All in good Time

In the beginning, there was time, and in time, there was nothing hidden…
What’s not now, will be tomorrow, and has surely been before…
The mystery of karma… “What goes around,comes around, cos it has always been, around”…
The revelation too, that the sins of the fathers, still haunt in afterlife…
The history of history, in reason, never been told.
Who told our ancestors we needed to know about them.
Who told our fathers, they still had a part to play, even in death?
Yet, the message that history brings from the past, twas true, and the truth still remains,
that we are all history; that we are no different from what they were.
In ways quite alarming, yes, we are the same.
History becomes true, the past is restructured still, in the future.
All’s same that ever was.
Yet, time will tell, and be sure it will.
Life replays over and over again in time.
TIME… What a snitch too… And like the future that it tells, it can make, or maim.
All in good time? Well, Time might as well tell.
All’s good with time… All’s worse with same…

Tick on, TIME…

4 thoughts on “All in good Time” by sterz (@sterz)

  1. Now this is a poem!

  2. You have a steady style with a good use of words. I would have liked the idea and message better developed. Keep writing.

  3. Beautiful! I like the abstract yet simple style.

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