Tomorrow will come

We prayed silently as we watched the candle light dim
We waited and hoped in vain as the oil in our lamps ran out
But as the flower withers, so shall we all fade away
And as the elephant tramples on the grass, so is man’s frailty in the sight of God
Here today and gone tomorrow

Our hopes, ambitions, expectations gone with a whiff of the wind
What shall we do now?
Shall we live no more?
Shall we put the swords to our neck and shed our bloods?
For tomorrow will never come

Why do we plan, if everything comes to naught?
Why do we hope when our expectations will be cut short?
And now, the candle sings goodbye
We have no time to dance to its tune
For its music ends even before it sees the light of the day

Goodbye candle light!
For yea, we might never see again
But it’s never too late
Nay, it’s never too late to hope
For tomorrow will come

15 thoughts on “Tomorrow will come” by chuboy (@chuboy)

  1. Tomorrow will indeed come. Good piece @chuboy. I like the candle light part

    1. Tnx. It will surely come

  2. Lovely poem, I liked the smooth flow and the message.

    1. You know. I just wrote it as it came, without any editing. Tnx

  3. Simple and good.

  4. oh my!
    this is deep and really insightful.
    plz keep it up

    1. I’m grateful for the comment.

  5. This poem reminds me of DON WILLIAMS song: STAY YOUNG
    In the song he said: Its never too old to love, its never to late to try.
    I know this ain’t a love song. but am dancing to it, i love it!

  6. Hmm… don’t know the song but I hope this poem also flows like it. Maybe you’d teach me to dance.

  7. Queen-bee (@Queen-bee)

    Nice poem,iLike it:)

  8. ‘…shed our blood (not bloods)’

    I like this…

    1. tnx for pointing that out. what a big mistake!

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