I woke up to the sound of the cock crowing at dawn today. Thank God it’s Friday, I said out loud.

As I was about to jump out of bed, my phone rang and I was wondering who could be calling me at that time of the morning. It was my father; he wanted to let me know that the Village Headmaster, my grand uncle, Tom, was Coming to America, with his son, Jerry, my cousin, that day.

Finally! I said.

You see its Uncle Tom’s life dream to travel to the US. He wanted it so much that last year he sold one of his lands to ‘purchase’ an American VISA. Unfortunately, he fell into the hands of Bassey & Company who almost made away with his money save for the timely intervention of the Famous Five. 

I looked up at the clock and saw it was almost 6.30, I said goodbye hurriedly to my Dad and ran into the bathroom, but not before I had put on the radio so I could listen to Larry Echiejile on Bournvita World Cup Special while bathing.

Today being Friday, I decided I should Funwontan [dress to kill], and wear that shirt my wife bought for me for Christmas. I had planned to wear my new natives but I decided to keep those for a  Rendezvous I was planning with my wife for Sunday.

I was already running late for the office by the time I finished dressing up. I kissed wifey goodbye and rushed out the door while also thinking which route will be better to take to work this morning. Getting to work from Koko Close, where I live, takes about 35-40 minutes if I leave home before 7.00 am but once its 7:15, the traffic on Sesame Street gets really crazy and if the traffic police are not present, it turns into a jungle and you see people’s cave man instinct’s coming out.

Thankfully, the traffic men were present and I got out of Sesame Street quickly and like Speed the Racer, commuted the entire highway in less than 20minutes, making it to the office just before 8.00. I should never drive like that again, I told myself. Such driving sends people behind the clouds.

Finally at my desk, I mapped out my day and wondered how I was going to finish the pile of work on my desk. My executive, Natti, was on leave and had traveled down east for the New Yam Festival, quashing any plans of me calling him back to the office. He called me yesterday, excitedly relating a ‘fight’ he witnessed between two masquerades; the King’s masquerade and the New Masquerade, and how the latter triumphed over the former, to the shock and utter surprise of many people. As far as I was concerned, mo ti feyikogbon, I had learnt my lesson, Natti will never go on leave in Quarter1 again, ever!

You’ve got mail! The new mail prompter flashed on my screen. I clicked on it and found a mail from HR saying the directors of the company wanted to have a meeting with the members of staff. About time, I said. We all kinda expected we were going to have that meeting though. A week ago, four of our best guys resigned on the same day; we call them the Fantastic Four. The ripples are still being felt within the entire group till date.

Perhaps they will listen to the aspirations of the people today.

This meeting is taking too long, I said to one of my colleagues. I had a report to submit before 3pm and it was already 2.30p.m and I hadn’t even gone halfway. By 5.30, I still wasn’t finished with the report but I was thankful my boss also didn’t remember, or so I thought.

I was about to sneak out of the office, thinking I had escaped for the day, when I ran into him on the walkway, Checkmate!


14 thoughts on “Reminiscing” by tobicoker (@tobicoker)

  1. I see your intent. But it is below par. Very below par.

    1. Kaycee, you’re harsh o, lol.

      I would’ve preferred if you stuck to one category, like old naija soaps, or old movies, or books, rather than mixing them all.

      1. Kaycee’s correct. No offense, but the mixing up of the whole thing refused to give me any sweet feeling of nostalgia. He tried to do too much…and ended up doing too little.

        Points for effort.

  2. Emm…for a child, this okay. But, if you’re an adult….hmm…..

    1. Ha! Elektrika!!!


  3. I have to agree with the above comments.
    Rewrite this and stick to one thing as Myne suggested.

  4. Guys, hold ur horses! Haba!! Kaycee and Eletrika ‘harsh’ doesnt even describe you No sweat though. Wrote this a while back. I guess i should have given it another look, at least for this forum. Thanks for the feedback tho.

    1. Hehehehe, hope it was a very long while back. Don’t always take me seriously.
      Really, I saw what u were trying to do. I read a poem years ago, where the writer used Nigerian books, something about catching,
      Akpan and the Smugglers
      Before Eze goes to School or
      Things will fall apart…
      something like that.

  5. Well. This should have classified as ‘funny’, not fiction.

  6. Oh! good writing attempt….

  7. ha!
    only thing familiar here was ‘checkmate’

  8. I see your intent, but if your story is more about how many TV program names you can get into the narrative, and less about the story itself, well…

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