Public Presentation of Unoma Azuah’s new book, Edible Bones

Public Presentation of Unoma Azuah’s new book, Edible Bones

Oracle Books and Orange Academy with the support of CORA, Committee For Relevant Arts, present EDIBLE BONES, a classic and exciting coming-of-age story by the multiple award winning writer, Unoma Azuah.

Time: Saturday, December 17 · 2:00pm – 6:30pm

Location: National Library, Adjacent to Casino Cinema, Herbert Macauley Way, Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos.

Some of the sponsors for the event include, Triple Fun Book Club, Flash Concepts, Reading Bridges, Biggo Haulage System Limited, and CKC Investment Limited.

The Blurb: Edible Bones
Edible Bones is at once a fish-out-of water tale and a classic coming of age story. Kaitochukwu, a Nigerian man working as a security guard for the American Embassy in Lagos, yearns for the American dream of his imagination—with houses like castles. The first chapter of the novel thrusts Kaito into real-life American society, where his lust for the sweetly-singing trappings of capitalism and success—decadent foods, luxurious clothes and cars and widescreen TVs—only grows. He searches for his friends from his Nigerian village and when he finds them, he is amazed that great wealth isn’t theirs. Kaito’s shortcomings become a wedge that separates him from his own people and from African Americans and whites alike in this foreign place. At the
same time, Kaito’s path is beset by pitfalls—unstable girlfriends, armed robbery, job loss. Instead of rising above his hardships, this litany of plagues makes Kaito desperate enough to live a lie with a woman he’ll never love as she does him. Will a meeting with a mad man back in Nigeria mean Kaito will retrace his steps?  And might the best place to find the glorious riches of Kaito’s mind be in his own backyard?

The author:

Unoma Azuah is a college professor in the United States. Her writing has won multiple awards, including the prestigious Hellman/Hammet Award. Her other awards include the Leonard Trawick, the NDDC/Flora Nwapa, and the Urban Spectrum awards. She got her undergraduate degree from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, and a Masters degree in English from Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio. Her terminal degree in creative writing is from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA. Currently, she is finishing work on her second collection of poems entitled, “Home is Where the Heart Hurts.”

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  1. I will love to read this book. Will its availability on the bookshelves precede its public release in December? Let’s be informed.

  2. Ditto the first comment…I assume it would be on sale at the venue tho…

  3. Catchy title, would love to read it. Kudos Unoma…

  4. Okies, will be there

  5. Congratulations to Prof. Unoma Azuah….

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