Wake up!

Wake up!

Huh! like a midnight thief
To join the hero’s cave
Like the speed of light, our precious Steve

Took Apple from zero to hero
Minnows to Idol’s role
Dwarf to giant’s …zone

Even Barack
Could not stop your heavenly track
Indeed, U made an indelible mark

The imprint of Jobs
Crafted awe-inspiring hope
Steve! Steve! we long for your cloak. . .


Akyikyibaso (A ghanian omen)

A comely and cute damsel
Real Magnetic spell
No man would ‘repel’
Enveloped with a refreshing smell!

A glance at your wrist
Cant help but twist
My face up n down, that twists-
AkyikyiBaso- A flash at the feast…

Worn only by married ‘ones’
A ‘bracelet’ of conjugal ‘fun’
Wished I, that you were still ‘one’
AkyiKyiBaso – it flashed its’ fine.

11 thoughts on “Wake up!” by Whiz Da Poet (@whizpoet)

  1. I think the second poem has a message. Just that I would like to know the message.

    1. 10ks KayCee, The poem was born out of an imagination of what Ghanians call ‘Akyikyibaso’ pronounced as ‘AchichiBasor’…its worn by an engaged or married ladies…Although a poem can be read different meanings to different Poets.

      The beauty of poetry is its poetic inclination. U can read deeper meanings to this….Read in between d lines . . .

  2. @ Admin..am surprised this Ghanian poem is published after several rejection series..Or has the rules guiding publishing works on this site being adjusted??

    1. Presy….Just okay?? U mean d poem, the poet or the rules??

  3. Celebrating your exceptional ingenuity cannot be over-anticipated. Steve, you have made a difference in your generation.
    -You did not only build one of the most succesful companies in the world.

    -You built hope, planted happiness, germinated the spirit of entrepreneur and laid the foundation for generations unborn to enjoy the world as if residing in a global village.

    – All hail the day you were born, the earthcrust felt a surge of the birth of a super -hero, an undaunted hope fountain, U surmounted poverty mountain. You are World’s best TechnoCaptain.

  4. @whizdapoet, ur comment, part of d poem? an aftatought?

    1. all of the above

  5. captivating

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