skip or trip. Nothing


I was robbed of my heart

Boy was he smart

Said it was for insurance

Will I ever find it? There’s no assurance

15 thoughts on “Heart Robber!” by Naima (@naima)

  1. good attempt i must say
    your poem is not that of a poetry newbie
    its lyrically rich!

    1. I agree wholeheartedly.

  2. Wow wow wow! Crystal clear and entertaining. I liked so many lines of your poem. You really did well.

  3. Don’t worry. Not every man is a ‘heart stealer’…and if he does steal it – trust me, it’s for safe keeping.

    First love-related poem I’ve read here in a while that does NOT sound corny.


  4. This is a nice one. Your lines are rich.

  5. I like the lines too but it all look like what 2face could make use of. It would work better for Nigerian musictians and not really for poetry. Keep trying dear, every writer is a work in progress.

    1. @adams, please shut up!

  6. Nice one… I guess you’ve been doing this before now because this is more than an attempt. So clear and almost visible.

  7. Your poem is superb. Don’t mind anyone that wants to equate it with the mediocrity of Nigerian musicians.

  8. Deftly done, you wrapped it up well.

    @kaycee, who says Naija musicians are mediocre? MI and even Tuface have some good lyrics.

    1. 2face lyrics? Which one?
      Would you buy any album by them?
      Good enough to listen to in public places, but I can’t buy an album by 2face. MI is actually good sha.
      Saying 2face is a star singer is like saying Mikel is a star player. Chance happened.

      1. Kaycee…DO NOT say that.


  9. Nice one, good attempt…you should try more

  10. This is actually very good. The kinda stuff I love to read. Sweet, sexy and simple. Wasn’t impressed by the last two lines shah, you could’ve ended it better than that. Like someone mentioned earlier, also noticed the many fantastic lines. Keep it up. As an aside, tell your character not to let loneliness mess with her mind again. People should only love when they find the right person. Only be in love when the right person is willing. Only let people in their beds when they’re really really horny.

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