This life …..(II)

This life …..(II)

Its such a wonderful thing being alive and experiencing the adventures of life…some we plan to have,others we are forced to have and some just come to us unexpected and unplanned…but they all end up teaching us more about life and who we are….

What I’ve come to realize about life is that nobody knows it all,one person’s experience is different from another person’s experience…sometimes it could be the same experience but yet you learn a totally different lesson from what another person learned from the same experience…..

…And I’ve noticed that most people don’t really know what they are gonna do in any situation until they are actually in it…all we say we are gonna do is just what we ‘think’ we’ll do….

You’ll find people discouraging you from doing something even when its not negative and when you later find them doing the same thing, they will shamelessly tell you they have a reason for doing it,like you didnt have a reason for doing it in the first place(funny right)….

Sometimes…iWonder if people think about how they would feel if they receive the negative treatment they dish out to others,or think of the effect of what they are doing to other people…I guess most times people don’t think about this,as long as they are doing what they wanna do at a given time,its all good for them….people just don’t care…..

Another thing I’ve also noticed is that “putting yourself first before anyone else” is the order of the century,everyone thinks of themselves first and sometimes giving no room for selflessness….

iTend to wonder if the impression of the fear of God we see in people really counts or if it makes a difference,because its perplexing to see folks we believe have the fear of God doing harmful things while the ones who are more in tune with the ways of the world have more compassion,in the end iThink its only God that knows who fears Him and who doesn’t and our judgments on people shouldn’t just be based on the outward perception alone…..

My Mantra is that “don’t let any vice take away the virtue in you”+”look at the bright side of things,there’s always a bright side”….which is why iThink no matter how (bad) an experience is, for me,it must never teach me a bad thing,for instance failure should not teach me not to try again….bumping into shady people shouldn’t barr you from trusting others…iKnow it is hard,but it’s one of the things that keep me going…

Talking about luck…as much as a lot of people don’t believe in luck,it really does can call it Gods blessing or favor upon you if you want,eida way,it does come into play a lot and iFind it very true because I’ve been lucky a couple of times and iStill feel lucky to have and be a lot of things…(Alhamdulillah)

…With all the cliche bout love being a myth,iStill believe in it you know,iHear voices saying “yeah right”….well,I’m a firm believer in love and iBelieve its one of the most wonderful things in the world,but it can be bitter-sweet iMust say….some see the sweet side and say ou-la-la,while others experience the bitter side and vow NEVER to go on that road again…as for me,I’m a believer…and whether I’m in-Love ATM or not,is a write-up for another day ℓoℓz

Despite what life is,you can’t say there is no good in it,there’s still a lot to look up to,hope and live for in life….Your family,loved ones,friends,that dream come true,that miracle,those moments that take your breath away….you name it……

In the end,more education,more knowledge,more experiences and adventures still don’t make life easier or any less complex….for me,iThink they only make it a lil more bearable….because the mirage life is will always remain that way….you never can tell….

This life…(II)

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  1. short story or memoir?
    eida way? seriously?

    a lil
    should not teach ME not to try again….bumping into shady people shouldn’t barr YOU

    1. Hey Adaobi…iDint categorise it myself,nd if iDid,iGuess its just because I’m still new to posting stuff on blogs…nwaiz,all the iThis and iThat,is my way of free styling my writing…as for the “barr” (legal term) iMean “stop” :) all the same,thanks for dropping by…Gracias Ada :)

  2. Queen bee huh?

    One thing I’ve noticed about women who call themselves ‘Queen Bee’…

    I like your article. You said a lot of interesting and engaging stuff.


    1. Yeah that’s my name :D….nd what’s it about Queenbee’s huh? ℓoℓz
      Nwaiz,glad u like the ryt up….merci beau-coup Seun :)

    1. Feel free to say ur mind Ray….thanks for dropping by tho :D


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