A poet is born

A poet is born

Tonight a poet is born
Even before dawn
On this plateau it’s his turn
His turn to blaze uncommon trail
As a child he awaits
The morning with zest
to make it

Tonight, having won the race
Down the path en route
To be with thousands who sought
The platform to become!

Now his heart beats
Can you hear it?
Through the ultra sound
Of the mind
His head is formed
Legs takes shape…

The world, the world take heed!
His likes never come twice!
Not an Abiku so the Soyinkas and
The clarks beware!
His belly forms not like our
Former president

Tonight on this plateau
He is born in the glare of poets alike
Let the drums beat
From the mountain plains of Eastern Africa
Up the arid desert of the Sahara
To Buckingham palace
And the White house even to the
Red light zones of Europe

Tell it on roof tops
Even on Everest
A poet arrives
Tonight a poet is born
Tonight it is dawn!

21 thoughts on “A poet is born” by sambright (@sambrightomo)

  1. The poem starts with rhymes and I kind of expected that it would continue. Also, the rhythm was off kilter, some lines read longer than others and there was no consistency. But I get the message.

    1. @ Whitman i guess i was caught up in the spontaneity of the moment and could not continue with the rhymes.Thanks for dropping your highly esteem comment here.I appreciate.Will do better next time.

    1. @ my humble self…@whiz the poet.

  2. Like Myne got the message too, but the reading wasn’t smooth

  3. Nice enough.
    But what do I care about the birth of a poet?

    1. Because “His likes never come twice”…@ oga Kaycee

  4. You should Kaycee cos it just might spark a revolution.lol

    1. @ Anderson o yes, the revolution has started already.

  5. Bravo Mr. Poet. I like the line which read “his likes never come twice.”

    1. @ joy1 thanks for liking that line, it is the core of the poem. I was inspired to write that after I won cash amount o f 26,000 at a poetry event.I thought about all, and this poem just dropped,/A poet is born ,watch out!

  6. i love your ego sha

    1. i love the fact that you dropped a comment.chao!

  7. The new born poet, wellcome to the world. Well i make a different sense from this. I want to read it from a political point of view. To me the poet will be a politician of repute; not the type we’ve always seen. His promises form his poetry which come not like abiku nor like those of former prsidents empty over-blown belly. With this you can agree with me that a good poem is amanable to various interpretations. I like it.

    1. @ Adams GOD BLESS YOU! Your comment is the educative angle I have been seeking for my poems.I take no offense to your interpretation,In fact you got it..God bless you for seeing.

  8. Thanks every body for dropping those esteemed comments here, I am humbled.

  9. I love these lines particularly in the poem:

    “Tonight, having won the race
    Down the path en route
    To be with thousands who sought
    The platform to become!”

    In fact I think a poet’s birth in a struggling wide society is one that calls for grand celebration. For the voice of a poet alone speaks great wonder for “his likes never come twice!” Indeed!

    The only flaw is the way the beginning lines made us feel it’s a rhymed verse, only to deviate to free verse henceforth.

    1. @ Dowell thanks for liking.As regard the rhyme,I believe it is hinged on d reality of d poem.
      I started out writing d poem with a initial bias to make it a bound verse,but as I connected with my SELF,i let every thing out.I will look into dat part to reconstruct.thank u so much for reading.

  10. Our likes never come twice indeed. Thumbs up bro. Bt abeg na wher u win 26 bay 4 poetry? I don dey write since i b 12 bt i neva earn 1 naira 4rm am so i’ll b glad 2 learn the ropes

    1. @ Clement my brother,no be by power @ all!It was @ a book launch and the chairman wanted some1 in d audience to read a poem as a form of encouragement ,he would reward handsomely.That was how,i came out o.thank God my phone had some of my poems stored in it.I tk off and VOILA!-WE THANK GOD.

  11. cool one here

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