Free From You

I’ve been taught by mama the roles of a wife

She said in bed, be a prostitute

This does not end your life

In the kitchen, be a slave

And as much as you can do not rave

In terms of ideas, try as you may to contribute wisely

And never make your opinions the totality

The first two, you willingly took out of greed

But the last? You considered as unaccepted screed

You always come to me with the aim to predate

Your ego you constantly masturbate

Thinking you are full of sexuality

But only I know of your absolute sterility

Your kisses in my mouth tastes like lime

While your touch feels so slime

Others, you seek to underrate

And I you constantly subjugate

Then my heart became afraid

And in fear it seemed to strain

I hid it in charade

So as for me not to go insane

Love evaded me

And it seemed it was finality

I chose in bad-faith not to flee

Knowing in stability I shall attain equity

Then alas, I found another!

Who made me just but wonder

How free it is to love unconditionally

And lover’s secrets kept confidentially

With the other I feel love like riches untold

Myself I see not as second-best

Being together is already foretold

And now I feel so blest!

12 thoughts on “Free From You” by joy1 (@joy1)

  1. “While your touch feels so slime” I don’t think the sentence is correct.

    I think you tried to hard to rhyme and therefore created some typos reminiscent of a certain Nigerian rapper…

    Not bad though. I like the theme.

  2. the beginning lines were really cool but, when you started grappling with plenty issues…i guess, i got lost somewhere…

  3. Amazing…especially the begining. I agree with all the comments above. Do try to stay away from ryhmes except ultimately necessary.

  4. The beginning lines were beautiful. But it went one way, and the rest of the poem traveled the other way.

  5. I think this is nice. The kines weren’t as ‘intense’ as I would have wanted though.

  6. I think this is nice. The lines weren’t as ‘intense’ as I would have wanted though.

  7. Though triumphant, this is Turbulence.
    Therefore, turbulently poetic.
    You killed him!
    Nice work,
    sieve above

  8. But you didn’t tell us whether you actually left the guy? Nice poem though

  9. An interesting read.

    With the “being together is already foretold” bit, I take it that your mind is made up.
    But, if you ask mama, she would say that the grass always looks greener on the other side.


  10. The whole concept of the poem is leaving the first husband for the other after actually experiencing true love for the very first time.

  11. I absolutely loved the beginning, but it looked like you were trying hard to fit in the rhymes later on, beautiful piece all the same

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